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Responsibility versus Response Ability

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 11:48 AM
One is a burden, the other is a power.

One is slavery, the other is choice.

Do you want to be surrounded by slaves, or friends who choose to?

We are so weighed down by our "Responsibilities" that few are able to even recognize what their true "Response Abilities" are.

In my personal life, someone very close to me is constantly paralyzed by what they believe are their "responsibilities" preventing them from acting with their "Response Abilities", of which they have MANY.

When we take on a responsibility, or try to put it on someone else, we are effectively creating a situation in the mind that is always doomed to suffering, stress, and failure. We can not be responsible for every factor that will affect the "thing" we are responsible for. Eventually, we may literally not have the Response Ability to address whatever is happening. If one still believes it is THEIR responsibility, and therefore THEIR fault, negativity inevitably follows.

However, when we embrace the mindset of our "Response Abilities", we switch from a burden to an opportunity.

"What CAN I do?" versus "What MUST I do?"

It frees us from the absolute destruction of guilting ourselves into ever believing we were truly in control of remotely enough variables to be HONESTLY "responsible" for something.

Now most things we consider a "responsibility" are still in fact things that we have "Response Abilities" to. But there is a difference between honestly recognizing the strength AND limitations of someone's "Response Ability" so that a person, family, community, nation, planet, etc. can work to their strengths... versus constantly eroding our strengths under the stress and pressure of believing we can ever be "responsible" for anything but what goes on in our heads... and even that is open for debate.

This is not a call to stop helping... it's a call to stop expecting a lie (however seemingly noble) to ever become true.

Nobody can ever be "responsible" because they will never be in control of even a tiny minute fraction of the variables that will come into play. When they try to maintain the "status" of the thing they are "responsible" for in the face of change that is beyond their "Response Ability", conflict... resentment... frustration... etc are the only viable responses until the person "lets go" and deals with the situation in front of them "As it Is" right now.

When you instead evaluate the challenge/situation from the vantage and emotional state of "What is my Response Ability?" you can make far more intelligent and less easily manipulated decisions.

When we let go of our Responsibilities and embrace our Response Abilities... we WILL find ourselves even MORE capable of helping in the ways we thought we were when trying to sustain our "responsibilities".

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 11:52 AM
Now some may bring the point that "You have a Responsibility to use your Response Ability".

This just leads to destruction and frustration again, because the fact of the environment we operate within is we have limited capacity to act on ALL our possibilites. We can't use our Response Abilities in every situation we are capable of.

I have a Response Ability to feed many people in my city. I also have a Response Ability to provide warm clothes. Or information access. Or build homes. Or plant gardens. Or listen to my friends. Or provide medical assistance. Or create games that expand minds, ad infinitum. Eventually every single one of us has to skip one Response Ability in exchange for a different one based on our best understanding in that moment. We can't do all of them.

Who do you want deciding the application of your Response Abilities? You... or some distant person who has never met you but thinks they know better how you can be of assistance?

The power and gift... and the thing that builds families, communities, nations, and planets... is how we are all choosing to use our massive number of Response Abilities in a tiny window of Opportunities.

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by ErgoTheConfusion

This thought occurs, an energy effect, ie, a drop of water into a puddle & there is a rippling outward; self at the center, then outward from there. Self meaning, with GOD, then priorities, taking care of, self, family, friends, those relationships & response abilities.

In my life, there are two people right now male (& I am female) .. that are seeking my attention/energy. I am good at setting boundaries so I will engage as I am able & where it benefits both, not just to kill time but if I see that it is purposed & meaningful. I try to always be loving/kind & respect them by being as honest as I am capable of being, & all that.
SO, I have guy #1 who wants a friend & more if it could be so.. but we connect incredibly spiritually, when I talk he HEARS me which is rare... & when he talks I HEAR him. So there is a soul knowing. However, my priorities are healing right now, & my family & friends. He is a friend but. My scope is that I have this story (my story) & people fit in to it as I allow, my response able self deals, etc. Then guy #2, who is an old friend & I can see him fitting into my story given the right timing & all that but I believe we are in end days so my thought is what is the point & bigger than that .. but when I talk to him about spiritual self, he doesn't really HEAR me & I guess vice versa then, I do not HEAR him. I respect his journey is a bit different, there is a compatible energy yet in ways, a different path (both toward God but my spiritual self is of much higher priority & distinct as to my needs to discuss than his, which is not saying I am better or he is better but we are different spiritually, different energy that way). SO what is MY response able take on this.. I continue to maintain My Story & of course this is more complicated when married, children, etc. But still, there is that energy flow (the drop in the puddle, outward the energy .. ).. keeping the assembly of, response ability moving forward (toward THE LIGHT).
I also think women work through things differently than men do. Women are team players moreso than men, men work in pecking order when together. Women tend to need to be together, talk, share, men need to WORK through, provide, fix.
Perhaps too it IS the difference of how men percieve response ability & the journey, life, as I am perceiving now in some of these posts in regards to the topic, that desire/ need that men seem to share of fixing, providing & continually that being at the forefront. My friend (#1) spiritual guy, has said a few things to help me distinguish, allowing me to let go of a few things I needed to, as to thoughts & I believe it is that he is male & sees things differently than a woman does. Interesting.. God Is The Healer Ultimately so rest assured, soon, things will be made new & there, "will be no more pain or sorrow." It's the energy shift, God's Order, God's Timing.
Our response ability as I see it is that it is a time to choose, (Christ or anti christ).

