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Bush: We will find banned weapons-MSNBC

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posted on Apr, 25 2003 @ 10:25 AM
In the NBC interview, Bush:
Said that looting and vandalism, particularly in hospitals and museums was “the absolute worst part” of an otherwise successful military campaign. “It’s like uncorking a bottle of frustration,” Bush said.
Confided that he was “hesitant at first” to order the first-night bombing. “I was worried that ... the first images of the American attack would be death to young children.”
Poked fun at the Iraqi information minister, who gave outlandish briefings denying U.S. forces were in Baghdad when they were just blocks away. “It was one of the classics. It was just unbelievable what he was saying.”
Said he hoped to invite Palestinian Prime Minister-designate Mahmoud Abbas to the White House “one of these days. ... I look forward to working with him.” Bush indicated longtime Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat would not be invited.
Accused North Korea of returning “to the old blackmail game” in saying on Thursday that it had nuclear weapons — and might test, export or use them.

Click Here for the full NBC interview with Bush

I figured I better post this before somone else did, and started ranting.

Bush is making a bit too many accusations here, but that might just be MSNBC's way of putting things.

What do you think?

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posted on Apr, 25 2003 @ 11:01 AM
I think it's another typical US media interview which simply provides a platform from which Bush can show that he was right.

Really, there were about two difficult questions in the whole interview. Why not question him about Camp X-Ray? Why let him get away with calling soldiers "cooks and kids"? Why not question him more about the anti-war movement? Did he think the use of rubber bullets was justified in SF? I would personally like to see Jeremy Paxman interviewing him. Seeing as members of the US media get sent to the back of the room for asking the wrong questions, Paxman would probably be shot at dawn.

As for his answers... I love the way Bush saw "what he [arafat] did to President Clinton" (what exactly? didn't concede to every single one of his demands?), and the French are "anti-American" rather than "anti-war", the multiple references to God and then the statement that he'd prefer Iraq to have a government "where church and state are separated".

So basically, I think that it was a nice little platform to make Bush look good, with a couple of mildly difficult questions to maintain the cover of journalistic integrity.

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