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Want REAL change? Just walk away.

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:42 AM
This may be the only way to break the cycle. Human history is nothing but dictator, revolution, dictator, revolution and the cycle goes on and on. The problem though is that simply ignoring the system will not work unless the majority of the people do the same. For instance, if one person decides to ignore the system by simply not paying into it or making his own currency, that person is going to end up in prison. See when you ignore the system, the system puts you in a cage.

The problem with democracy will always be that 2 people can take away that third person's rights. We need to actually grow up as a species and learn to be independent of each other and the system. People need to learn that they don't need a King or Government to dictate to them how to run their lives. Humanity is very capable of governing itself, but see true freedom means living with the consequences of our decisions - most people aren't ready to accept that.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:43 AM
I tried this method with an ex-girlfriend. Didn't work.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:45 AM
Very true ... realised that over 30 years ago and walked away from it all ... your on the right path now ... maybe in time more will come to the same realisation .. s&f

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:56 AM

Originally posted by BIHOTZ
yeah the problem is that as soon as you start to achieve real progress and actually solve problems they will kill you..


Look at everyone we have gone to war with in the ME because they wanted to change from dollars to gold dinars or Euros for international debt settlement. Everyone who was not part of the international bank system. They are all dead or have death and destruction in their lands. Rape, murder, extortion, aerial bombardment, people using your leaders cadaver´s head as a puppet, mercenaries running amuck, ect ect.

There is no solution as long as we are in denial about having a mortal enemy in our midst. Yeah you may not want to go dancing or to a cocktail lounge if you think about it, but it is still true.

Capitulation or death. Those are the options we are offered. Keep asking for them to play nice or just go away.

and ? death is nothing to be feared ... everyone and everything dies ... better to spend life living free and on ones own terms ... not the terms of others ...

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by Indigo Starchild

Albert Einstein said that the ultimate form of protest is non participation, I would have to agree. The only reason things are the way they are is that most of you care about jersey shore more than your own country. I say YOU not we becase I don't even know a single person from jersey shore, nor could I tell you which kardashian is which( I think the one with the big ears was on star trek) ooops nvm he was feringi.

So do as Ghandi, and go out and. Be the change you want to see in the world.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by Lannister

What do you propose instead of democracy? I would favor a shift towards a true direct democracy, but I would never vote or wish for communism, socialism, fascism, monarchy or any other form of government. Of course, if those governments were forced upon me, I would learn to use the system, exactly the same way I have learned to use the current system.

When you say humanity is capable of governing itself, what are you suggesting actually? How do we make and enforce the laws? It's rather idealistic to expect utopia without a sytem in place to keep order.

true freedom means living with the consequences of our decisions

Even with my limited freedom, that most of us enjoy, I am capable of living with the consequences of my decisions. Other people, have not been able to live with the consequences of my decisions. I think it's selfish to expect that we should have the unlimited freedom to mess with someone elses life. I think that is the basis of law and order. The people of the U.S., or of any other country, would find themselves much worse off than they are now if governments dissolved and we were allowed to govern ourselves. People don't agree with each other enough for this to work. People would be fighting over anything and everything. So many people are violent with each other now, bickering and fighting. New factions and of like-minded people would band together, and fight the other people who they decide they don't like. For some of us, laws are the only thing that make us play well with others.

If there were no laws, and I am doing whatever I want to, I can be honest enough to admit that I wouldn't care if my actions had a negative impact on someone else. I only care how my actions will impact another, because our society has led me to believe that I need to care. Look deep inside and honestly judge yourself. Don't tell me how you would react, just let yourself know.

I suggest learning to use the system to your advantage, instead of trying to figure out how to cripple it. Laws are your friend. People need laws. Good luck if you wake up to no laws one day. I know what I will do and how I will act. I suspect my evil thinking is benign, when compared to what others will do when free from law. Especially, in with how most people already want something for nothing, and everything done their way.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by neOrevolutionist

When a problem only exists when you "pay" attention to it, then yes... ignoring it is in fact exactly what you do.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 11:11 AM

Originally posted by Indigo Starchild
Thanks for contributing everyone.

