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Pentagon: Officials ‘Don’t Know’ if Bulgaria Bomber Was Once at Gitmo

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posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 09:51 PM
The Blaze report
July 19, 2012

Pentagon: Officials ‘Don’t Know’ if Bulgaria Bomber Was Once at Gitmo

A story from The Times of Israel has an article supposedly from the Bulgarian media that identifies the "suicide" bomber that allegedly blew up a bus full of Israeli tourists as Swedish-born Mehdi Ghezali.

The Times of Israel also reports that the man was a former Guantanamo Bay detainee.


Possible conflicts with all this ?

The U.S. Pentagon can not confirm this however !!

A Pentagon spokesman said Thursday he doesn’t know whether the suicide bomber that blew up a bus full of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria was a former Guantanamo Bay detainee.

Bulgarian media identified the bomber as 36-year-old Swedish-born Mehdi Ghezali and said he’d been held at Guantanamo between 2002 and 2004, the Times of Israel reported. At least seven people — including five Israelis, the Bulgarian bus driver and the bomber — died in Wednesday’s attack at the airport in the city of Burgas.

“I’m aware of reports that we’re recently seeing out of the region,” said Pentagon spokesman George Little said, according to Politico. “I cannot confirm those reports at this time.”

Little said he “can’t rule it out, either,” according to The Hill.

“I‘m simply saying we don’t know at this stage,” he said......

Times of Israel link;

Bulgarian media on Thursday named the suicide bomber who blew up a bus full of Israeli tourists, killing five Israelis and a local bus driver, in the Black Sea resort of Burgas on Wednesday as 36-year-old Mehdi Ghezali.

Ghezali reportedly arrived in Bulgaria five weeks before the bombing and arrived at the airport via taxi, Channel 2 reported. He was also reportedly given the bomb by someone else, but no further details were provided.

There was no independent confirmation of the veracity of the information. The reports surfaced soon after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly accused Hezbollah, directed by Iran, of responsibility for the bombing. The Prime Minister’s Office made no comment on the reports....

A 2005 Swedish documentary about the Guantanamo Bay detention camp starred Ghezali, who detailed his experience in American custody.

He was also reportedly among 12 foreigners captured trying to cross into Afghanistan in 2009.

Times of Israel story

Both articles have loads of secondary links.

hard to add one and one and get two with all this

The Times of Israel uses this phrase / disclaimer quite often:

There was no independent confirmation of the veracity of the information.


Can anyone decipher this ?

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 10:00 PM
Gee.. I suppose, just perhaps, we really have had some worth while prisoners at Gitmo. I know a lot of people were caught up in the bounty programs and other stupidity that existed and led to detentions but among all that were some honest to God bad guys.

If one has watched sites like Cryptome and others which carry semi-sensitive documents and leak stuff below illegal, it's been something to watch as they have been looking for any reason to release everyone. It never seems to occur to anyone that holding fighters in a war until after the war might be a decent idea...but this won't be the first one we held and who turned into something really ugly after release.

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by xuenchen

Well, thats what happens when you let all the bad azzes go.
You can catch the devil, but you can't keep him long.

Political pressure from/On D.C.

60 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality.

Lobby,Lobby,Lobby, until the wrong thing is done.

The new Motto: Excellence in Stalemate and Appeasing Foreign Interests.

All the while, The Infrastructure Crumbles. Nobodies Perrfect

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