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MUST WATCH Interview with james henry fetzer June 3

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posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 11:25 PM
If you're interested in 9/11 then you must hear this interview with james henry fetzer that was on June 3, on The Conspircay Show.

So I went to The Conspircay Show website and it appears and stupid as people are, you can't even access the show there own freakin website. What you get is a sinopsys. So you can look that up but best just to listen to the show.

Anyway here's how you can listen to it: You download the app: Tunein Radio for your iphone, ipod, ipad etc. Then:

1) Browse the keyword: conspiracy
2) The first one that comes up should say "The Conspiracy Show" click on that
3) Then click on June 3 to listen.

If someone can find a link online to it just post it so people can listen. It's one of the most amazing interviews I've heard in years.

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posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 10:53 AM
brilliant thanks for this

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 06:07 PM
James Fetzer peddles the "no-planes/video fakery" HOAX. A topic which has been thoroughly debunked ad-nauseum for so many years now. You'll find the "no-planes/video fakery" threads in the HOAX bin on this site (and most sites on the net).

This thread should end up there as well.

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by _BoneZ_

Yeah, poor Jim, who I used to talk to on the phone periodically. Went insane with it, just like he did over JFK. It's like there's a devilish spirit of sorts that takes good people like him down, to help cloak the truth and spin it in different ways as part of a controlled opposition. Do I think James Fetzer is a consciously aware controlled opposition, no, which is why I think he went insane, as Phil Jayhan did, among others who were heavily into researching the 9/11 event. The lie almost seems to have the devil on it's side working to hide and distort the truth of the matter I don't know how else to explain it.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
as Phil Jayhan did

His forum has become a cesspool of hoaxes and disinformation. I was among several that personally banned him from the original Loose Change forums on more than one occasion.

I used to have respect for Fetzer until he started peddling the "no-planes" garbage and ultimately caused the split of Scholars for 9/11 Truth into two separate entities. What a waste of a PhD.

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