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Israel's Struggle for a Democratic Society

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 08:43 PM
According to its own Mission Statement, Im Tirtzu is a Zionist, Tel Aviv based civil organization claiming a centrist approach to socializing what it refers to as a second Zionist revolution promoting Zionist values and Israel's crucial interests. It claims to represent these interests through a broad social campaign of instilling or renewing Zionist values through education, culture, art, intellectual and political avenues. It purports to represent common Jewish interests based in a new centrist axis.

...One of its objectives is to foster public consolidation in a national referendum under its vision of demographics and security with respect to Israeli expansionism (a right wing objective). It specifically targets the quandary of a rapidly growing Jewish community juxtaposed with the Arab presence and public relations challenges posed by increasing attention to Israeli human rights abuses. Especially since the 2009 incursion into the Gaza Strip and in light of the subsequent Goldstone report issuing complaints and evidence from witness accounts of attacks on civilians by the Israeli Defense Forces.

...Im Tirtzu also receives much of its funding from a New York City based 501c3 tax-deductible charity addressed to Marcus Brothers Textiles, Inc. An organization accused of funneling US tax exempt donations directly into Israeli settlement programs, including benefits that support armed anti-Arab militias and community religious leaders endorsing harsh measures against Arab statehood.

The Zionist organization has also waged a public protest campaign against the US based charity NIF (New Israeli Fund), who's Israeli NGO recipients are said to have contributed 90% of the human rights complaints covered in the Goldstone report. Tirtzu members have staged a mock demonstration at the home of NIH chairwoman Naomi Chazan and published an unflattering cartoon caricature of her wearing a rhinoceros horn bearing the acronym 'NIF'.

...NIF supports Israeli human rights groups actively opposing internal policies that encourage land grabs for Jewish settlements, human rights abuses and security initiatives that choke Arab commerce and create severe poverty conditions.

...Israeli human rights groups have historically opposed the extreme ideology of Zionist organizations which garner a methodology of violence, backed by policies designed to disenfranchise Arab citizens beginning in 1948, when Israel became an internationally recognized state.

(Continued - )

Please review the entire article prior to commenting. This article deals with internal Israeli ideological influences and social currents vying for the national agenda. There is also the funding of extreme Israeli - anti-Arab ideologies by wealthy Jews in the US and Europe. I think it stands to reason that such groups pose not only an internal threat to the stability of free nations, but also to world peace and ultimately economic security.

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