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They have the monopoly on control

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 10:35 AM
I am not sure were to put this so please move mods

I am confused to how this all came about for one. The UK government has won a case to ban a docoumentry on the UK riots.
Here is a quote from an news article

The Riots: In Their Own Words, which was due to begin last night, is a two-part programme featuring dramatisation of testimonies given to The Guardian and the London School Of Economics by some of those involved.

However the show was pulled following yesterday's ruling, with the corporation saying in a statement: 'A court order has been made that has prevented the BBC from broadcasting the programme The Riots: In their own Words tonight. We will put it out at a later date.' A second part which was due to follow on Wednesday has also been pulled from the schedules.

Heres a links to an RT news an a write up in the metro
RT link
Metro link

I have not seen anything about this on mainstream news in the UK only RT have aired this story ?


posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 10:51 AM
Well spotted, this caught my eye too. Amongst others the BBC and The Guardian have offered the story, the BBC news story on this seems to have disappeared though.

Here's The Guardian though:

Riot murder trial judge ordered BBC not to broadcast documentaries

Judge in trial of eight men over Birmingham riot deaths said films raised issues that 'echoed' arguments put before jury

A judge prevented the BBC from broadcasting two documentaries about last summer's riots without having watched the films – and later prevented the media from reporting his injunction.

Here's a link to the BBC TV Blog:

The making of The Riots: In Their Own Words

The riots across England in August 2011 should need no introduction. Following the police shooting of Mark Duggan, a peaceful protest in Tottenham developed into explosive violent disorder.

Over five days trouble spread across the country with people looting, setting fire to property and attacking the police. Five people died and over 2,500 shops and businesses were damaged. To date 1,290 rioters have been sent to jail. After those shocking days the media erupted with politicians and commentators discussing what had happened and why.

Comments/concerns over this story are available elsewhere too:

A BBC Documentary About The London Riots Was Banned By A Judge Who Never Even Watched It

Earlier this week a BBC documentary, titled “The Riots in their own words”, was due to be shown on British television. Then, just hours before it was shown, the documentary was legally blocked from being shown..

Who blocked it and why? No one really seems to be able to tell us.

The BBC said in a statement: "A court order has been made that has prevented the BBC from broadcasting the programme 'The Riots: In their own Words'. We will put it out at a later date....Unfortunately we are unable to add anything further at this stage."

BBC silent over 'disturbing' riots doc banning order

The BBC this morning remained gagged from speaking about a mysterious court order which prevented the first part of its two-part documentary about last year’s English riots being broadcast.

The corporation is believed to have been hit with an interim order on Monday just hours before part one of “The Riots in their own words” was due to be broadcast at 9pm on BBC Two. The second hour-long episode of the two-part drama has also been pulled.

The programme involved actors reading excerpts from interviews with 270 people involved in the riots conducted by The Guardian and the London School of Economics as part of their Reading the Riots project.

The Guardian reported yesterday: “For legal reasons, the Guardian cannot name the judge who made the ruling, the court in which he is sitting or the case he is presiding over."

Chief executive of Press freedom group Index on Censorship Kirsty Hughes said: “This is a disturbing move...

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