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Colonization vs. Entitlement

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posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by mbkennel

Very good reply with a good line of logic.

I would have to point out that although I did not point out Religion as an example...Religion can be covered under the concept of NEED. In this case...certain people NEED not only for themselves to believe in a certain aspect of how they came to be...and in their a GOD or certain GODS or even an absence of GOD...but they ALSO NEED OTHER TO BELIEVE AS THEY DO! They EVANGELIZE their concepts or Religious Beliefs....I can think of no possible SADDER STATE OF MIND.

As far as having a need for a Complex Biological Molecular Structure or Compound...if they understand the UNIFIED FIELD THEORY....they would be able to replicate ANYTHING of ANY COMPLEXITY whether it be Mineral-Elemental-Molecular-Compound in Nature...or if it is Biological and if for some unknown reason...they still could not replicate it...THEY COULD GROW simply getting a Sample of this Biological Entity be it sentient or not.

But...I really like the fact that YOU were thinking about it...which is why I post here in the first place...well...that and to keep my sanity. Split Infinity

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 03:56 AM
There has been at least one sci-fi book where we were colonised and subsumed 'The Praxis' comes to mind immediately.

We would fight initially but against an interstellar capable foe would be pulverised into submission rather quickly.

If we were being annihilated all would fight till the last human standing. If terms were offered some would fight and die, some would fake surrender and try insurgency and some would collaborate. We'd adapt to continue surviving where the option exists. Adaptation is our strength.

There are problems with the premise though. I doubt an alien species would choose to keep an intelligent/aggressive species around seething with hatred. To be useful we'd have to integrate into the society and that would give us access to tech we would be dangerous with .

If they have crossed interstellar space its unlikely they need slave labour. Robots or gene engineered role specific creatures would be more likely.

I think either a voluntary incorporation or a full extermination are the two more plausible outcomes. Incorporating a broken humanity as peasants comes with more problems than benefits.
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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 05:17 AM
reply to post by justwokeup

The Evolutionary Time Period between Humans in 2012 and an Alien Race capable of Instant Interstellar Travel via the use of a Gravitic Drive...that being...having the ability to warp of fold space in order to travel One Dimensionally where in a One Dimensional State...all points of the Universe are the SAME POINT.

The REAL BITCH would be to have the ability to NAVIGATE and although I understand to an extent how it may be possible to Fold Space...I have absolutely NO IDEA how to NAVIGATE IT. This would take an Alien Species to have learned how to use and control THE UNIFIED FIELD THEORY as well as understand INTERCONNECTIVITY between Alternate Divergent Universal Realities as well as an Understanding of Time Travel and how Time is NOT LINEAR since if you can Create a Singularity and use it to Fold SPACE/ not only have to Navigate all Space in the Universe but ALL TIME as well. The two are not separate. I was reminded by not only a Member Here but a well known Celebrity Physicist...Fusion Reaction would not generate enough Energy to TRICK SPACE/TIME into believing it is MASS as if you understand the UFT...Matter and Energy are Interchangeable. So to Fold space/time to the extent needed to create One Dimensionality or rather Access would need a Multiversal Matter/Antimatter Reaction what has been called...THE STRONG FORCE OF GRAVITY. Gravity...although not a FORCE in reality...we use the word as the reality is too confusing for the average or even above average person...Gravity is known as the WEAK FORCE and MAGNETISM is known as the STRONG FORCE. Magnetism is a TRUE FORCE...but not Gravity. Regardless of the declarations of finding the Higgs-Boson Particle...which is supposedly what gives Protons and Neutrons MASS...I believe they have found something...but not something that is of a Quantum Nature that is responsible for MASS.

Another form of Interstellar Gravitic Drive is supposedly the result of Bombarding a Element that is not currently on the Periodic Table with a Proton Stream thus allowing the Release of this Elements Natural ability to produce a STRONG FORCE OF GRAVITY...thus Folding Space without Massive Amounts of Energy Directed to Represent Matter with MASS and again...I have no idea how Navigation works. Point is...I consider myself as a pretty smart cookie and the difference between my Mental Abilities and a E.T. Race with Interstellar Abilities would be like me being an ANT and them being ME.

They could be anywhere from 100,000 years in Tech advancement to over a Million Years. As far as a ridiculous notion of actually FIGHTING a race of this advancement...they could simply introduce a BIO-WEAPON from orbit into out atmosphere which could wipe us out without our even knowing it was happening. But they have no reason to do so...they have the ability to Create anything be it Matter, Energy or even...and yes...just like on Star Trek...REPLICATE ANYTHING FROM NON-LIVING TO LIVING MATTER. Even if they had issues with Sentient Biological Creation...a Genetic Sample and POOF!...they could Grow any species they wished or change it for the Good or for the Worse.