I want to stress (to Phillippines and Taumusen in particular) that I am not talking about PHYSICALLY moving to a different location. If that's what you take away from my post you haven't understood my message in the slightest. That's just escaping or putting off the problem.

The walking away we have to do is in our minds. And in our hearts. Followed by loving, committed action right wherever we happen to be.

I would have to agree to disagree with your interpretation.

What is in my mind and heart has manifested itself in me. I don't just believe it in my mind and try to do it when convenient, I live it. Maybe Taumusen too

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by Indigo Starchild
Everybody (or most of us, at least) knows that there is something wrong with "the system" in all its forms: social, political, economic, cultural. There has been talk of revolution. I'm here to tell you today this is not the way forward.

The way forward is not revolution, violent or otherwise. It's not voting, and it's not "reform within existing channels." The only answer is to turn your backs on the whole mess and to just walk away. I don't mean walk away physically - I mean walk away "from the inside."

Some would call this apathy. I call it transcendence.

When you fight the system, see, you are engaging with it on its on terms. You are just playing their game in another way

For these corrupt systems to thrive, you need to give them Energy. That's all these systems are- ways of organizing energy. Without energy, the system dies. What most people don't grasp is that by resisting, fighting, arguing, or rebelling, you are just giving the system more energy, making it stronger by accepting and legitimizing it on its own terms. By turning your back on the system, on the other hand, you deprive it of the energy that is its lifeblood. Then it just shrivels up and dies of its own accord.

Examples: not happy with the money system? Make a new currency, or barter goods and services with others shut out by the official system. If enough people did this, they would get the goods and services they need, and the banks would simply be irrelevant. Not happy with military adventures? Simply turn your back and laugh. If enough people refuse to fight there will be no wars. And nothing deflates the warlike spirit like laughter.

Think about it, friends. That's all I ask. Thanks for reading.

What I get from your post and what I've been trying to convey to people I know and correspond with on other forums is, stop fighting about Republican vs Democrat, liberal vs conservative. This is what they want us to be doing. It's how they distract us and divide and conquer. This is from where their power is derived. It's like a massive shell game. Those perpetrating it need the viewer to be distracted by the other hand in order to pull of the stunt.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 12:32 PM

Everybody (or most of us, at least) knows that there is something wrong with "the system" in all its forms: social, political, economic, cultural. There has been talk of revolution. I'm here to tell you today this is not the way forward.
reply to post by Indigo Starchild

Well said. It is important to realise that those things wrong with the system are wrong by design. There are powerful people in the world who wish to impose their own laws and structures for society, but need to destroy the old institutions first. They disempower us and treat us like children to further this goal.
They defraud our democracy, then say to us "You children can not be trusted to run a democracy, look how bad it has turned out for you. You need us to run your country for you". The laws and institutions we had were sufficient until THEY corrupted them. Walk away from the corrupt government and start to organise your communities yourself.
They defraud and loot our economy, then say to us "you children can not be trusted to run an economy, and you have all ended up bankrupt, we will impose a new financial order for your protection." The laws and regulations we had were sufficient to provide our prosperity until THEY broke them to start looting. Walk away from the corrupted banks, hold your wealth in your own communites and, if you can, stop using their money.
They stir up trouble between nations, and corrupt the military to undertake wars that expand their personal power, then say to us "you children are always fighting, and can't manage international relationships yourself, we will impose a world government to manage them for you." Yet, THEY were the ones who raised tensions between states using lies and deceit and no common man ever had his own agenda furthered by wars of aggression thousands of miles away from his home. No common soldier lusted after, or benefitted from the natural resources of a foreign nation. Walk away from their armies and their false wars.

I could go on, but the point i am trying to make is that TPTB are in the process of corrupting all our institutions, and in the process making us believe we are helpless children, stupid violent humans who need them to run our world. They want you to believe we can't achieve anything without them. Walk away and just know that you can, and always could, like the generations who preceded you and left you this world to inherent. Don't let them steal it from you!

