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Conquering duality in our lives

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 12:38 PM
Lets suppose our purpose is to learn values and virtues, like courage, love, peace, strength, compassion etc etc etc. Each person has its own.

In each life we will feel very hard the opposite of those values and virtues we need to learn.

An example: One needs to learn how to be brave, one must learn about courage. For this, life is going to put him in fearful situations, he will feel a lot of fear, he will feel helpless with fear. Why? Because he must learn how to be brave, he must learn to create courage in himself, so he fights it for a while and then finally he learns how to be brave.

He cames from darkness to light, in this case darkness being fear, light being courage.

Its a personal duality, a specific duality, that involves two opposite emotions: fear and courage

So this theory says that we all come from darkness (negative situations and emotions) and our job is to create light (the opposite situations and emotions). With this we learn and move on, from lesson to lesson.

So if one need to learn about love, he will first hate, he will be a person full of hate, and his work is to let hate go and embrace love, but he has to conquer it, he needs to be able to create love in himself by his own effort.

So lets see, if one needs to learn about compassion, he will start by being insensitive to other peoples suffering, but life will make him suffer too, so that he knows how it feels and he will learn to be compassionate.

If the learning is about non-attachment, at first this person will behave like an addict, everything he likes, he likes it a lot, he will be obsessed and then his object of obsession is taken, it goes away, leaving him in pain, like a drug addict without his drug. His lesson is that he should learn to let go things, everything is impermanent, he must learn to enjoy it while it lasts and then let it go.

The lesson is about intelligence? He will be dumb at first, he will struggle to understand things and to comunicate, but with effort and determination he will become a great master in those skills.

Envy is wishing harm to other people. So he needs to learn how to wish well, to be happy when others are happy. He will star with a lot of envy, he will fight it for a while until he finally becomes a person that wishes well, that is happy when others are ok. He wants others to be ok.

Lets say the lesson is about self control. First this person will have no self-control, he will be impulsive, he will be reactive, he will do what he feels like even if that is not what he wants to do. He will be stuck in habits and routines, not being able to do what he really wants. He will fight it for a while and and he will conquer self-control and discipline.

It goes on and on.

So ask yourself: whats my lessons? Where do i feel incomplete? What makes me feel bad? What do i do wrong?

Then think of the opposite emotions and situations, the opposite virtues and values, that's what you need to learn to balance yourself, to conquer your own duality.

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 12:56 PM
Language is a tricky mistress.

There is love and there is the absence of love.

Love has agency; love is reality - all alleged antitheses are merely the absence of love.

We know what something is by knowing what it is not.

By attaching descriptive (vs proscriptive) labels such as fear, hate, envy, etc, to define the phenomena of love's absence - we convince ourselves that such states as fear, hate, envy, etc., actually have their own agency, that they have a self-contained existence.

They do not. They are merely the great absence.

Just my two pence.



posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by followtheevidence

I understood what you said but light has many shades, many colors and all of them have their opposite.

So we must come from darkness and create light, we must earn light by our own merit and effort, we must walk the path to light.

But light has many colors and shades, its not only love and the absence of it. Light is love, power, peace, courage, all that one defines as feeling good, and we must earn it all. How? First we live its opposite and we must conquer it with effort and determination.

So do you want learn about love? Conquer it, we will give you hate, deal with it and conquer love, grow from a person full of hate to a person full of love.
Do you want peace? We will give you war. Grow from a person full of aggression to a peaceful person.

We must conquer every colors that light is made off.


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