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Ending the days of Politicians in America - A System of Job Creations Through the Peoples Submission

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 06:28 PM
I had very interesting conversation with a Yahoo Blogger earlier today and he brought up a very good point.

Why not get rid of politicians and replace them with a Idea Based Voting System.

At first I laughed then began to think. How could such a system be built and actually work and that it might actually work.

First the system would be developed by high level engineers ensuring the strictest of security protocols were emplaced within its network.

Next the AADS would be tied directly into the National Treasury and IRS and other monetary collection systems.

Ideas would be submitted to the website for a fee of $1.00 each and divided into the appropriate categories based upon their subject title.

Then after registering with the AADS the member would be able to selectively vote on a particular idea one time. If the idea that they vote upon reaches the 75% threshold money is allocated to various services such as training, trainers and logistics in preparation to begin the project. Once the ADDS reaches a system threshold of 90% votes base upon a regional number of voters participating, this means if 1,000,000 Americans are present in an area then 900,000 votes would be needed to pass the idea into inception, the government gets the call to get the trucks rolling to the area where the idea was voted on to begin the building phase of the program.

The system would ask you for your general overall skill qualifications that would be loaded into the AADS Database. Once a particular idea was voted upon the system would match keywords from your resume to create a cross referenced index with the idea's parameters for creating such a job. You would then receive an overall score based upon the keywords for what the job needs matching specific words with from your resume. The trainers would then evaluate your skills and deficiencies and train you so that you were at least an 85% of the knowledge needed for the area of the job that you applied for based upon the idea that was voted on.

For example:

Lets say your community needs a new Methane Engine Production facility to generate jobs and revenue. While the idea is in transit of being voted on the system would match your skills with the required skills for certain positions.

I'll use me resume for example. I have done alot of different jobs ranging from pizza delivery, armed security, quality inspection, supervision or employees, office work, engineering/Cad Work, restaurant work, landscaping, qualified welder, light machine gunner and wiremen and general labor.

From resume the AADS system would scan each resume and build a bar of experience based upon the total number of months or years that each job had been preformed to create a performance evaluation.

Pizza Delivery - 25%

Operation of a Vehicle - 100%

Asset Collection - 100%

Armed Security

Operation of a Vehicle - 100%

Asset Management - 95%

Understanding of Laws and Armed Guard Regulations - 100%

Interacting with Local Law Enforcement - 100%

Interacting with the community - 100%

Interacting with vagrants and other criminals - 100%

Quality Inspection

Maintaining Accurate Records of Recordings - 95%

Ensuring product is within established quality parameters - 100%

and so forth.

The idea that I voted on that was passed scans through my submitted resumes and determines that there are positions available for Quality Inspectors and Security Officer positions available based upon my level of performance that was ascertained by the AADS System.

Any deficiencies that are found would be sent to the trainer who then train me so that I was at a nominal 90%. The AADS System would also alert the trainers to my other skill areas and establish a training regimen based upon what the job needed to update my skills in the rest of the areas so that if my services were needed elsewhere I could move to the new job location. Basically I could while sitting at a security post be updating my knowledge base relating to welding procedures as well as piping and installation given the fact that my extensive knowledge of installing lawn irrigation systems would also match the criteria for installing piping in a commercial building such as plumbing. Another area that would be upgraded would be the electronics knowledge base that because of me being a Field Wiremen in the USMC the AADS has identified me as being a candidate to receive telephone systems knowledge upgrades along with receiving computer networking booklets on how to install a computer network.

The AADS System would continually send me Knowledge Packets based upon it scanning my resume base finding keyword associations. Every so often I would receive a notification of needing to take a test in a certain area of knowledge. If I passed the test I would then move up in the ranks of the job banks having more status in choosing the job that I wanted to perform.

The system would not however overburden me with Knowledge Packets as I would be able to decide if I wanted to continue learning based on the AADS System sending me packets every six months that I could choose or decline to accept.

Those who did not have any skills would need not worry as the AADS would correlate even basic skills such as driving into performing a task for the company such as driving supply trucks or tankers based off of just being able to drive a car or truck. Even a homemaker who has only raised children their entire life could receive education based upon the needs of the job in being trained how to manage a day care center.

Your probably thinking what a mess. Not really there would be highly trained professionals that would evaluate each idea submitted and create building plans accordingly.

The best thing about the AADS System is that it would get rid of politicians completely. No more politicians blocking job creation ideas because of their ego's. If a certain area needed new jobs the area would vote on the idea and if passed the government would roll the trucks and equipment out to the area. Politicians would no longer be able to skim money off of the top of taxes for their own pockets hiding the money in offshore bank accounts. Nor would pork barrel projects no longer exist that are also used to skim money off of the top of taxes.

The tax money allocated to the AADS System would more than provide enough learning material free of charge to each person that the system would not need worry about loss of money.

The AADS System would also have information related to each class of job and the earning potentials based upon me continuing to learn from the Knowledge Packets that the AADS wants me to learn to better myself and the idea as a whole.
The AADS System would determine the length of time that project would take to complete, a total cost for the job, available job categories, materials needed, order of queue that the job idea was in line for to be implemented
For really big important issues such as dealing with wars and natural disasters that would still be determined by the Military Tribunal that will determine if such actions of war are necessary based upon their human intelligence gathering
Even though such a system is hypothetical it would be fun to create such a system to see how well it would work based upon computer generated models.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 06:30 PM
Who knows maybe Americans would like this idea because it would put them in control of creating jobs for their community as well as learning and updating their skills to better theirself.

Such a system without greedy politicians blocking job creation and educational systems from the American people as well as taking away vital money from the community might create a new America, land of the free and home of opportunity.

No more politicians and TOTAL power to the People.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 06:54 PM
Do i understand you to suggest that 90% of the Americans in an area would need to care enough to vote, and to vote in the affirmative? I hope not. You can pretty much find 10% to vote against anything. Besides we don't get 50% of the people bothering to vote when there are only a dozen questions on the ballot. Won't they throw up their hands when faced with hundreds of ideas?

I'm missing something, help me out here.

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