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I got your back! (6)

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 10:04 AM
I saw this commercial today..

It makes me a little weary. Mainly because we all know that the celebs in this are NOT for the wars over seas... or wars at all. So why in the hell would they even care about returning soldiers? Much less even care to help??

One part that sticks out to me most is when Brian Williams ( Host of Rock Center ) says "I got your back"

He is lying through his teeth.. How do I know? He blinks as he says it. Blinking is a dead give away because its a sign of lying.

Nonverbal signs of lying

The pin it self is even degrading .. The number 6. Im sure most would agree that it falls inline with "666". But actually the Numerology of the Number 6 has a lot of positive traits.. such as love. But I personally believe that its just hijacking the message ..

Plus I hate Tracy Morgan lol

What do you guys think?


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