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How the elitists/1% luciferians are connected to the reptilian occupation of planet earth

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 03:33 AM
Most are used to the ridicule of “reptilian ET’s” (davidicke) , however upon closer investigation , several correlations support this theory that ties together a lot of conspiracies discussed here.
I read this article.

First it summarizes the discovery through hypnosis of abductees that reptilian ET’s use bio-engineered greys to abduct humans for ulterior motives. This isn’t far fetched, when we consider the likely hood of ET life, and how an ET species that has mastered space travel is likely to of mastered bioengineering. What’s important to understand is that any ET species that can travel through space is way past our technological and spiritual progress.

I mention spiritual, because the article also mentioned how this reptilian species uses the “astral plane” to “steal the energy of human beings”, and how they manipulate religion and many aspects of society. You might ask how?

This ties into the theory that extraterrestrial influence lies at the top of secret societies such as the freemasons, and with the elites who are part of the most secretive societies and can easily influence society with their historical power and wealth. There’s always been allegations that our religions have been distorted to keep us from the truth, just to keep us “under control” , perhaps Karl Marx said it best. Personally I can easily see how the current state of religious spirituality is a form of control distorting the truth – that the power of God and the individual is within and not outside in religious institutions and scriptures.

Theirs always this overwhelming idea that power is outside of yourself in every aspect of society – religion (God is distant somewhere in “heaven”) the government (providing social welfare of all sorts) western healthcare (you need someone else to make you feel better) education (someone else needs to teach you how to be “educated”). Continually it’s worked into your head subconsciously that you need things outside of yourself to be happy or achieve whatever you want. This isn’t true.

Perhaps you already understand how secret societies have infiltrated and influence most aspects of society , and once you connect the reptilian theory as mentioned in the above article it all makes sense. What’s slightly more disturbing is this notion that everyone is in this spiritual slavery and you don’t even realize it, and that this reptilian species “steals your energy” from the astral dimension. How is this accomplished, you might ask? This ties in with the 1% elites , and how the reptilians are at the top of the secret societies which heavily influence all major institutions and organizations.

This link reveals how the elites behind closed doors are into this satanic/luciferian worship. (this is a large article, but you can even google about how the elites practice blood ritual / satanic ritual behind closed doors)

Blood ritual and satanic/luciferian worship has been discussed here, there’s been plenty of allegations and testimony concerning this. What I’ve realized however is why blood ritual and meaningless sexuality is important to not only practice to them, but for the whole world. (I also believe that they consider war blood ritual)

In eastern philosophy , Taoism explains that blood and sexual energy is chi, im sure many of you are aware of it. Here’s a link about someone named John chang who harnesses this invisible energy.

This is the true potential of all human beings if we protect and let our energy (chi) grow, which I believe the reptilian species tries to steal in order to keep us in slavery (and they also use the energy for their own purposes)
So if you understand that chi energy is invisible/on another plane, and that the astral plane is invisible/on another plane (the one they can traverse) – it makes sense that this is how they steal energy, by causing wars and conflict, by promoting a world filled with lustful senseless sexuality.

So the very top members of the secret societies and the 1% elites who are in contact with these negative ET’s are told to cause wars and promote media that is lustful and loveless sexuality. While the ultimate goal of the negative reptilian species is to steal energy so they can keep humanity in slavery, they tell the human elites (1%) that not only can you make lots of money with war and the media, but that it’s just a ”learning experience” for the human beings to grow and learn. They convince the secret societies they have some kind of role to play as the “teachers” of humanity so they can learn the most through “negative experiences” , (but really it’s just toying with the ego of the elitists)

I don’t believe that, and it’s something that’s been mentioned by those who support luciferian ideology like hidden hand, who believe that the luciferian elitists have some kind of role as teachers and adversaries so that humanity has experiences and can grow and learn to emancipate itself from reincarnation. If you take into account the theory that negative reptilian ET’s are keeping us in slavery by stealing everyoneschi , that explanation of the luciferians role is obviously psychological trickery.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I’ve thoroughly researched world religion, secret societies, the extraterrestrial phenomenon for quite sometime and this the ultimate conclusion that most will reach.
The elites, basically the 1% are tools themselves, of higher extraterrestrial powers to keep all of humanity in slavery in the reincarnation process, so you keep forgetting what’s really going on and so you’re stuck here on this planet in what is basically a jail for slaves.

I could go on and on, there’s really a lot more to discuss, it’s easier that you ask me questions , however I will later update this thread with what I feel is most relevnt and most helpful in what is essentially a war for the souls of humanity.

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 04:11 AM

what if these reptilians have the same job, and similar powers as agent smith, and now the matrix in whatever form doesn't seem as far fetched as the movie portrays it, if one is open to the idea of reptilians.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 05:03 AM
reply to post by DocHolidaze

thats a really good point, I'm almost certain the matrix was a subconscious creation and was so popular due to the fact it rang some bells on the subconscious level. In my research, their are allegations that they do have those powers. I believe what is essential is meditation techniques found in eastern philosophy which build, cultivate and protect the human body and humanity all together physically. mentally and spiritually

Fighting back against the occupation of earth

I believe subconsciously humanity has already started fighting back with realizing many of these conspiracy theories to be true. I also believe that in the way people are demanding justice from corruption in the financial sector, demanding that the 1% be brought to justice is part of it.

fixing our religions/spirituality

Ultimately we need to start a new spirituality where we correct the distortions and fracturing of humanity’s spirituality in its many global religions. They can all be tied together, but not many people have realized this yet , especially those conditioned by the distorted teachings of many religions .

