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Has Your Doctor Accepted Bribery Kickbacks From Big Pharma?

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posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 03:46 AM

Originally posted by MrUncreated
I have been seeing psychologists and psychiatrists since 1999, although I have cut my appointments down to once a month (they really hate that, they prefer twice a month minimum, and once a week is "ideal"). Over the years, I've been put on some very questionable medication. A few years ago, I decided to stop taking any sort of medication whatsoever. They won't let me go for the psychotherapy alone without medication, so I let them think that I take it. But the most recent medications I've been put on are Requip, Wellbutrin, Abilify, and Tegretol. Just look up some of the side effects for those medications. One of the side effects for Abilify is "sudden death". Sounds completely safe, right? Before that, I was on Ambien to help me sleep at night. When Heath Ledger died a few years back, I was mysteriously taken off of that drug with no explanation.

Safety concerns aside, another reason I think doctors get kickbacks is because they are so willing to "try new things" on me. I am constantly asked, "So how are you doing on your medication?" If I have a single complaint, something is switched out for something else, or something else is added in. I haven't had a complaint in a long time because I got sick of being used as a guinea pig.

And about a month ago I tried going back on my medication. I think I just about slit my wrists because of it. If I owned a gun, I would have shot myself in the head. Sometimes I wonder why I bother going on, anyway.
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Goodness! I'm certainly glad to hear you're not taking them anymore! I'm not a doctor lol, so my advice would be to never take any pills ever again! My boyfriends mom recently found out she has to have a liver transplant and the doctor told her its from taking anti-depressants and cholesterol pills everyday for a couple of years! She is on a waiting list for the transplant and she lives everyday wondering when she will be next on the list.

We are nothing but guinea pigs to these people who we are suppose to trust. Don't ever forget, just about everything that we put on or in our bodies that is man-made isn't good for us. If it isn't natural or raw, and has been chemically modified somehow it is toxic to us. Also, don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat!

Check this site out, it is AMAZING for health and there's good news articles on current events that the MSM doesn't show!

Good luck to you and take care!

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 10:42 AM

Originally posted by Starwise
Ouchie, this is a difficult subject. Many doctors here are losing their private practice because they cannot afford it any longer. The hospital I work at has made life so difficult because if one patient, for example gets a bed sore, medicare will not pay, there is such a shortage of doctors, nurses and nurse assistants that it nearly makes it impossible to keep a bedridden patient properly turned as needed and required.....The shortage is NATION WIDE and is GETTING WORSE!!!!!

Now, my dilemma, just being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis this week....I am in good spirits for the most part. Having ups and downs of course, still healing, and have only been home from the hospital for a few short days....BUT BUT BUT. I was told today that I needed to choose a medicine to prevent relapses and a progression of the disease. They want to start me on a drug that will be daily injections FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!! EST cost $30,000 a year!

I have two young kids and cannot be kept back by a relapse...........I MUST GET BACK TO WORK ASAP!!! People like me who work in the health care field understand the horrors that ARE COMING and are ALREADY HERE!! It makes me so frightened, right now I just don't know what to think or do.......It makes me cry......

Ohh my.. I am so deeply sorry for what you are having to go through. I can't imagine how you feel, doctors make us feel like we're all alone when sometimes we need a little additional support. I use to think a good doctor would have the heart and comfort us, and maybe they still do but then they send us on our way with a little piece of paper that will make us more sick.

If I were you, I would tell them your seeking natural ways to help with your MS and they can keep dreaming about that $30,000!!! Thats enough for a brand new car!

Here are a couple of links, I pray they will be somewhat of a help to you! Good luck and take care!

Nutritional Cures for Multiple Sclerosis

Vitamin D from Indoor Tanning and MS

Cannabis Beneficial for MS Patients

Healing with Food, Supplements, and Vitamins

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 10:50 AM
Most have one way or another. Lots of times it is just in the form of free samples they get to give to patients. These things steer them into prescribing this reps drugs to patients. This can also distort the doctors ability to see side effects as harsh enough to discontinue treatment with a med. I know a doctor who got free cruises and vacations every year. He was an internal medicine specialist...Pill pusher.

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by Starwise

I believe we should go to socialized medicine for basic health and emergency care. It would be a lot easier for doctors to just collect a good paycheck and treat their patients without worrying about the costs of all their insurances and staffs wages. All they need to worry about is getting along with their assistants and getting rid of them if they conflict personality wise. Their stress level would go down and lower stress levels make doctors think clearer.

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 11:07 AM

Originally posted by rickymouse
Most have one way or another. Lots of times it is just in the form of free samples they get to give to patients. These things steer them into prescribing this reps drugs to patients. This can also distort the doctors ability to see side effects as harsh enough to discontinue treatment with a med. I know a doctor who got free cruises and vacations every year. He was an internal medicine specialist...Pill pusher.

ive heard about all the incentives they get! and they do distort side effects!!! they make the side effects sounds like they're "rare cases"... HA what a joke. ive been seeing so many commercials for drug recalls and class action law suits!!!

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by BreeAnna00

They have all those commercials. I'll give you a for instance example to give you a heads up.

Valproic acid has been found to cause birth defects in newborn babies if the mother was taking it when she was pregnant. Call the Law firm of So and So if your child shows these symptoms. Pretty cut and dry deception.

Valproic acid is rarely given to pregnant women in the first place because it's limitations concerning pregnant women are well known. If someone gets pregnant while on it, nobody knew till she was diagnosed and the women should have been taken off at that point. The side effects are listed on the warning sheet and anyone not seeing it wasn't paying attention. The Pharma company isn't liable in that case and the doctor should take you off when it is known and brought to their attention or it's the doctors fault. Can't sue a doctor in some states now unless you can prove it was negligence. So what does that hide.

My kidneys almost got destroyed by Valproic Acid and I know a Woman who lost both kidneys from Valproic acid. I don't know which namebrand she took and in my case I'll just cause it valproic acid because I don't want to get into a spittin match with any company. I have a slow metabolism as do many others in this country. My liver slowed and had a hard time detoxing itself let alone the rest of my body. My feet swelled and turned black and my teeth started to erupt(loosen and raise) and they then broke easy. I'm lucky though, my kidneys are getting better and my liver seems to be getting a little better after five years. It calcified itself to protect itself I guess, MRI's are wonderful. I'm not interested in suing the doctors and Pharma companies, but I do not want to take any meds they make anymore longterm because my liver gets scared easy and shuts down when it senses something wrong.The other woman I know didn't get a kidney transplant in time and she's now growing flowers somewhere. I insisted on a change after a while of suffering and my Neurologist listened. I can't take anything that suppresses liver function.

Does the original commercial say anything about side effects in anyone other than babies born from mothers who took the meds? No way, no mention of anyone else being hurt or dying at all. Who's paying the wages of these lawyers in this settlement case where compensation can be made? The Pharma company itself? Maybe, I am not interested in persuing this. The only thing I see is the steering of our sight from possible side effects that we might be having. I like to call it wizards ploy or magicians trick.

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