There would be no FIGHTING a E.T. RACE of this High a TECH! ZERO CHANCE OF EVEN HOLDING OUT! As example...the U.S. Military is capable of using Ground Penetrating Radar and a few other Very Secret Satellite based detectors to find any one individuals IR-Light pattern like a Finger Print. They could find you deep underground as they can easily penetrate Miles of Ocean to see our Planets Below Ocean Geography or Penetrate a LEAD BOX to find out if there is Nuclear Fuel consider your chances against a Race a MILLION YEARS in TECH. ADVANCEMENT...they could find you anywhere anytime...but as I have said...they have no need to go to WAR or Wipe us their level of Tech...they have no wants other than scientific interests. And they have been visiting Earth as well as other E.T. Races...for a VERY LONG TIME. If they wanted us gone...they would have done so by now....they are curious as well as slightly DANGEROUS to the individual as they look at HUMANITY like we look at an Animal Species we are studying...some Frogs get CUT OPEN and their insides looked at in order to save the majority by finding out what makes them work.
Split Infinity...p.s...Abduction is a very rare event and is so due to TREATY. To see how and why this treaty was put in OVERFLIGHTS OF WASHINGTON DC NEWSPAPER REPORTS 1950's. It is a real eye opener. These MASSIVE E.T. CRAFT flyovers occurred to get our attention after an event in Roswell New Mexico as we had a few things of theirs...including Bodies. Split Infinity

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 10:15 PM

Originally posted by KtruthD

Originally posted by Mystic Vibes
The reason why aliens would visit earth coulld be one with hundreds of years in mind. Genetic replacement is better than slaughter.

This idea makes sence what if they where to use us to replenish there numbers and an idea that has been compleatly overlooked is what if we are already a product of extratarestrial manipulation as alot of ancient alien theories suggest and they come back and want us to join there ranks? Maby they where just waiting for us to devolp the right mind set that we would embrace rather than resist??

Would you fight for are creator????


We've been seeing ufos on a mass scale for over fifty years with thousands of vids, pics etc,.. so whatever there agenda is it began for at least this long so its scope is on a long time scale. It seemed as though this colonization would be immediate, ie, as soon as we come across such a planet as earth they would enslave or kill us off for what seems like for elements like gold or water,,??
If they needed any natural resources they would have probably done so by now,

There have been mass sightings for over fifty years and no colonization event. they dont seem to need our natural resources so i cant much subsribe to any colonization theory. For any race out there in the vastness of space and the unlimited natural resources what could be more dear than a species own genes? gold, water any natural resource available on earth is assumed to be infinite on other worlds out in the galaxy, etc. For any genetic endevaur to populate most planets possible..

The greys are one race which looks like us biologically any could assume we are a product of alien genetic mutations via no missing link between any man to ape.. etc Atleast some of these visitors have a vested interested in such, for instance they are interested in a genetic colionization then it is assumed a long time scale for there any agenda leading to what percent of "human" population to the visitors in 50 years? assuming the theory on zeta or such,, after 2012 disaster there will be hybrid cities of advanced technology and many others wanting to enter such colonies etc.. they even have safe spot niche allocations for this event..

All in all its the one theory where I wonder if the words are truth..
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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 10:55 PM
Maybe not accept and be agreeable with but I'm not so sure I would fight it WHOLEHEARTEDLY. After all, as messed up as things are now, surely such a moral civilization, such as one that belives in the bare minimum of life, would be a step UP from our current situation? I mean, are things so GOOD right now that we'd fight all our, til the end over? Not me... the opposite, I'd rot, be tortured and DIE for the exposure and changing of this country....

No, i'm not SO prideful that I'd resist a better although less satisfactory life...

We invade so many enviroments and ecosystems and expect NO retaliation/resistance, are we really so prideful and weak as to be hypocrites? No, if i can invade yours, then, if circumstance permits, you can invade mine. Should the fact that I am ME alter those results??
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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by CaticusMaximus
reply to post by Evolutionsend

It could be any number of things, but that could be one of them. IMO an conquesting alien species would not want human genetics: I see nothing special about them. But I could imagine a species so advanced, that could within several generations completely replace one set of genetics/DNA/whathaveyou, with a totally different set, essentially transforming an entire species.

Quite possible.

This statement 'IMO' sounds stupid to me.
How do you know Alien life wouldn't want our genetics? Just because you don't think were anything special.
Human life and genetics are very special. How do you know more intelligent life forms out there are desperately struggling against illness and disease. Our immune systems and possibly physical attributes could be highly regarded. I obviously don't know that but your saying that your own species that dominates the planet are 'nothing special'.
Its true that other life forms could be much more intelligent then us but that doesn't ultimately mean they are better. Its not even true on this planet!. Dolphins have larger brains then humans. Our intelligence is just honed because of our living requirements. Its been a lot harder for the human race to survive than a lot of other species previous to our obvious modern dominance.

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