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I get sleep paralysis and see people in my room

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posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by Realtruth

Thanks realtruth, you said what i was thinking, except better. to the person who made the comment though, i agree that you should take everything into account and not just believe that its spirits because someone said it. I will listen to any theory and ask questions about them to try to weed out the ones that are completely baseless, but sometimes it's good to at least consider what the majority feels about something.

I put paranormal because I have no idea what it is, and honestly any medical claims about sleep paralysis are almost certainly conjecture, so spirits are to me just as good an answer as hallucinations. Because I don't understand why I would have those specific visions and hear those sounds in a regular dream. Especially since MANY people have described the same buzzing/humming sound and visions of peoples faces up close. If you had experienced it you would think the same

posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by Realtruth

and once again thank you realtruth. This tetrarch guy has never experienced it, and he may be right but thats not the point. It's funny how tetrarch thinks he is the unbiased one because he's relying on science, when he's clearly refusing to consider any other possibility. And let me just say to tetrarch, sleep paralysis is not well understood in the scientific community. There may be a general consensus that it's a hallucination, because it's the only thing that makes sense based on what science can measure. But that is disregarding any possibility that there may be things unmeasurable and beyond the senses, such as extra dimensions where some 'spirits' may be.

posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 02:55 PM
I had seen a UFO over the Port St. John's area about ten years ago, then a month later a TV series called"Invasion" came out that kind of explained an alien secret hidden movement within its show. Not sure if the two have any correlation?
Months later after all that I too began to feel that something was pulling the sheets tighter and felt like something was lightly stepping on my chest working it way closer to my face, but me having grown up in the military since the age of two and step father was the most stubborn son of a bitch i haVE EVER MET from someone in the Air Force, which proves people probably made fun of him growing up, the reason for his constant demeanor, but anyway I felt like something was on top of me breathing in my face, so me being the tough mother #er i am, I growled real mean at the #ing thing and got up and started to figure out what it was.
A few months later after that I was getting ready to sleep one night in my cottage, i keep it completely dark because i cant sleep with any light on in the room at all. I would even sleep with earplugs to get a great night rest.
This one night though sticks out to me. I've been accused by my friends for reading their thoughts, but for this one instance to happen to me brings much understanding in my life and who i am and what the message i am to get out to you all and the 30 years of a mental battle and anguish for knowing and understanding what i have been through.
I was in my bed that has nothing close around it that i can bump or touch. It was completely dark and I was swinging my foot to burn of energy so i could fall asleep one night. When something enters my mind and says'"swing your foot real far this time!", so i do it, I swing my foot farther to the right, as I do so, my foot taps something. So then I question to myself what just happened, Some telepathically tells me to swing my foot further than what i was doing and my mind registers that y foot tapped something.
So in order for me to stay calm and collective and not cause an idiot scene like most probably would, I tell myself, which if it can speak telepathically then most likely it can also hear, I tell myself that i won't cause a scene, i will just allow a minute to go by and whatever is in here can leave peacefully, then I will get up and turn on lights and take an assessment.
You see when I was living in Las Vegas as a kid of age 6 I got to go to Nellis AFB and shake George Bush Seniors hand while he was director of the CIA and he asked my a question that day,"Do you know why you are here?"
Yes Mr. Former VP and President, I do believe I know why I am here and why the countless times I tries to take my life, but wasn't allowed to, was to preach GOD's message and to prove that WE ARE NEVER ALONE and NEVER WILL BE!
I got my answers when I asked that question to the heavens ten years ago and was instantly replied back to with a flash and bolt of lightning and the roaring of thunder, only for me to question as coincidence, so i asked it again to only get the same reply back with another flash of lightning and the roar of thunder all during a storm where the temperature was 40 degrees outside! Never in my life have I ever seen a lightning storm in 40 degree weather.
So as long as I keep getting #ted on in this world, then i'll keep wishing hell on your asses!

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by lldd182
reply to post by ladybug121

Nice that you know what its called now. It's crazy, though, how everyone that gets sleep paralysis feels/sees/hears scary stuff. I would think that if you're just dreaming and you wake up while still dreaming, then you might also see cool, positive stuff. But that doesn't happen, at least not that I've heard. But it's probably because your body has no idea how to deal with sleep paralysis so it freaks out, thus the bad visions and stuff.

But maybe its something else, and thats what intrigues me

You will feel and see positive things as soon as you leave the body, and yes the scary, or lets say uncomfortable things are just memory trying to wake you up, because lets be honest, they dont teach this stuff in school, so how is anyone supposed to be ready for it..

But it is not a well understoof phenomena in the scientific community, but in the spiritual one, everyone knows what this is, its the door you gotta walk though, or stages to take in order A: have an OBE (Out of body experience) or B: Lucid dreaming, which doesnt need to involve sleep papralysis.

And i can induce sleep paralysis after knowing this, its comfortable now.

posted on Nov, 18 2012 @ 07:42 PM
This is what happening to me, i can't move,i can't talk.... These actions have happend recently... The one thing that scares me , is that it happend after i tried summon satan, i don't know if it's a connection, but this really scares me, happends 2-3 times a month, for about 1 month now... I don't know what's happening, never had this before... and the first time it happend, was the day i summoned satan
(and i didnt believe in that, at that point of time, but that's another story now..) This happends when i'm about to fall asleeep... i need some seriouis answeres..

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 01:58 PM
From what I remember, I've had sleep paralysis happen to me twice.

The first time, I was very confused, and extremely freaked out that I could not move, and although I do not recall seeing anything, there was a very distinct 'presence' in the room - the kind of feeling you get when someone is standing behind you. Eventually I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

The second time however, the experience was quite different, I was about 10 or 11 a the time, I was 'jolted' out of sleep, it was almost as if I was 'sucked' out of sleep state (with a distinct pulling sensation), and I laid there in bed, completely unable to move, and then the lights started coming through my bedroom window - brilliant colors of red, green, orange, and purple. Now mind you, I lived in a high-rise apartment building, on the 24th floor, so there was no way that it was someones headlights, or a plane, or anything logically conceivable that could put off that much light at that altitude. I tried to scream, I fought with everything I could to wake myself up, but to no avail - I laid there in terror, not knowing what was about to happen. For what seemed like an eternity of waiting, nothing happened, eventually I snapped out of it, and was able to move my limbs and speak again. Quickly I rushed into my parents bedroom, and told them of what happened, only to be ridiculed as me having a nightmare.

I am now 28, and haven't had an episode of SP since. These days I try to induce SP as a precursor to an OBE / lucid dream, and althought I can lucid dream pretty frequently, I have only managed to have an OBE once - completely by accident, but thats a topic on its own!

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