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Conjuring the supernatural with nature.

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posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 01:26 PM
Let me begin by saying this. I do no believe in Luck, the Paranormal, Magic Powers or anything else of the sorts. I am not spiritual, and view life and the explanations we have that describe phenomena with reasonable skepticism. I'm an atheist along side my fiance of whom would agree with everything I've previously said excluding spirituality (for her own reasons).

This topic is meant as a way to assist myself using the minds of the members of ATS in attempting to describe some very odd occurrences that have left me pondering and questioning just how some of those things I do not believe in may actually exist naturally, but are simply labeled as something they may not really be. That being supernatural.

Through observation of specific events all throughout my life, my fiances life, and the life of other individuals who consciously and unconsciously have experienced these events, it is clear that "something" exists that we have yet to describe through natural means.

Before I go on explaining the events that I and others have witnessed, let me first tell you what may be the cause of such events. Or at the very least, aiding it's existence.

Our bodies are full of electricity due to our chemical make up, our brain activity and environmental factors. Some individuals appear to have a higher resistance to electricity, some with lower resistance. We have a clear example of environmental interaction with it's own electrical properties through something simple such as a static shock.

What I am proposing is that some phenomena may respond to electrical signals produced from our bodies electric activities.

Not too long ago there was a topic here on ATS that described a young girl who could allegedly start fires with her mind (I believe somewhere in Asia). A member posted a comment suggesting that the girl may have caused these fires due to her electrical energy within her body, accidentally setting off fires due to poor living conditions where straw and other dry materials were in contact with wire and other conductible materials.

This was a very interesting suggestion as I had a discussion with a friend a few years ago of which she mentioned some individuals who unintentionally drained battery life much faster than it's normal decay because of their electrical activity.

If this was true, then it could lead to confirming another phenomena that I personally have witnessed and potentially caused. For many years I've simply stated it was coincidence as there really was no other explanation, nor a reason for me to believe otherwise. But, for some reason, every time I happen to be driving at night the streetlights in the direction I drive seem to burn out (By streetlights I mean the ones that light up to road, not traffic lights). This isn't simply one every few times I drive, but every time. The more I am thinking, the more angry I am, or the more happy I am, the more lights seem to burn out. On average, 2-5 will burn out on any given drive no matter the distance (so long as there are streetlights). I am usually not swayed too easily into thinking that some strange occurrence is happening. However - as I have said - this happens every single time I drive. On a not very pleasant night when I was particularly upset I noticed that within six blocks over twelve bulbs have burnt out.

Of course, this hardly expresses any proof towards my theory and is hardly tested at all. Therefore, such events may still only be coincidence, strange as they may be. In fact, if anyone else sees this regularly could you please comment? Perhaps the bulbs are just not very high quality?

This information, however, brings me back to one of the first discussions I had with my fiance. She has a tendency of being "followed" by what some people would call Ghosts. Once again, with her it too is not simply a once every few years type thing, but all the time. The more she payed attention to whatever was occurring, or tried to learn about whatever was occurring the more frequent, violent, and more noticeable such events became. From visual and auditory footprints on papers, to large dark figures in the corner of the room, lights turning on and off by her command through communication, and even physical manifestation through strange white mucous-like substances secreting from the walls and roof.

Another interesting fact is that although none of her other family members seem to attract these things (but have witnessed the same events because of my fiance), her great grandmother was a known 'witch-doctor' of sorts (excuse my terminology), as she is part north american aboriginal. Not just any witch-doctor either, but a very well known, allegedly powerful one at that.

If all these things are indeed happening around us, then it may be that some individuals are simply more capable of feeling, attracting, and manifesting such phenomena due to chemical make-up and possibly inherited genetics.

The last thing I would like to discuss is Luck. For a very long time I have had a strong disbelief in Luck (and still do to this day). However, there has been people and incidences within the past few years that have lead me to think that something may actually be occurring.

A friend I work with appears to have the most amazing luck in the world. More so with specific things that have to do with money. He was born into a well-off family to start, but that isn't necessarily what I'm implying. He enjoys gambling, and If I were him I would too! For some reason - perhaps simply coincidence - he always comes on top. Always! He regularly goes in to a casino with $20 and will come out with $120-$400 on an average night. He always seems to win scratch card games. He is always being offered high paying jobs (despite his terrible work ethics and lack of education), but the best thing (and worst to witness) is his higher-stakes gambling games. He will go in with $500 and come out no less than $6000-$10,000 with ease. These aren't poker games or other mild-skill-induced games like black jack, this is strictly slots and roulette.

