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Komodo's Non-Diabetic Encourging Guide to Fasting

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 01:18 PM
(This was written out in Feb 22nd, 2012 for online posting, which I haven't gotten around to as of yet, it's a complete cut & paste from my word document so please go easy on the wordage & structure; it's here for your enjoyment and is written with a Christian perspective~use at your own discretion~!

All credit goes to God the Father by guiding me by his Holy Spirit for inspiring me to write this, I truly believe it will help you get closer to Him in your walk


(Disclaimer~this is My personal ‘guide’ to how I fast and things I’ve learned over 30 years of fasting, on and off, this should be used ONLY as a ‘guide’ not a staunch book of ‘rules’.

I’m not a medical professional. I do understand enough in taking care of my body and have a good understanding of general health. Should you have ANY questions to my ‘guide’ please ask me or better yet consult a licensed physician; it is my intention to assist anyone that wants to fast to understand some dangers before launching out into the ‘deep blue sea’ of fasting and to understand some of the ‘how to’ of gradual fasting.

I’ve never had a problem with any of the points in my guide that I’ve use over the last 30 years of fasting for the Lord. I’ve only been on 1 or 2 Absolute Fasts in 30 years and at most, from my memory, was no more than full 21 days; however. it took 1 month or preparation to get me to that place where I physical could do it, it is NOT something you ‘just decided to do’, and it takes God to get you through it because HE’s the one that led you to do so, not you. Remember, Please take this has a ‘guide’ to fasting and nothing more)

NOTE: PLEASE understand what your body can handle BEFORE you go on a fast of any type; if you have Diabetes, I will NOT suggest AT ALL ANY absolute fast (which is, water only & no food), we need you (brother of sister in the lord) to keep you mind stayed upon the Lord, however, a partial fast (Fruits, vegetables & nuts for protein), might be acceptable.

I will state this again, if you have Diabetes and/or are taking prescriptions~plz consult your personal physician and ask what he would prescribe for you personally and for how long. The below fast is my personal fast to be used ONLY as a guide to those who's heath is stable, and would be considered at or 'near' 100%. I’m not a medical professional but, I know what can work and does work for me.


So, here goes my fast... in a nutshell…which is going on my 2nd week, (this will be the longest fast I've been on yet in 30+ years), I'm actually fasting more than just food, I'm fasting from my online activity, i.e. checking email once per day, 1 hour of 'surfing' instead of 8, which includes looking for a job, TV isn't a issue since I don't watch much of that any how, but, 'entertainment' isn't high on the list. *grin*

One might say “God has me in a box" which is the WHOLE purpose of being on a fast, isn't?

Fasting and Prayer go hand in hand, if your fasting you should be praying as well, otherwise it's defeating the purpose; which is getting closer to God to hear his voice when HE wants to speak to us, when HE needs OUR attention. Fasting helps us STAY in an attitude of 'listening' to HIM.

It is NOT, US trying to get God's attention; it's HIM trying to get ours and US to listen to HIS voice. We get that so twisted up sometimes, fasting helps us set us back to ‘default’ when all else fails, Fasting coupled with Prayer NEVER fails.

The reason Jesus was 'LED' into the wilderness was because his Father had something awesome for him to accomplish and Jesus needed to be sure and have a hearing ear for ALL God wanted him to have & say, in-spite of what he had to face; because he could hear God regardless what came to him and being able to respond accordingly.

The ONLY way Jesus knew how to effectively accomplish his calling or his 'task at hand' was to, 'park' his body, heart (the mind, will & emotions), in a 'back seat' and just listen. I think THAT example is the best one, so did our Savior.

The 4 words that's the hardest for a human being to say in earnest of heart is...." Here I am LORD." but, God will answer, just as He did with Samuel. It will be this attitude we should have when we are fasting and along with Jesus's teaching on Fasting in the Gospel of Matthew.

Onward~! To the Fast~!

Let me say this right up front, Fasting is not a ‘Fun’ thing to do! Period~!

Fasting is right up there with watching paint dry on a wall, in terms of ‘fun’ but not in terms of being boring. Fast is exciting for me, I know I’m sacrificing what I LOVE to eat or drink every day … mocha’s from Dutch Bros/Starbucks to help me hear God clearer than I have before or allow him to change me or use me for a specific purpose or to help me get though a difficult decision.

Most fasts are considered inspired by God, that being said, you should have a comfortable/peaceful feeling of how long you think you can sustain; for me, it was a definite feeling of 'knowing' it was 3 weeks.

IF you are fasting so that God can hear you, STOP NOW! You are not fasting correctly and should understand that God does hear you but even more important, your preparing yourself to HEAR HIM; yes, if you hid sin in your heart God will not hear your BUT: a humble and compassionate heart God will not despise~!!!!

A fast and ALL fasts are considered ‘official’ fasts should consist of:

• Having ZERO Sugar in your diet, period. No candy/cookies, no ‘sweetener’, and no pastries (ugh); (Please NOTE: this is NOT for a person with Diabetes. Please read my note at the top of this page)

• No caffeine either, no coffee, Tea, pop, energy drinks of any kind, (more on this later); V8 juice & water are acceptable and some times milk (if you ‘feel’ that’s OK)

• Fasting is NOT dieting, Dieting is, eating things you would normally eat but in smaller quantities or reduced calories per day; Fasting is cutting out foods & liquids of your ‘normal’ every day diet entirely for a length of time.

