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2012 London Olympics Terror Mandate - Distraction to a separate UK Event?

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 04:27 PM
If you have the whole UK on some terrorist fear alert
regarding the London 2012 Olympics event.

Consider the 'plausible deniability excuse' for any
alleged terrorist activists to create mayhem

in Manchester , Liverpool , Leeds ...
and all the Police and security personnel ( Not G4S )

were in over hype - over profit - over brain washing scare tactical mode at the Olympic games.

Something creeps me out about Dr John Dee

The occultic 007 spy and alchemist astrologer.

for Elizabeth 1, and soon after the British Empire emerged by occult intervention By Dr Dee.

Check out

The Hyrogyphic Monad by Dr John Dee

Sigils and numerology encodement

See the 2012 Olympic Mascots with Dr Dee`s MONAD and the

Sun and Moon twin pillars in the above.

with the dual Mascots twin sun ' one eyed Olympic ritual entity embodident.

Dee was the original spy 007 who defeated the Spanish Armada by
hexing bad weather on the fleet via the channeling of demonic entities.

007 will allegedly make a spectacular appearance at the 2012 opening ceremony?

Dr Dee devoted ten years of his latter years as Warden of Christ College

Manchester UK 1585-1605.

I fear Manchester UK may be some undefended to to ritual catastrophic
event during the Olympic games by tactical design and security lapse.

Thus, providing occult sacrifice to the work of Dr John Dee for regognition of his

foundation of inter dimensional entity contact and sigils to create a British NWO.

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