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Happy Psychotic Hypnotic Flop, do wop.The Space Rock missed so I'm pissed, So Guitarkalypse NOW!

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 04:24 AM
Beautiful Kim:
Matahe noma kskt onmat teo dimna solhnce. Hranga lang idra somin kskt eddar rifd tomma.Soli no tintinare bosa, peskrla doose fing toma, elok lon podrsa matahe kawanga blang posart onmat elum na.Figo nap tiwas rnga ngab tok. Tchooli caasm targ. Nahaha tembl esk tska eddar drohg tik. Pusha nexer paas.
Drang ha kesoli noma somin bosa heliona pusorn dagga fra pimte Figo! Sha mada ska? Lon nygen cofta doss bragna fing dooshad sema soli.
timura attachi mosqua pannagt otwen gokle teo dimna poliu fron tuskb chanme na?
Happa maki happi.
Chulor gud
C'mon space gravel, kill me, I dare ya, I double dog dare ya, ya hit like a little girl, sissy. I'll kick your nothin happinin butt all the way back to tha big bang....thas rat, they'll be a bigger bang on the other side..."Lovin you got to be, like the devil and the deep blue sea"--Arrowsmith, just call me anything cause I know you bring not jack when I talk smack, bring it. Smoke em if ya got em (in your sights) I'll dance around in pink sparkly tights, I can't die and I'm so tired of being, not being is my main love, being is just mental masturbation, a momentary waste of awareness except I made it all up, grab a sensation and do it till there ain't no reason to do it anymore, let the bodies hit the floor. and "kiss my shiney metal ass"---Bender B. Rodriguez
I ain't scared of dyin, right now, this minute do something you big zero.
Yeah, you scared, you know I'll turn you inside out, and there ain't no doubt about death, I been waitin for it my whole life...what a drag, life ain't my bag, it sux always has, always will, existance you are my doli. I am your greatest fear, I will subjugate you and urinate on all suns,Sell the sizzle says Zig, for great justice, take off every Zig and you'll like it or else slut puppy.Death where is thy sting? Ya puke.
Ok, see, nothing to fear, we own this stupid universe, and I do mean stupid, gimme hot smokin death...or I'll never pinch your fanny again. Damnit I'm never gettin off this rock. your mother sews socks in jail, no your mudder blows rocks in hell, hell widit, I'm crankin up my Marshalls pluging in my Les Paul, no, no, the Jem, and I'll rock these mountains against thems will, kill me baby, you got time to kill.Ok, gonna play Steve V's For The Love Of God...goin live in 5....4....earplugs in, tubes glowin my naked bod showin I got no fear, like a berzerker hard into battle, I'd kick on my strobe, but someone would tattle. Bite me Wendy...I won the competition cause I got no inhibition, so kick back or shake that rack cause you know we gonna rock that crack till it shatters, and after all, none of it matters, and when everybodys gone....lets keep the creepy on. Mission Creeps hot phat dancers in ugly dresses, looks like we gonna make some messes, yow! I'm out to my upper deck, sorry gotta go enjoy the drek. wakin up the world....c'mon lets all die, or at least try, I'm at negative 24 so up yers charlie, I'm out the door, screamin like a demon into my D104, callin out just kill me, I can't take anymore. Ok I said it, there, send me back to nothing is my unholy prayer. and just in case you give a chuck, it's been my experience, life just sux, kill yourself now and avoid the rush! Ok gotta make my fingers bleed....for the love of odd gods, with firm bods.Now whatta ya got to say? I can't hear ya, gotta plug my ears to play, Gawdamit we're all gonna die! NOT.
Well we all need some one we can cream on, and if you want it baybee you can cream on me.Take my arms, take my legs, smear me with cool whip don't cha make me beg, cause I like that whipped cream, just a smeared on me. Let's get freaky like they do in spain, hold the whip babe, I ain't into pain, but since you put it that way, leave a scar today! Hows that Groovy Mann? Thrill Kill Kult, and the ICP, MCR can romance me, once I'm laying dead, just pain me red. Do it with blood, do it with gore, do it, do it ,do it, right here on the floor, cause if I'm really dead you'll just love me more. Blue Buddah.
People tend to hate me cause I don't ever smile, I'm from meloncholy town, it's a matter of style, and all I want to hear is the message beep, my dreams are tryin to catch me cause I don't ever sleep. FEEL GOOD!
I'm happy, ain't feelin sad, got sunshine, in a plastic bag, I'm useless, but not for long, the future is comin on, it's comin on, it's comin on!

