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The truth behind Christianity vs islam

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posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by coyote66

Leaders like Assad and the Iranian leader fear women because there is one notion that creates chaos in the minds of men who value theirself as the creator of the Universe through their notion of God.

And that is that men have nipples just like a woman does. Why would a male god so perfect in his creation give men nipples?

Could it be that men know that Creation created women first from which man evolved from?

A perfect god creating a perfect male gender would never have given men nipples for the simple fact that the nipples do serve any other purpose than to nourish the young where the sensory nerves of the breast are tweaked in such a manner to allow milk to pass to the young.

This same sensory process is present in the male but does not produce milk. So why would the nipple be present on the male if a male god had created all? They wouldn't.

The only creatures on Earth that you will find nipples on both male and female are humans and primates. No ther species does the male have nipples.

Now you know why abusive men hate and abuse women. Such men know that man evolved from woman.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 01:14 AM
"Be like the MOON/mirror, not the sun/candle. Since, the sun/candle is brightening the surrounding, but yet it is burning himself to ashes. Instead, the MOON/mirror reflects the source of the light." ~ one famous saying of the prophet

The male energy is actually overrated, it seems to be more stabil than the female one, but in reality it is very shallow. What you see is what you get, and thats all of the story. In the other hand, the female energy is more secluded, its not obvious but it is creativity and potentials. The more you dig, the deeper it gets. While the male energy is limited, this is not the case of the female energy, it is abundance and perhaps infinite? Who knows.

reply to post by Dryson

Actually, the Babylonians got invaded by the Persians in the past. The Babylonian elites forced into exodus, fleeing onto Egypt and Greece. This is the original story behind the exodus chapter in the bible. And the hijrah story in Islam theology, and the name source of the Islamic calender. Later, they found Rome as the Patrician senate caste of the Roman society. Roma was not invading Greece, it was actually the ilegitimate child of Greece itself.

Alexander, in turn, was the first attempt of the hidden Babylonian mystery school occultists, to avenge Persia. And then followed with Islam to destroy Zoroastrism completely, the native belief system of the Persian.

reply to post by Dryson

Phantastic thought, my friend
starred. Thank you for posting this, I have never think of this before.

But I'm not so sure other specieses males dont have nipples. They might be just covered in fur? And mysogynists hatting women because of this knowledge, rather than of fear, self estime issues, inferiority syndrome and ignorance of the real facts? Can you tell me more about this, if you know more facts about this? Thanks again

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posted on Aug, 21 2012 @ 04:34 AM
The point is, monotheism is only good for little children. It is too simple, it is a means and an attempt to cloud peoples understanding of the truth about spirituality. Religion only abuses spirituality to its own benefit, thus to earn a living, wealth and money. Religion hacks spirituality also to monopolize it and to mislead people.

The spiritual is undescribable, religion is only a tool or a map to teach you the basic understanding of this. Wrong religion is the one which prevents you from cultivating and the growth of your true self/your soul. They do this particular by inflicting fear through false belief and also cheap comfort. Its like drugging someone down really, with the intention to abuse, steal their wallet or abuse the victim.

Thats what organized religion is all about. Thats the conspiracy. To tame the rest 99ers down. I have nothing against free and "opensource" religion, though. Where you can question anything and believe in what we wish to believe. And if it serves our growth rather than turning us onto a frightened shallow soul that is being dwarfed and cripled through false hopes.

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