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Why Do Those Who Claim To Know...Still Around?

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posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 08:10 PM
If what you know and plan to get out to the mass is true, than it wont get out. But if what you know you think is true and plan to get it out to the mass and it actually does get out, than it isnt true.

The talks of such information is already on sites like this so tptb must know of the video and must be doing something about it if they havent already done something about it. What he plans to release is a documentary of whats been going on (if im not mistaken) so i plan to see things i already knew about. Its probably just well narrated with some pictures and videos of things we've heard about but never seen. i mean come on the email said its gonna change history.... Unless he plans to upload it everywhere on the internet at the same time from different locations to make sure it gets out then idk if i can believe it and thats if its actually the truth and not just made up # that sounds good

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 08:14 PM
One thing is wanting to find the truth...and another is blindly willing to believe anything without actual evidence to support an outrageous claim, other than someone saying it happened. Not every skeptic is a "non believer". I'm sure there is a lot that we are yet to discover in this universe. That doesn't mean we should take everything at face value. That would be idiotic.

A lot of skeptics here are referred to as "debunkers", as if that were some kind of insult, simply because they point out flaws and inconsistencies in some of the claims. It is everyone in the UFO community's responsibility to not encourage hoaxes and approach any claims with the utmost logic and scrutiny. Not doing so would be the real insult. Using you brain should no be considered a character seems to be the case with some of you "religious" UFO believers.


To answer the question in the opening post....You are either a fraud, or the powers that be are not hiding ET's from the public.
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posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Pretty simple as others have pointed out, killing a whistleblower only serves to give creedance to their claims.

We have very credible sources witnessing this phenomenon in the form of High ranking military personnel, research scientist, pilots, astronauts who have walked on the moon, high ranking political leaders, ministers of defense etc. The media would lead us to believe it is only Joe-Bob in Arkansas reporting on UFOs

Even when these credible sources come forward, they are'nt given the respect towards their testimony that they should get, given their knowledge, skills and reputation.

Imagine walking on the moon, and people hanging on every word of your experiences untill you start discussing your knowledge on this fringe subject, and you watch as their eyes glaze over.

Imagine you country puts enough trust in your skills, and honor to station you in charge of a missile silo protecting your country, but that same country dishonors you by not taking you seriously when you tell how UFOs seen on radar and witnessed on site shut down those same warheads you are assigned to watch over.

Imagine you are the Minister of Defense of a proud Nation, shown respect by world leaders, the media listens in rapt attention to your every word wiht great respect, on any other subject..except UFOs

Imagine you are a simple researcher discusing the topic of UFOs with some people who know little on the subject, and the main reason they cant believe in the possibility of extraterrestrials visiting our planet because in their words " If UFOs were real they would have buzzed or landed on the White House lawn" So you explain that In 1952 UFOS buzzed the White House, Capitol building, and the Pentagon. There were actually two separate waves of UFOs over our Nations Capitol. The first occurred on July 19/20, and the second on July 26/27. The sightings were confirmed by ground and airplane radar, and visual reports from pilots sent to validate the objects.
Your friends just look at you, so you decide to double down,and tell them, we have numerous documents obtained thru the Freedom of information act showing a high level of interest by our government and others on this issue, as well as showing an attempt by our government to surpress sightings, and with the help of the media to marginalize eyewitnesses, humiliate them and cover up evidence. This has served its purpose of causing many to not come forward with their sightings.

We have in the past 63 years since the Roswell incident no less than three different completely ludicrous explanations by the military for what happened that night.

We have the phoenix lights in 1997 seen by thousands that where explained by our government as being military flares. I guess Flares can travel horizontally in formation and traverse hundreds of miles of terrain, all the while being witnessed by thousands in the process.

In 1942 our Military battled a UFO over Los Angeles for hours. The UFO was hit by wave after wave of missiles, to no affect. The city was blacked out for hours. Sounds crazy you ask them? Yeah it does, but it happened. The military took this seriously at the time. Why do we not today?

When you are finally done attempting to help them understand your passion and enlighten them some, their comment is only : "You know if all that was true, I would have heard about it on the news"

You walk away shaking you'r head.