edit on 23-7-2012 by Luminaught because: We Are Happy Landfill, be my dirty little secret, don't talk or you'll be just another regret.

edit on 23-7-2012 by Luminaught because: Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up...IT'S THERE! 2D and Noodle Lets get Satan drunk or shoot him up with two pounds of junk, watch him nod cause it's cool, Satan is our private Fool...FEEL GOOD!

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 04:31 AM
One of us one of us, gooble gobble gooble gobble, one of us one of us!!!

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 04:54 AM
mainidh! lets rock em and shock em like the psychotherapist does, I love to catch that shock treatment buzz, I sell these sisters on the street, exotic looks and people say they're sweet! I'll hone their cones like I had a jones, got rejected by the rolling stones, micks mouths too big anyway, got some alum? well lets go play!
Didi Mao anyhow, we dinky dau, and we sure know how.
I'm out to the deck to wake the world, naked like I was born, bump and grind like I'm makin porn, even though my junk is worn it's to oblivion I am sworn!
Listen real hard and you'll hear me....the guitard.
Love ya though....after the show.
Fat gurls on Bicycles!
Freddy I always loved ya, but you decomposed before I proposed, so you didn't make it....but I'll just take it.
Saran wrap!

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 04:57 AM
I want some of what you're on

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:19 AM
mainidh! I really got to crank my amp and wake the world, but I guess once the suns up I gotta hide I like my moon tan it's a matter of pride, but if you really want a ride drop a drop box and you'll collide with voodoo hoodoo from the other side, you can smoke it you can shoot it you can rub it in, it's the kind of thing where ya always win. It's a drag after while, stackin stiffs in my burnin pile. Set up the rattler it's just hoi choi I ain't sure if he's a girl or a boy, don't matter in the game I play, sworn to fun, loyal to none, that's the best way. You can drop it you can pop it, put it under your tongue, you'll get so riped you be sculpting monkey dung, that's once we bore it's bung, don't mind me, I'm real unyoung, but as the monkeys say lets flung what we brung, serious the sun is close, and I love being white as a ghost, I never let the sun touch my skin, but I do have some demons, wanta let one in?
Ok, back in five, let all the neighbors know I'm still alive.
I don't have circadian rythms, it's fun, they give me sleeping pills, but I don't take um. I love to let my guard plum down, rock n roll is still my sound, you know the rumors, they are true, and after the show, I'll get back to you, in the mean time here's some airplane glue, just to clear your head if you really wanna do the bad thing that I love, if ya need a push I'll give ya a shove, drive blindfolded at a hundred and fiddy, the cops don't care the boss treats em ooops....yttihs, gotta read it backwards like nataS seviL, you know he really loves us, he's the onlyt one who will, spill the thrill, blazing hot, it burns a lot, but the screaming is best if your brain is shot. Gotta fade, back in a flash, can't say the w**d word, so we gotta burn hash, with the white layer in it from Alf's ghanna stan, hell yeah, I'm the pale rasta man, Bob marley done escaped, and rick james is rasta rape.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 10:31 AM
mainidh:Yohoho my fellow freek, I dig the dog, he's quite unique, I like the street cred maw, I'll bet when he bites he locks his jaw, always find a home right here, be my door greeter, and bite em on the rear.

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