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Dramatic" New Maya Temple Found, Covered With Giant Faces

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 08:30 AM
This is very cool scientists have discovered a new myan temple with giant faces of their gods carved on to the sides

Some 1,600 years ago, the Temple of the Night Sun was a blood-red beacon visible for miles and adorned with giant masks of the Maya sun god as a shark, blood drinker, and jaguar.Long since lost to the Guatemalan jungle, the temple is finally showing its faces to archaeologists, and revealing new clues about the rivalrous kingdoms of the Maya.Unlike the relatively centralized Aztec and Inca empires, the Maya civilization—which spanned much of what are now Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico's Yucatán region (Maya map)—was a loose aggregation of city-states.

It is also helping scientists find out more about the mynas how they lived and how they disappeared

This has been a growing awareness to us since the 1990s, when it became clear that a few kingdoms were more important than others," said Brown University archaeologist Stephen Houston, who announced the discovery of the new temple Thursday.El Zotz, in what's now Guatemala, was one of the smaller kingdoms, but one apparently bent on making an big impression.By 2010 archaeologists working on a hilltop near the ancient city center had discovered 45-foot-tall (13-meter-tall) Diablo Pyramid, Atop it they found a royal palace and a tomb, believed to hold the city's first ruler, who lived around A.D. 350 to 400.Around the same time, Houston and a colleague spotted the first hints of the Temple of the Night Sun, behind the royal tomb on Diablo Pyramid. Only recently, though, have excavations uncovered the unprecedented artworks under centuries of overgrowth.

And their coud be a lot more discoveres to come

Despite the obvious care that was taken to construct and preserve the newfound temple, it wasn't used for long. Evidence at the site suggests the building was abandoned sometime in the fifth century, for reasons unknown.
It's like they just dropped their tools and left" in the middle of once again expanding the temple, Houston said. "I think what you're looking at is the death of a dynasty."The answer to this mystery and others could become evident as more of the Temple of the Night Sun is uncovered.Only 30 percent of this facade has been exposed," UCR's Taube said. "I think there're going to be a lot more discoveries and a broader understanding of what this building actually shows in the future."

Just imagine what this temple could be hiding it might even give us clues about what the ancient world was like

National geograpic

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 08:37 AM
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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 08:40 AM
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