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Breaking:Amb Susan Rice Pushing an Military Intervention Live Speech & Attacks Russia and China

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Susan: We will have to increasingly look 2 our partners to take actions outside of the ‪#UNSC‬ council to protect civilians. ‪#StateDept‬ ‪#Syria

Well thats what Susan Rice stated on the Live speech at the UN even with the veto powers, its useless no one is going to stop America or its imperialist agenda, when Rice stated that at the speech i for sure noted that an libya 2.0 was into play yet again, i am sure harper wouldn't mind joining for another military photo op

But if the FSA or NATO attacks the russians forces and the base in Sryia, we will be in a lot more trouble.

"History will judge harshly"

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