Whistleblowers are in no real danger, of getting killed by anyone at high levels. The system is in place, ridicule and ignoring of any information that does not fit our present paradigm will allways keep the whistleblower safe.

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by Meaningless
The world is almost entirely controlled by the governments. To ever think what we know is close to the truth is just plain foolish and those who claim to have any truth will certainly not be able to speak about it.

The world isn't controlled by governments. It's controlled by the Rothchiles, who use the governments like a puppet on a string to make certain things happen... end result putting more $$$ in their pocket. The government is a joke!

Edit to add video on your topic, and what I posted above. He gets into this topic about midway through the video:

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 07:43 AM
hmm, i do like the ops avatar, definitely so.
to the topic would add that , its not in the remit of some mib is it ? its way off their marks
and why bump them those who claim witness anyhow? just take them to mental hospital, simples

a credible witness test is required , in that does the witness posess critical thinking ? an encounter with psylocibins , or similar , this would be a required test
yet not necessarily in discount of evidence ? stop yourself...think

here's a perspective, star wars style or not ,

that the notion/the conception/the mental hallowing of justice came at the sourcing of the universe , ruled forever throughout its history , and is guaranteed to remain at every window and door we ever attempt to climb in and out of in life on this earth , or on the other side of the galaxy .
life made its inhabitants in contentment and peace until despoilers came and learned the ways of evil, hallowed its notion , to work against the universe. And thus life formed a story , a plot in its never ending histories , where the ones we speak of here , are both the unseen nd unspoken of universal masters of justthoughas ice.

hwere they go is anywhere, without known limits , of form they are the searchers of hearts and minds
at none of the great or mighty they stop but to laugh or choke them on pretzls

and no they cannot be touched , but should they touch you , then the truth of their force is felt . Life made sickness and death , for good reasons , not for us in mortal coil to comprehend in completion. Life made completeness and utter fortitude , unbreakable by man beast or machine. You cant beleive? Then think and read the posts. Life made the players , and the very _doers of the justice , and nobody gets to argue with life. You cannot call life , deluded. Life , these circumstances exactly, is your master.
Life made a great gap between man and the forces of justice. Yet though a man must remain on this side of it , they, can hold him back from him being pulled into it, th hole. And its a howling abyss that sucks things in off it edges. A place never to get too near to. For life made chains and locks for justice too
Justice was set , way before times and is set as the marker at the end of everything . Which never was or never came? But it was always here. Justice is untouchable , the doers of it only ever blessed by its grace. The age old accounts, of victories, mercies and forgivenss bestowed , are these who claim to know still around?
To gather dust is all man can manage against nature, or against the witnesses of these actors going by well known names. Names men ascibribed them , while the un speakable experiences can never be written, life's most ancient heritage , justice , is richly tapestered into history, and clear expositions. Where did Pharoah die , and were the floods on the land of Noah

Was it _fair , and the answer , is yes it was. Why reveal what actors , any need? No. Any need to remain silent?

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posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 08:55 AM
Not real sure I'm following the logic here. So only those who are visited by guys in suits or who have an "accident" are the ones who know anything?

If I may play Devil's advocate for a second - it's probably not a good idea for the government to be going around murdering every high-profile UFO/ET researcher simply because they may know something about a topic that they (the government) have been habitually debunking for the past 65 years. This is a government that for years denied the existence of Area 51. Even when the government was shown a satellite picture of Area 51 they still denied it. "Don't know what you're talking about. I only see dirt. Hey, look...Wayne Newton!"

My point is, even if Greer does know something, the government will simply deny and debunk. They've mastered deny and debunk. They've turned it into a an art form. Greer could pull a family of little grey aliens out of his back pocket and the government would issue a 500-page study concluding it was hemorrhoids.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower
Greer is a total hoaxer

Greer is a courageous man. Greer has talked to high level people in the know. In the reality of Greer doing so, he has to become some sort of double agent. There is no good reason to talk down on him.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Maybe he has discovered that this type of information is not as high priority as we think? Maybe they told him of whats coming and that he doesn't need to get extremely excited about this ? haha

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