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weird dream

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 06:11 AM
when I am sleepy, even when I am sitting in front of a computer in a darkened room, I see some things; I don't know why.

anyway, in my dream I was outside and there were what looked like concrete houses and a long concrete fence. I spied a gathering of some twenty people maybe. They were watching some guy on a large flatbed truck that had two cars on it, I think. Suddenly, the guy tosses a rather small car up in the air and it lands uneventfully where there are no people. They gasp in amazement, me as well, then applaud. I didn't expect that. I was some distance from crowd.

The people start to mill around the tossed car, inspecting it. Then the guy tosses another regular sized car toward the crowd and we all gasp in terror. But another guy caught the car and held it up vertically by the hood before setting it down; another applause.

As I said I was some distance from them, the guy casually walks toward me. He was rather short and slight of build. He told me, "I will let you see my power." My mind was blank. What more could he possibly show me?

He appeared to stand on his toes, so I look at his feet. He was levitating less than an inch off the ground. I sort of laughed under my breath. I was already thinking they were not from this world but something was preventing me from saying it. Then it happened.

His body shrank except for the head and hands maybe. So his feet were a considerable height from the ground now. He said to put my hand under him and I could feel a pulsing beneath him. His feet no longer had shoes and they were a strange shape, disc-like.

Then suddenly he was back to normal. I get the feeling he wasn't showing off but did it entirely for my sake. He told me, "We will help you."

Something was preventing me from saying out loud that I think they were not from this word. All I could manage, with great difficulty, was, "You're not from around here aren't you?"

He didn't acknowledge my question but instead looked away to his companion and repeated, "We will help you."

I said I'd rather go to his world and live there. I wanted to ask him if he was from another dimension altogether but it wouldn't come out.

Then the dream was over. It was weird.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 11:46 AM
What a cool dream!! I've had some pretty weird dreams, but usually in mine I don't remember conversations, only actions.

I've heard that when we dream, we go to other dimensions. Perhaps they're giving you your ticket to the new earth?

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