My classifications of fasts are by length & type.

Lengths (sustainability) are: Short, Medium, Long & Extreme.
• Short: half a day-3 days (max)
• Medium: minimum~ 5 days-1-1 ½ Weeks (max)
• Long: minimum~ 1 ½ weeks-2 ½ weeks (max)
• Extreme: minimum~ 2 weeks-30 days (MAX)

NOTE: You should NEVER go OVER 30 days PERIOD on an Absolute Fast~! Your body will be in starvation mode and more than what God wants you to fast; your body will start to consume muscle tissue to compensate for nutrients. Please consult a medical profession or documentation before you do, unless you are experienced in absolute fasts (More on extreme/Absolute fast below)

(Continued below)

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 01:21 PM
Types of Fasts are: Partial, Full & Absolute.

Partial Fasts: Skip either Breakfast, or Lunch or Dinner; or skip eating one or more types of food for those days/meals such as meat (including bacon, *ugh*)/fish, pasta/rice/bread; something that you would normally eat during these times. Salads should be eaten without dressing or reducing the portion of foods per meal such as having a 6oz steak instead of a 16oz one.

The idea is reducing or completely cutting out ‘stuff’ in our diet that makes us ‘comfortable’ and gives us ‘peace of mind’ i.e. “that dressing sure makes that salad pop!” this goes for steak sauce as well *cry* Yep you can have that peanut butter sandwich just without the jelly/jam. Did I mention that Fasting is not fun? *grin*

Full Fasts: The Daniel fast in Daniel 1:8-14 is as it’s commonly called in Christian circles is what I consider a ‘Full Fast’ This reduces ALL foods down the Fruits, Vegetables & Water~ period~! This is called 'Pulse' The Lord has allowed Eggs, Nuts & some Pasta in my ‘full fast’ at least for now, because it’s a gradual process and who knows your body better than the Lord who made you?

I’m leaving this open for the Lord to talk to you about exactly ‘what’ on a full fast HE wants to include on your fast, just remember he can take away as well as ‘add to’. Remember, you should have a peaceful feeling to eat and what not to eat & keeping in mind of the basics of 'what' exactly is as I already stated above.

But the standard ‘full fast’ should be nothing more than Fruits, Vegetables & water. As of this writing, I have had 1 (one) pork chop (small 6oz) & 1 (small 6oz) steak, only 1 meat each week, that’s 1 chop on week one & 1 steak(6oz) on week 2.

At some point, you may or may not have some common symptoms I've have during a full fast;
~slight trembling of the hands (no more than 2 hours and never past 4 hours)
~minor headaches (due to over abundance of sugar and Caffeine being flushed out of your system)
~irritability: with yourself or others (this is because your body is telling your mind it needs to eat)

Seasonings’: I’ve never considered as ‘cheating’ and never felt I was when I included them in my fasts, but, always in reduced amounts or wouldn’t use them on certain days.

~Salt is always be a MUST in your fasts up to this point, because the LACK of Salt in a diet will cause headaches and lack of appetite and will cause the muscles in our bodies to ‘lock up’ and muscles will NOT responded no matter how hard you try, until you get sodium back in your system. This is a medical truth & you have been warned~!

Salt keeps our muscles functioning as they should. Please use Salt in your diet every day and in modest amounts but, don’t over do it since it helps retain water in our bodies as well. Just a ‘pinch’ of salt is perfect on every meal for your daily requirement as needed.

Absolute Fasts: Consist of nothing but Water~!

This fast NEEDS to be precluded by a regular events of Full Fasts; I would HIGHLY suggest that it would be done over the course of 3 Months (1 full fast per Month or more at your discretion) BEFORE an absolute fast is EVEN considered~!

As we know, we can not survive 3 days without it, Jesus fasted for 30 days ……… the desert, far far away from any ‘prepared’ foods he was used to eating for 30 years in his parents house; suggesting to us that he stayed near a stream or creek and (my speculation only) ‘might have’ ate berries if there were any at that time of the season in the wilderness.

Preparing for a Absolute fast, in my experience, is the best way to go on a absolute fast. God will let you know when He wants you to do this, and when he tells you He wants an absolute fast, AND FOR HOW LONG.

You should talk to other brother and sisters who have fasted as well and can pray you through.
You should begin by the next day to start on a partial fast for the next week or for 2 weeks, in order to prepare your body & mind. By the 2nd or 3rd week, you should now be able to go on the Full fast or ‘Daniel’ fast as noted above & I would do this for no less than 2 weeks.

(Fasting this way will begin you on your journey to listening to God by causing you to pray more than your normally used, this is what a fast is suppose to do, getting us closer to God.)

So, by your 2nd or 3rd week, you need to assess if you are still at peace with continuing your Absolute Fast. At this point it's NOT a mental's a complete listening to your spirit and being lead as such. IF you are experiencing ANY of the following :

~bouts of Dizziness (which might be dehydration or something else),
~4-6hours of shaking/tremblings of the hands (this symptom is normal for ME because of the flushing out of over abundance of sugar and caffeine in my system)
~blurred vision

you should STOP and begin to go back to a Partial Fast and gradually get back on your normal Diet ASAP but careful to NOT consume , Candy, Caffeine, to much solid foods i.e red meat, pork of any kind, starches. Your stomach/body is NOT in any condition to accept these poisons~!

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 06:26 PM
Very interesting, thanks for sharing that! What sort of spiritual experiences have you had during the different types of fasts?

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