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 02:09 PM
OK, see what you think of this.

what if the words RESPONSE ABILITY are equivalent to
the chromosones xx & xy.

women would be xx = RESPONSE RESPONSE

so when life gets stress ful, as in society now, change on the horizon,
women feel more pressure to respond, men, more conscious of response ability...

BUT this is NOT about us, it's about GOD, THE ALPHA & OMEGA,
we are connected with & through HIM.

So to release this NEED to respond & to be response able outside of pleasing GOD (learning to trust in HIM & HIS WILL), that HE IS THE ONE, THE HEALER & will fix this mess the world is in (soon), then responsibilty is also about a shifting of,
healing, energy & HEAVEN (HOME).

The merging of, reordering which can be done & will be by THE GREAT ONE (GOD).

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by J7IST1

I've spent a great deal of time contemplating the differences between the foundational aspects of "typical" make and "typical" female, especially when taken to the non-human gender form as you have done.

I like your way of breaking it apart and the Chromosome comparison. Huh.

The "pure" Female Energy is by necessity a receiving function. The "pure" Make Energy is by necessity a giving function. The Female has the Response Ability to receive, the Male the Response Ability to give.

Thankfully we're all mixtures in between, but it does make for a challenging dance interpreting which balance each of us is at to try and find the equilibrium between the +/- (even per day, haha).

And yeah, you are "Responsible" for the "ripple" you *start*... meaning it is going to be more harmonious to yourself and all if you claim credit for the ripples you do instigate regardless of what led up to it. Beyond that everyone else is "Response Able" for when the ripple reaches them. They then have to accept "responsibility" for how they reacted, but they are not responsible for everyone else's "Response Abilities" to their actions.


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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by ErgoTheConfusion

I began to think perhaps that is what the other thread was getting at, this continuous need of the male to give, work, fix; women want to make things better, recieve by nurturing, trying to make something better, contemplating. Men seem to take more risks, think about something maybe less than a woman & yes I think too it's somewhat depending on the person (not black & white).
They say men put a great deal of effort into, "dating," but when married the energy shifts as they attempt to, "conquer," newer things. That's a positive IF both are able to work still along the orig premise of togetherness (fruitful marriage, peace, harmony). Women need other women to talk things over with. I've noticed in particular not to repeat things more than once & not twice, it can be irritating to man (as I am repeating what I just said

Of course there are men that like to talk more than other men, & likely testosterone has to do with this, same with women & nurturing (estrogen). Men & women both have each but obviously less testosterone in women & less estrogen in men.

When I think of, "Christ," I think of The Trinity, loving, with expectations, yet gentle, kind.
Seems too that men/women also can be more deluded, this probably doesn't make sense, just think of personality types/differences in people & by deluded I don't mean negative I just mean as to compared to The Perfect CHRIST/GOD/HOLY SPIRIT. Deepending on the person there are those that are ok with status quo, do not make waves, the ones that don't fit in (not supposed to), the radical ones (rebel without a (good) cause & good cause is relative I suppose).

So yes, the pure form of men/women, think that's why I like to see words pulled apart also & the #'s fasincate me (dates, 777's, 333's, all that). Probably I contemplate it a bit much at times cause of the xx, whereas males, xy would think then act more readily, upon information, seeking More information/ action.

I was getting the feeling in other thread (thought about this yesterday) that this topic of Fixing the world, is probably the way men view things, even someone who is aware of CHRIST & that in Heaven there is healing, but human nature is what it is.

In Heaven, my vision, is that people will be who they are to be around/with, doing what God Wants them to do, happy, reordered properly & the MESS will be cleaned up by GOD. Glorified bodies, mind, souls, pure & with leadership redefined.

