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Digitalglobe and Geoeye agree to create a global leader in earth imagery and geospatial analysis

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 01:39 PM
Pretty interesting to see them combine. Either the market is good for one to acquire the other or the market is shrinking based on the change in technology and/or number of companies (national/international) offering the service to both the private and government sector. It can also mean the leaders willing to obtain more detailed topography for planning long term activities? (had to throw this one piece since its ATS after all).

Compelling Economics
On a pro forma basis, the combined company will have a robust set of financial attributes and expects to significantly improve its long-term operating model compared with either company on a standalone basis.

High recurring revenue with more than $3 billion in contracted backlog.
More balanced revenue with non-U.S. government revenue accounting for approximately 50% of total pro forma revenue.
Modest leverage with balance sheet flexibility for future investment in growth.
Expected EBITDA margin above 50% by the second half of 2014, net of integration costs.
Improved free cash flow profile from operating and capital efficiencies and enhanced growth prospects.

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