When TPTB move to put one of their own as dictator over all of the world, they will sell him as a saviour to our broken system, and say he offers peace, propserity, justice and stability. In fact, these things already belong to us, inherent to our nature, taught us by our parents, and reinforced through are communites and faiths. TPTB only bring a threat to destroy these things unless we serve their new systems.

OP, you are completely right with this one. Just walk away.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by Outfoxed

Awesome post, Outfoxed. Nobody has outfoxed you, you see through them like a window.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by Philippines

Maybe Taumusen too

Uh oh.
You should retract that. I'm some kind of ATS leper. I find my version of reality makes most people here choke on their pizza. I can't even log in without someone taking offense to me.

I'm sure I put less into the system than many of these folks who are crying "Starve the beast". I ditched my personal bank accounts in the 90s, long before it was trendy and cool. I don't have a television or cable channels. Previously, I had spent almost a year living off grid with my reluctant, but wonderful wife. I've also seen what real oppression looks like. I don't have dozens of obsolete electronics devices scattered around or a mound of material items in every direction. I don't put hardly any money into the system. I could afford to buy the most expensive of almost anything I want, except for my own shiny jet airplane. Instead, my wife and I buy our clothes second hand. The only thing I spend top dollar on is food. That is because I refuse to eat crap. I believe that when a person is not so busy trying to fill the void of their soul with material things, the amount of wealth they can accumulate is shocking. My goals are not to negatively impact the economy. Instead, I am wide awake. I see how we are made into slaves. I am a free man. It's not the government or even the banking system that is keeping us down. It's our own wants and desires which force some of us to seek in the form of immediate gratification.

I do thank ATS a lot. Some of the members here had educated me to how the corporation is king. I recently incorporated a business, and I am now an ardent student of corporate loopholes. If I can navigate it, nearly anyone can. You can't beat them. So join.
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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by Indigo Starchild

Agreed 100%. My parents, myself and my wife, and most of our extended family members have now shut out the news all together. We're back to hearing things in a word of mouth kind of way. We read books because they're of interest, rather than magazines that update us on the horse# that is society. We've got friends and family of friends and family who are joining our 'movement.'

It's just less stressful, simpler (just enough so), and more rewarding all together. I'm still active on Facebook and online, but I'm just not at all a segment of the mainstream. ATS is about as close as I get and mostly it's out of curiosity into the subjects of the unknown.

We aren't people you would think of as 'hobbits', rather we're professionals, teachers, principals, cops, judges, and student who have decided we've had enough with the mainstream media and the inflated meals of # they feed everyone on a daily basis.

You might think 'cable!? I need cable!' LOL. Well friend, you don't. Between PS3 and VUDU/Netflix you can get all the entertainment you want without sibmitting yourself and your family to misinformation that honestly has nothing to do with you and is simply created to make you feel small, insignificant, and at risk. It's not like we don't have electricity. LOL.

With the $200/mo we save in cable fees/bill/taxes, we're able to pay for all the movies/documentaries we like online with no commercials, news, etc. It's actually pretty great! It does take a moment to get used to it, but once the 'craving' for updates subsides, you'll be fine.

You can get A LOT done when you don't have TV streaming 24/7 with crap. Just to be clear too...I'm 26 and am soooo happy without the news/media/etc. Friends and family enjoying the same range from under 10 to over 50.

Just IMAGINE if NO ONE watched the media! What a world we'd live in. It'd change more than you could imagine.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by Indigo Starchild

If you ignore the system, the system will ignore you. You will shrivel up, and you will die.

Not only that, but people using alternate currency or bartering are avoiding the revenue man. We all know how unpopular he was in the south during prohibition. If you try to form your own eceonomic system, the revenue men will hang you.

You can't expect to cash in your hand and still play the game you are surrounded by.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by Evolutionsend

If you ignore the system, the system will ignore you. You will shrivel up, and you will die.

