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The ultimate hide: Man builds illegal house in middle of wildlife reserve (and he lived there secret

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posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by olaru12

ATS had a survivalist forum before Obama.

I find there isn't any point arguing with people who will play the race card.

Inserting race into this topic is absolutely off topic, how one manages to play that card into this issue makes me highly suspicious of your motivation for even posting here.

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posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by Stormdancer777
reply to post by olaru12

ATS had a survivalist forum before Obama.

I find there isn't any point arguing with people who will play the race card.

Fine, but if a shtf event ever does occur you will see the true meaning of racism as the races band together in distrust of anyone different than themselves. It's human nature, a defense mechanism hard wired into the human psyche. We are still a primitive species and will revert back to a tribal mind set in a heartbeat. Civilization/culture is but a very thin veneer on a brutal, savage species. Self preservation changes everything back to basics. And to pretend that Americans collectively are a loving bunch of accepting hippies where we can all get along if we just communicate is so naive as to be humorous.

Call it "playing the race card" if you want but it exists in all cultures, colors and creeds. It's an unpleasant reality
and perhaps someday when peace and justice prevails; we can rise above it. But right now even ATS members are so sensitive and politicized that they are unable to see reality.

I can certainly see why that individual wanted to get away from society and build a cabin in the get away from fools.

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posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 03:00 PM
I suggest that if you want to hide out in a Natl Park or wild life forested area... why reinvent the wheel?... Study the techniques of the "bushwackers" and raiders of the Civil War. Even of the deserters and those that hid out in plain site for the duration to avoid being "volunteered" for recruitment.

I read a book last year about the Civil War in NC, and many were the men that hid out in the hollers, groves, and backwaters of NC from the Piedmont to the Mountains. Many were so successful that they eluded the "Home Guard" that were hell bent on finding them and hauling them in.

Typically, they would choose a ravine or wash or a V shaped holler between two hills, run a few tree truncks or beams acroass forming a roof or roofing joists.... then cover it with boards, tarps, and then dirt and leaves so as it looked natural... natural living camo.

Next, board up the exposed end and cover with brush, leaves, even living vines... leaving a doorway or entry/exit...

A firepit/chimney was dug out of the dirt wall and lined with rocks or abandoned stove pipe to carry the smoke away from the dugout. A trick that moonshiners would use later with great effect.

Being built into a hillside, the temps generally were stable, good insulation, and with a few accessories... quite comfy and cozy... for a hole in the ground.

This type of "hideout" and shelter was so effective, that one deserter literally lived behind the cabin/farm he had worked prior to the Civil War and where his wife still lived..."awaiting the return of her husband from the war." Only thing was, he was there at home... working the fields and sharing life with the wife......hiding in the bright light of day... only to emerge at dusk and return at bright dawn to his "holler." He was never found out, even as the "Home Guard" searched repeatedly for him... looking in the root cellar, the well house, barn loft...etc.

A good example of such a "dugout" can be seen in the movie "Riding With The Devil" with Toby McGuire from several years back... about bushwackers and Quantrill's raid on Lawrence, Kansas.

The rectangular inorganic shelter shown in the OP and flag probably gave him away... he got comfy and careless...
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posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by olaru12
reply to post by Stormdancer777

If there ever is a true SHTF event there will be no place to hide. The bio/chem stored weapons will be released and we will all get sick and die in a matter of days.

warning, graphic

I find it astonishing how all the survivalist types conveniently ignore this fact. I guess it's more fun to talk about guns, ammo, knives, bug out bags and other macho tech stuff.

A shtf event isn't going to be some sort of boyscout camping trip or a back to nature hippy commune trippy love fest; It will be something where the survivors will envy the dead.


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so true, i live on the east coast and i always say if the SGTF i would sit on my roof , smoke my last few cuban cigars and finish of the good bottle on cognac becuae i don't want to hide in a hole just to come out and find the world gone

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 03:09 PM
There is a couple ideal spots near my house, Luckily I live right next to a 76 acre wooded farm land and the additional nature preserve that people mainly stay on the paths.No ones ballsy as I am to explore the thorny hell hole preserve that it is, I found a nice bug out spot right next to the swamp/lake.

