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My journey to believing in e.v.p & my experiences.

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posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 11:18 PM
For those unaware of what e.v.p is, it means electronic voice phenomenon. Speech recorded on tape, digitally or even on a computer. True e.v.p is not radio bleed through or voices of any earthly origin at all.

I became a believer in this phenomenon when I began finding brief words on my mp3 player. It has a voice record function. The voices were often one word, a name and nothing else. Unfortunately I do not have the very first e.v.p I found which said the name Andrew. All my recordings that have the e.v.p have been at my home.

Since that time I have found other recordings of the e.v.p by recording my shortwave radio while sleeping, while playing my keyboard and most recently playing my guitar. I will say that I have only been successful once while trying to record e.v.p. All the other times it happened when I was not trying to.

I had a friend I knew in childhood that passed away at 28 years old in Sept 2010. I turned the recorder on and thinking about my friend, I asked if he could give me a sign he was aware of me. When I played the recording back I heard a soft whistle that was not from a bird or any other source. This is the one time I captured the e.v.p when trying to.

My most recent one is when I recorded me playing my guitar. This recording spooked me enough at the time that I deleted it and told myself I would stop my interest in it. But soon after I regretted it and have been trying to recover that file from my pc. The e.v.p spooked me because it was different from all the others.

On this day I played the guitar, I finish, then I tell my dog I'm going to check the mail and I'd be right back. In the recording all this is heard but there are two different voices that are not me. They are loud and clear enough and cannot be mistaken for anything else. After I told my dog I'm checking the mail and I'd be right back, a voice of an older lady says clearly " check the mail mm hmm" but then there's some speech drowning out.

Then when I was unlocking the door to go outside, I hear a voice say "glory, glory " which sounded exactly like my voice. But it was not me. Immediately after this voice, I hear me in the background telling my dog I'd be right back and I shut the door. That's all that happened in that recording.

I have one more to share which also freaked me out last year and I deleted it and then later regretted. I had a wolf hybrid from the time I was 13 to April 6 of last year. I'm 28 now. He was put to sleep after dying with heart worms. The vet said he was at least 104 in dog years.

One evening I had the recorder on with the t.v on. I actually forgot I had the recorder on and took it out of my drawer and saw it was on. When I played the recording the sound of the t.v is drowned out by a wooshing sound and I hear the faint sound of a dog barking along with a bird whistling briefly. Then a loud sound comes on and I hear harp music and the birds and dog barking very faintly. This is all that was in the recording.

I'm not sure what to make of all the recordings I have with e.v.p but they are all real, I'm not lying and it's something you must experience yourself. I cannot say they are of the dead but they are not of this earth. All my e.v.p have been at my home. I'm not sure if the e.v.p of the dog barking meant anything. But a few months ago I had a nice dream of my dog. He was alive behind my home, I hugged him, he licked me, then I walked away and I looked back to only see he was gone.
He's buried behind my house. So this is my journey with the e.v.p and if you've read this far, I thank you and I will upload my recordings on youtube soon so I can share them with people here that are interested.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 11:55 PM
It is elusive. Keep at it. I have had some success too.

Don't let anyone discourage you from trying. I had a post where many people were cruel and petty.

I also had many supportive people encourage me to keep trying.

Make a video so we can listen to it. It is the easiest way to share what you experienced.

And don't let any of the ATS Trolls discourage you. I have learned that many of the good people here don't comment any more because of them. But they are here.

Good luck


posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by soaringhawk

I have a thread I created called (Ghosts in my apartment)...and I have tried recording them...and I have had some success. One ghost is a child and she said "hi" to me and the other is a male ghost whose voice I got on tape this last weekend...also early Sunday morning (like around 1:30am I got up and went to the bathroom...I laid back down and was just falling asleep and a hand pushed me on my back...I opened my eyes...and waited to see what would happen next...and the hand pushed me on my back again. I just have a small recorder...I just wish I had sophisticated equipment. I am thinking of contacting a professional in my city to see if they will help. Also a girl's voice said: "this is my room".

So...anyway...I believe you.

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 08:09 AM
Thanks. I will check your thread out. I will try to get my recordings uploaded soon to share.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 07:48 AM
Here are 3 videos of some of my e.v.p's.

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