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Newbie here, this is one of my favorite topics.

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 04:47 PM
I have been thinking of what I want to start with, I'm not a top flight expert but I have alot of knowledge for being only 30 years old IMO.

I will post pictures and topics of my latest workings like my survival garden experiment, with my only resources being seeds, a shovel, a found natural spring area dug for a shallow well for watering and good old fashioned work and willingness to learn.

I want to learn more of the things below as well as getting familiar with turbine and HAM/CB devices.

Right now, it is going great. The corn, tomatoes, okra, squash, banana peppers, Jackon lima bean, ice cream hardy bananan plants and the seedlings of my peach,cherry, apple, and red pear are all doing awesome! All with nothing but seeds, shovel and a little motivation. I will post a timelapse video with my Sony HD camcorder once it finishes.

Right now my biggest concern is how to setup my water well pump with my inverters/80 watt panel, also a window AC ( right now the surge of start cuts it off, I can only run the fan). I live on the gulf coast so these things are very important to me, cause I have seen what they do and actually rode out the eyewall of Katrina and other storms.

Stuff like that and more. I'm glad to be here and can't wait to dig in.


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