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 03:54 PM
Bedding for 4,fire extinguishers ,a bow on the wall ,
eight pot plants ,
was arrested on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana and removing trees from a county park.

"The ultimate hide:" Stupid DM headline as it obviously wasnt
Looks more like a growing setup

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 04:19 PM
I'm not so sure this guy ever had a chance. Sure it's hostile terrain and that will keep some people out, but right on the doorstep of LA? It was only a matter of time until somebody showed up there. Think about all the legitimate and illegitimate reasons various people would want to go out into the boonies- you've got to get into SERIOUSLY hard to reach or inhospitable areas or just a very very very long way from any appreciable population at all if you want to find a bit of ground that absolutely nobody will walk on many years.

And if SHTF? The whole Angeles forest is going to be a riot zone. There is road access to the mountain and over a million people looking up at those mountains everyday- thousands of unprepared people are going to cram their cars full of camping gear and jam the road, then start getting out of their cars and walking from the road, and the authorities will be trying to stop them. Within the first mile or two from the road there will be hundreds if not thousands of people who don't know what they are doing shooting at strangers and letting their fires get out of control, and cops combing the brush trying to find them all without getting killed.

I'm from Southern California too, and the area is largely hopeless in a SHTF scenario. There are few roads out, which will probably be controlled, there are way more people than the land can support or the police can protect, the summers can be brutal, and really good hiding spots are few and far between.

People do go undetected for years and years out in the deserts. It's not an easy place to survive, particularly with respect to obtaining water, but it is doable. The challenge there is that only a few roads will get you out there, and those are going to be refugee nightmares with the large number of people heading for the Colorado River, many off-road routes can be blocked if SitX involves flooding, and of course it gets even uglier if Sit X is an earthquake on the San Andreas near the Salton Sea.

Realistically you'd have to be prepped to hike at night for several days to get out into the real no-man's land. There are a few mountain areas off the beaten path where off roaders, prospectors, and nature lovers don't seem to go- no roads going in and no recorded studies of the animal and plant life beyond the occasional "I tried to get up there and didn't get very far, but I found the tracks of a big cat and that was good enough for me" type story.

It takes careful study though, because it all looks really desolate, but not all of it is. The Old Bradshaw Trail is still maintained by the BLM and the off road crowd runs all over that area, and on the North end Joshua Tree Park draws more people than some would suspect. Then you've got to stay away from the aqueduct or you risk running into DoHS or FEMA or maintenance crews depending on the flavor of SitX. You've got to systematically rule out several groups of outdoors people, workers, and potential refugees who could conceivably come up with the same idea as you to pick a spot that's really going to stay untouched, and unfortunately the best way to do that in a place as populated as So Cal is to pick an area that's incredibly hard to stay alive in.

ETA: Another point to take away from all this- don't do illegal stuff at your bailout site. Stockpiling or producing things like this guy's plants, or ammo for that matter might make you feel well prepared, but all it's really doing is putting up a red flag for dogs to hit on and giving the authorities one more excuse to mess with you.
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posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 04:03 PM
olaru12, I wil assure you that I and my children will survive what ever may come or be released by the powers that be. we, I have prepped for every scenario, every scenario. we are not just armed and well acquainted with living off the land in severe and diverse locations, we practice it throughout the year, every year. we are stocked with protective gear for NBC, nuclear, biological and chemical attacks or accidents. I went to school while I was serving in the Marine Corps for NBC decontamination and defense. You are right that untold millions upon millions will die, most very early on, and you are right that many will envy the dead. I and mine will not be counted among those wishing for such a fate. Again, you are correct in your assumptions about the fate of humanity in probably 99.5% of the human race will die miserable deaths because most have not prepared or even thought about the NBC part of this equation.

I hope nothing ever happens, and if it does I hope it happens in my lifetime so I will be around to save my own.

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