And that is exactly what they want you to think. That you are helpless without the system. Did the current power players of the world build that system? No. They abuse it's laws and loot it's wealth. Do the current power players of the world contribute to that system? Not unless they are forced to. They prefer to feed off it. You mention about people using alternative currencies being punished by law for not paying taxes, but how much taxes do you think the major players in the world pay? I spent the last few years litigating on behalf of HM Government, for unpaid taxes and fines levied for breaking financial and immigration law. I, personally, have been responsible for closing down and liqiudating family businesses that survived a century of warfare and socio-political change, but could not survive the greed of the bankers and the regulatory interference of corrupt and incompotent politicians. How many corporations do you think I succesfully pursued to pay their debts? They always have a clever accounting trick or abuse of the rules to avoid contributing the system you claim we can't leave because we will 'shrivel up and die.'

You can't expect to cash in your hand and still play the game you are surrounded by.

Ah, but the game is fixed. The referees are crooked and the opposing team can change the rules whenever they want. From this, you have to walk away. I know it's scary, but our forebears lived independently and self-sufficiently for generations, with far less technology and knowledge than you can muster. We just have to remember who we are. We are NOT slaves.

There is a revolution under way—not like revolutions of the past.
This is the revolution of a new generation. It has originated with the
individual and with culture, and if it succeeds it will change the political
structure only as its final act. It will not require violence to succeed
and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence.

- Charles Reich, the greening of america

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:00 PM
Sorry for the mental picture but under your suggested logic, this would be the same as telling a woman who is being raped "just lay back and accept it and it won't be as bad." However, some of the women who away, and lived to tell about it.

Likewise, before 1776 we just laid back and took it as well.

After 1776......we won our freedom and for a while it was great, but it seems the rapist is back for a second attempt as he didn't get to defile Lady Liberty the first time.

.......I would have to say her pants are currently around her ankles and she better start fighting again, it seems Obama is romancing her and she's falling for it.

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:23 PM
YES! YES! YES! Exactly! Don't give this dark energy any of your light. To me that means not even emotional or psychic energy, I mean don't watch the government propagandsa on FOX or CNN or whatever and buy into what they are presenting, better yet don't even watch the damn idiot box! Just drop out of this dark system. PEACE.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:30 PM
I hope people realize that there is no fixing this system, it is doomed and must fall. So it is better to walk away now and on your own terms. You just cannot participate in this master-slave system anymore.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:30 PM
I like oranges.

Oranges don't grow here.

I need a way to exchange my work for oranges.

The person who grows oranges probably doesn't need a Report run for them that I can throw together. They probably don't have some systems project needs.

I need to find a way to exchange my work for something that someone with oranges wants. I also need a way to exchange my work for transporting those oranges.

And I need nice transportation systems so that those oranges can move from one place to another.

I'm pretty sure I'm describing a need for money. Whaddaya think?

There are problems with the monetary system. Doesn't mean it doesn't have a use.

I'm probably not going to stop wanting to eat oranges just because you'll advise me to eat local. If I ate local only, I'd be eating lots of wheat and spinach. Canned spinach, since the growing season is very short. Yuck.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by SibylofErythrae

I like Freedom.

Freedom doesn't grow here.

I need a way to exchange my work for freedom.

I'm pretty sure I'm describing a need for fair money. Waddya think?

People have used everything from salt to seashells, and of course paper, as money. No one is suggesting getting rid of money, or trade. We suggest making it fair. We suggest making it so the hard work of an individual can be exchanged for liberties and quality of life, not just canned goods.

I'm probably not going to stop wanting to eat oranges just because you'll advise me to eat local. If I ate local only, I'd be eating lots of wheat and spinach. Canned spinach, since the growing season is very short. Yuck.

Poverty. Yuck.
Endless war. Yuck.
Unmitigated Immigration. Yuck.
Lowered living standards. Yuck.
Lying, corrupt corporatians. Yuck.
Criminal banks. Yuck.
How do you like them oranges?

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