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One breath of air (LEWC)

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 01:45 PM
As a child, I would frolic in the mud all day, spending my time dancing in the rain, not paying attention to the world around. Those were happy times, since we all know that ignorance is bliss. Little did I know that spending all this time running about had harmful consequences.

~A few months later~

"You have chest infection. You won't be going to school for a while. You should rest ALL day and I mean it! Go to sleep!" My mother sternly said, making sure that I was tucked into bed. Naturally, I was glad that I was skipping school. No homework or teachers. And I could sneak in a few video games while my mother was gone. I fell asleep happily, thinking of all the free time I would have.

I woke up coughing hard. The pain in my throat was unbearable. I could feel the phlegm in my throat rising. I swallowed it all down with a sickening gulp. I lay there for a moment, trying to breathe, however my throat felt blocked. I began panicking. What was happening? Why can't I breathe properly? I called for help. My mother rushed into the room and fed me my medicine, and told me to rest.

I spent several weeks resting, unable to breath normally. Slowly, the germs rose through my throat. It was terrifying for a young boy like me. I would cry late at night, wanting to fully breath in and out. My mother called my uncle who was a doctor. With his help, I slowly recovered.


I still remember the frightening moments I had as a child, struggling to breathe. And once in a while, I deeply breath in and out, and thank God that he has given me another breath of air

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