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I'll tell all I know

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posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 09:19 AM
Hello ATS,

After all my years of struggling to 'get it' let me present my all explaining metaphor. I know for some people this might be an obvious truth but that is only after someone explained it or better you figure it out yourself. Unfortunately even though I am an adult no one explained it to me or was unable to do so in a way I would understand properly. To make things worse because I didn't 'get it' I spend a considerable time soulsearching and swapped ideas with others who were also soulsearching presenting them as truths which just complicated things even more for me.

I present this in a metaphor so the reader can explain this according to their own truths. Again, for those matured it's an obvious thing, for those younger readers, it's all part of growing up, check with your friends or relatives or whoever you trust. I believe it's important one knows and can verbalize this metaphor in order to explain the many things one needs to explain while growing up so one has an intact sense of selfconfidence. For those older who would want to realize this truth in retrospect, it can happen but it must be memorized each day until a certain number of braincells have made the proper connections in order to sustain this view.

So everyone to me is like a universe in itself, beyond seperation they exist in entirely different dimensions without any connections whatsoever. In that universe, there is a center where there is a planet with but 1 inhabitant. There is also 1 Tree of Life there which is eternal and nothing can happen to it, ever. The Tree sustains this 1 person who lives there all alone.

Everybody the inhabitant sees is also shown on that planet, they can be likened with other trees growing in a huge forest. For each person you like or have accepted in some way there is tree growing, which is not their actual tree of life which only exists on the individual planet. The people the inhabitant has met in life might be represented as trees but if the inhabitant does not accept them they will in time wither away and be taken up by the earth again out of which new trees might grow. From the first moment on meets a seed is grown which can become a tree or might not.

If anyone tells you otherwise, like we are all on a planet together and your Tree is not the one True Tree then they would want to subdue you and if you choose to accept such a truth you will become a mindless robot without a free will to make your own choices. The wind would blow out of it's own accord and uproot other trees seemingly random but to whoever has the one Tree that wind is anything but random. In reality no one controls the wind and unlike the 'real' weather patterns, on the inner planet everything happens to achieve balance like an equal amount of rainy days and sunny days. Less abstract it's what some people do, make others believe they create rain so the Tree gets water or it will wither and has to grow anew. But don't do as they such people say and there's no more rain.

Some people claim the tree on their planet which represents the other is superior than the other but don't ever believe them. To you and to anyone else there is but 1 Tree of Life, everything else are merely replica's of their own trees and should never be mistaken for the true thing.

The above is the same as when I would state I have an image of myself which only I can know, what the other perceives it to be is their own interpretation which is a different object in a different place referring to their braincells in the individual brain.

Even if one agrees that is the same in both brains, there is no way of being completely sure as there is no way to 'look into' the actual contents of the brain. Even when technology is advanced enough one day, the images shown by the computer might have been manipulated by hackers or just people who want to remain in power.

Some people don't know and might unintentionally tell you their untruths. They will not try to convince the other and let the argument go easily.

If such people insist there is only 1 Tree they are probably out to get you and it might take some time before they give up and leave you be. They will try to convince you in any way up to physical violence once they know for sure you do not accept their truth. Or you have something they want and life is too short to convince you otherwise to share it with them.

Or you might just be considered dangerous because your truth appears greater than theirs and it might conflict in their own minds so if they can convince you, there is nothing that needs to be reevaluated so there isn't anything unknown out there which can be scary and people can do strange things out of fear.

In this thread I'll demonstrate how to realize this truth for oneself and stand by it after it has been accepted. This truth is not about wether your tree is a birch or an oak tree or maybe something completely different. It's not about what you do with your Tree, if you decide it isn't eternal and chop it up to make a house or a boat or maybe have a bonfire at the beach that's completely up to the reader in fact because of my metaphor no one else can do this but this sole inhabitant. I would advise against it because at some point you'd want to restore the Tree as an eternal, undestroyable tree it is supposed to be and use the 'fake' trees instead.

I'll also make an attempt in explaining how one can still visit others while remaining in complete control of oneself because being alone in your own existence for all of eternity just isn't very pleasant. I'd welcome anyone to argue against as this as it would only allow me to prove my arguments in favor of my metaphor. It gives me a chance to further immunize myself against possible future conflicts without upsetting the other in any way.

posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 09:38 AM
hi op

i must admit i was on the lash last night and have consumed the hair of the dog (3.34pm gmt)

i hear what you are saying
im mature enough to know that this world stinks
and we are a cancer thats causing it
the earth is for example
like a dog a living thing infested with ticks
wen there are to many ticks it has to be sorted...

peeps dont care anymore
life is a struggle nowadays and theres no room for spiritual development
their little love for thy brother and lies being told daily
there is nowhere to run for we have been tamed like animals

sorry op im ranting tis another bloody sunday lol

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posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by davesmart

The earth is not like a dog with ticks. In my metaphor there is one tree of life, if that is like this one dog then there is only one dog and 1 tick (the individual who thinks up the dog and the planet in order to leech from it).

Since there are no other people in my mind except the images and memories of the people I have met there are no other ticks but me. So even if the earth is like the dog and it has one tick I doubt it will die because of it. And even if it does well that is just nature, if it fails it wasn't strong enough and nature will create something stronger.

Why nature would want to create a better tick I dunno, maybe it wants to be drained of it's blood? Sounds kind of suicidal to me but well if that is your belief than that is my view on it. I rather don't see humans as ticks but rather as part of the cycle of life which keeps evolving and makes better use of the leeched blood, like creating better solar panels to harness the power of the sun without creating so much waste as humanity has done in the past.

posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 05:43 PM
This reminds me of things Bashar has said. He's a channeled entity if you've never heard of him and can find videos of it on Youtube. The idea you seem to have here that he seems to have also said is:

"There is only you in your universe."

Emphasizing "you" of course. YOUniverse.

A fascinating concept. No one else experiences life like you do. Your view of it is unique. And of course, you can influence this universe by the choices you make, the thoughts you have, and the actions that you take.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 06:07 AM

Originally posted by almostrambo
This reminds me of things Bashar has said. He's a channeled entity if you've never heard of him and can find videos of it on Youtube. The idea you seem to have here that he seems to have also said is:

"There is only you in your universe."

Emphasizing "you" of course. YOUniverse.

A fascinating concept. No one else experiences life like you do. Your view of it is unique. And of course, you can influence this universe by the choices you make, the thoughts you have, and the actions that you take.

I've heard of Bashar or I've seen the youtube movies but I'm not into channeling. My message is you exist in your own existence, (not a universe inside an existence which is how I'm interpreting Bashars message) which rules out channeling as there is some entity that enters your universe and then you are no longer alone. I would say one has to leave their own existence if one wants to visit others. Which progressed, one time I thought I was alone in my universe until things happened which made me to reevaluate my beliefs. The advantage of having this one space where one is all alone and no one else can go is immortality, invulnerability and free of any disease. Not in a physical sense as we are here alive but in the world after this one.

Another thing is in my metaphor one could have some influence but only to a degree. Until the inhabitant's body ends and one is taken into one's own existence, then the inhabitant can do whatever he or she wants. But it would only make sense to the inhabitant, not any one else.


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