IF /when the 1000 year reign of Christ is complete, evil is thus brought to close, then I wonder if the core of the earth, iron center, magnetic in escescence, (fa, someone mentioned this in another thread, & that being ferrous /iron, representing female & reproducing), the sun (moon & stars) go about in order to provide, however when THE LORD RETURNS, this will shift. Heaven Will Be Lit by CHRIST, His Love & LIGHT, GOD, will give His Light.
SO, the metals of the earth (as Heaven is said to have trees that provide fruit) will be distributed in the earth properly, evil destroyed (the core of the earth changes? .. not sure how this plays out just thinking)..
666 is then 999 (pole shift), something that is related to carbon also, which is 666 (which I have read a few times lately).
As this relates to, Response Ability, I think it's normal for men to want to fix, think about, then do. The Y in XY chromosone, is to me, I see 3 lines, pointed upward toward Heaven, to recieve from above, then pouring out /action toward. Women thus are the receives, from GOD & men (JESUS & earthly spouse) in duplication (reproducing.. life, work, family). Family, I also see, fami LIAR, which to me also indicates an eventual shift to Heavenly family. XX are 2 of the same chromosone, the bible says, we are to worship GOD & women (who are) married & the man is the head of the home. Of course a good spouse will work with, not against this family unit. Since carbon is big (I think) as to humans' make biologically (I think) & the earth, NOW, thus perhaps this renewing, glorified bodies has to do with the body not needing minerals in the same way as before, the sustaining would be appropriate (God Has us in Heaven with who HE wants us with, new order ). Wouldn't need meat (which contains many minerals) but would have fruit & natural from earth, as Adam & Eve did.
I'll have to research carbon. I wonder HOW the body will work in HEAVEN . just things I contemplate (the xx part).
I'd better go think about something else for awhile.
OH & the energy amping up for this shift, energy shift to LIGHT, LIGHT & LOVE of CHRIST, has to have something to do with it too, the 8 ETERNAL, & 1 & 0 binary #'s. One, DIVINE, we are one with CHRIST.

YES men RESPONSE ABILITY & women are moreso contemplative (recievers). It's much harder for most women to be aggressive/assertive & when we are we tend to at times talk (& or think ) too much.
or at least more than a man does, just to be real, it's not like good or bad but just is.
(my view)
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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 11:39 AM
I also think there are some things I am to keep to myself (which I do/ most people I meet in person this stuff doesn't really mean much to.. a few people it does & those I often click's almost a knowing without having to say much interacting via energy connection), there is a lot that pours into me like this the last few yrs especially, constantly. I do ask GOD for things like this, it fascinates me. & I am no longer married
(never mind on that.. ) BUT too maybe I am married to GOD (& the computer as information highway).. but that I keep a lot of this to myself. interesting.. to think about things that HE Has For us. THAT is really what I love.
It is great to share bits & pieces with others that also think about etheral sorts of things.. I try to tie it to Heaven & then need to be careful what I share probably. I think women have to work at things differently than men do.

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 12:40 PM
Another bit of information that someone might be interested in.

I saw @ this website ( ), Dr. Wilson, discusses copper toxicity.
Was trying to find out more info about adrenal exhaustion. Apparently there can become a build up of copper in the body during adrenal exhaustion. What is interesting is the tie also, that too much copper would put stress on adrenals.
In reading, it states that women are by nature, copper dominate & men are zinc dominate. Both copper & zinc work together in the body, balance is key.
& there are apparently, "copper personalities," & in turn, "zinc personalities."
Copper personalities are more gregarious, warm, emotional. (I am copper personality most definitely in addition to being a female).
He also says that these, "personalities," can run in families & even thru generations.
This is what makes me think of the kings & of old, & all the metals they wore as jewelry (in addition to the jewels).
BALANCE is key as to making sure the body works well, for physical & mental health.
Too, vitamin & mineral supplements, likely during a fast it would be wise to also fast from these &/or fasting from the vit & mineral supplements @ times. He touches on how even calcium can build up toxic & then not be effective (or as much).
So during stress, fasting from, minerals ? & during high emotional times (same thing).
I am not a pot smoker / but it is interesting he mentions marijuana that it blocks copper absorption.. not that I am saying to smoke pot (on the contrary / & to each their own as to food substance & law of the land stuff).. but just that he is saying some things block copper, some block zinc. too much copper blocks zinc & vice versa.
During stress, taking extra zinc I would guess helps/ & maybe when needing more energy or healing of ligaments, then more copper.
Quite interesting about personalities & copper/zinc (that he discusses).
I was wondering though.. those that tend to want to smoke pot, are they the zinc personalities... who tend to naturally block copper by their actions? I have never been a pot smoker, but I remember liking to wear copper jewelry at times as a teen & I am emotional by nature (or tend to be moreso).
I have strong ligaments but tend toward higher emotions.. I need to take zinc & lay off the vit/minerals at times.. lol

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