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Watchdog Group Calls on IRS to Investigate Re-Branded TX ACORN Branch

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posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 11:25 PM

Remember them ?

They go by many new names now-a-days.

They are all big hustling outfits.

They were effectively put out of business but they did not disappear by any means !!

Maybe the IRS should investigate some of the new names?

It seems they have been engaging in backing specific candidates with "donated" money from unsuspecting "doners" ??

I think they were doing this same thing when they were getting taxpayer funding ?

I also think many of the new names are really the same con artists in charge.

After James O'Keefe and the late Andrew Breitbart’s exposés effectively put the liberal community organizing group ACORN out of business, various former ACORN chapters have undergone extreme makeovers, branding themselves with different names and different mission statements.

But underneath all of the cosmetic changes, ACORN's principles and spirit remain the same.

The latest, according to the taxpayer watchdog group Cause of Action, is ACORN’s former Texas chapter, which is using “a new name and a scheme to collect donations and divert them for political use in a way that abuses tax laws governing charitable organizations.” ........[continues]

Watchdog Group Calls on IRS to Investigate Re-Branded TX ACORN Branch

Same 'ol same 'ol ?

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