Most religions teach that God is distant, God is “out there” , that God and being “saved” can be found in scriptures – however the overwhelming theme is making people think that power lies outside of themselves.
The spirit of God is within, this was always the message of Christ and others. God isn’t out there, God is the spirit of Humanity and is the spirit of each person. God can be understood as a consciousness which branches out into individualized expression. Each person is simply what God would be in different personalities and different forms. We are all the spirit of God and we have the Power of God within us all.

The abilities of John Chang are a tip of the iceburg with “the spirit of God”. Esoteric Eastern philosophy does an excellent job explaining the true nature of the human being and how we can all gain seemingly supernatural powers, but of course this requires things like sexual abstinence because that expends your energy (chI) and will ruin your training.

Perhaps you can see how western society/media promoting lustful/promiscuous sexuality keeps you in this powerless form of a human being.

Another important thing to realize is how selfishness (some of you might be familiar with the term service to self) is the root of all evil and is the mind set of the negative reptilian ET’s. You can easily see how they’re 1% elitist tools promote selfish materialistic behaviour (luciferian ideology is especially materialist based) in all media, and how capitalism helps this. Not that capitalism is bad, it can just be used to promote selfishness.

Reptilian mindset

If you logically think about if the reptilian species evolved on planet earth around the time of the dinosaurs, selfishness is almost embedded in their genetics.

Selfishness, materialism, luciferian ideology is all the same “dark side”. They try to fool human being into joining them by making them forget who they really are (the spirit of God) in this reincarnation process which makes us forget who we are and by cutting our lifespan short.

Don’t ever believe that reincarnation or that life here is some sort of learning experience where you can emancipate yourself through almost endless reincarnations.that’s obviously psychological manipulation to get you to feel ok as being a slave that endlessly reincarnates as a slave.

Everyone is born as a spirit of God who is selfless, loving and good. They pollute this world with selfishness in all its forms (war, inequality, financial greed, etc.) and get people to be like them to “join the dark side” to reject the nature of God within. This is fairly easy when you forget who you are and when they have control over religion and all other influential institutions through their 1% elitist tools.

the jedi way

The most important thing to do is to be selfless in actions, always think about others. Be unconditionally understanding and loving, fight against all forms of selfishness. Respect all forms of life and consciousness; they are all expressions of God – animals, plants, human beings. Everything is just an evolving consciousness of God in different forms.

a plan of action

I really believe we can start by bringing the 1% to justice, they are the tools of selfishness which is the root of all evil. Occupy wall street and every other movement needs to focus on eliminating selfish behaviour in all its forms, in the financial sector, in all parts of the economy, in all aspects of society. The LIBOR scandal is a good start, but we need to continu

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 05:27 AM
its funny u mention the Jedi way, i have over the years tried to ask myself w.w.j.d. what would a Jedi do, it has seemed to help my life in more ways than one. ive looked into Jedi beliefs, not the ones from a the church of Jedi, but the ones that come from being a star wars fan i.e. reading books and not just watching media, and i have concluded that it is a great belief system, but almost imposable to follow to the T. the hardest thing i have trouble with is a saying from Yoda......."train yourself to let go of those you fear to lose", now i have come close to this but when i tried this tactic with my own offspring i found it impossible, i see why anikan choose his path to the dark-side, he didn't have a choice.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 04:10 PM
Use the esoteric arts against them

A lot of conspiracies have pointed out how Hollywood media has reference to the occult/esoteric arts – the esoteric arts can effectively change things at a subconscious level in the minds of people, especially with such a universal medium that can reach so many people. They use this power to subconsciously brainwash people into the materialistic and service to self ideology.

We can counter that and use their own tools against them by using the esoteric arts to promote service to others, selflessness and everything else that will free humanity.

There’s nothing “evil” or “sinful” about the occult. It looks like that idea was planted into the bible by the 1% elitists of that time so that the populace wouldn’t have access to tools that could overthrow their control and manipulation of the people.

The occult and esoteric arts only become evil once you start using it for evil and selfish purposes. If you use the esoteric arts for the betterment of others, of humanity, promoting selflessness, that is ok.

Advance the occupy movement

The outrage at wall street is merely an extension of our outrage at this reptilian occupation ironically. We are sick of greed and selfishness causing the economic inequality and slavery of humanity. While the 1% elites are influenced to cause all of this by the negative reptilian ET’s, you can’t say this in public because most of society would simply think you’re crazy. You can’t straight out say “It’s the reptilians”

Instead, we need to connect the dots for people. Opening their minds to such conspiracy theories is a start. What’s important is first getting people to realize this is an issue of selfishness (because the reptilians, luciferians 1% elitists have the service to self ideology).

Next is exposing the links that the fiscal elites of London (LIBOR scandal) , namely the rothschilds have to secret societies, who in turn are influenced by the negative extraterrestrials. I believe that would blow open everything else that the 1% elites over history have controlled a majority of influential institutions

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