Never-the-less it makes me wonder. Especially since I appear to be on the exact opposite side of the spectrum. Fortunately not very severe, but annoyingly, and frequently bad. The more I have to rely on someone else to do something for my benefit (lets say a Realtor, Employer, Mortgage Broker, or even the person making my Subway Sandwich), the more torment I seem to go through. It is especially nasty when It is a high-stress situation where I may be constantly thinking about what I may have to go through or do if "whatever it is" doesn't happen. This, once again is not a once in a while occurrence, but an every day occurrence. Every day, no matter what happens, whoever I am buying food from for luck will always, unfailingly in some way seem to mess it up. I'm not even picky, and I will always shrug it off, but it is noticeable to others who are usually with me (my gambling friend for example, who is in disbelief on how bad my "luck" seems to be). My car, which I received from my parents, never had any issues ever, yet the instant I got it (literally the instant) I had three flat tires, both motors to my front and back windshield wipers died and the timing belt fell off! Then, as I bring it in to get everything fixed, the mechanic changes all the tires fixes the motors and somehow messes up on the timing belt and brakes my entire engine rendering me in a position to have to get an entire new engine.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 01:28 PM
Once again, that is not an unlikely event or a once-in-a-while occurring event. Trust me when I say I can go on as there is a plethora of incidences which get seemingly worse as they go. (this is the third time I'm writing this topic, the first time my internet shut off when I was at around this point and lost it all, the second time my after saving my word document, my computer shut off and for some reason the document was deleted as well...)

After all those phenomena apparently intrinsic to those individuals, is it possible that we have the ability to cause, attract, or manifest what is usually considered supernatural? Is it possible that some people simply have the chemical make-up that can effect their environment and even other peoples actions both in a positive way and a negative way?

I'd love to here anyone else's stories in detail and even greater, others' hypothesis.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by Ghost147

It's called "SLIders," That's short for Street Light Interference. It's pretty commonly reported, and you can find a lot about it online.

Personal experiences are our greatest teacher. It's one thing to state that you don't believe in something, but quite another to deny it when faced with strong evidence.

Keep an open mind. Don't fall for crap, but don't dismiss out of hand all things paranormal, either, especially when you have expereinces that tell you otherwise.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by Ghost147

After all those phenomena apparently intrinsic to those individuals, is it possible that we have the ability to cause, attract, or manifest what is usually considered supernatural? Is it possible that some people simply have the chemical make-up that can effect their environment and even other peoples actions both in a positive way and a negative way?

i have heard that there have been studies with trees where they hooked up sensors, or some kind of detecting device to them, and they had people go up to the tree, one of the person who had negative thoughts towards the tree or was thinking negatively towards that tree, i think it was that they were thinking to cut it down, its sensors started going off as they got closer.. and the other person walked up to the tree with peaceful thoughts and what not and the trees sensors went off but not so dramatically... so from this study trees can tell if a person is near it and even what kind of intentions they have towards it...
when i heard this i thought it was very interesting...
but i do believe that our thinking does actually effect the way we live as a whole.... if we have too much negative thinking, or just having anger in your mind or anything negative, then it can effect the way the world works, or how other people around you start to think.... but if humans started thinking with a positive mind, or just happy thoughts, then the natural world around us would be effected, and more positive thinking from the people around would grow....
this goes with if you believe in the spiritual reality, or in the astral plane, which is in the spiritual reality, but all of the negative energy of people is in a way, polluting, the astral plane.... i have heard of it being called astral pollution.

but if any of that is interesting to you then great! but if not.. thats cool.. i like giving my opinion anyways haha

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by JustSlowlyBackAway

Hmmm, that's interesting. I will definitely have to do some research on it. Thanks for the tip!

Out of curiosity, have you experienced the same thing?

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by Ghost147
I would examine this thought of separation you feel from others and ask if you know that we are all one and that all is of source or whatever you choose to call it.. that source lives in you. that when we begin to observe our thoughts and our words, as an observer and not judge but just are aware of the thoughts we think and how powerful we are and our thoughts and words create and manifest the representation of what we see in our outside world. Obstacles are usually great catalysts for Advancement. You are supported and loved.. Know thy self I would suggest. Everyone is you and so get out of your head and into your heart. Create the world you want to see be the person you want to be.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 04:21 PM
If you ask the question they you shall receive the answer to your question.

But do to your nature and prior acceptance to who you are in this life and what you are and your beliefs in this life, this answer may not fit with in your frame of reference as to say.

Example like If I lived as a fish for thousands of life times, and in this life you became a dog, and think I can't believe what a dog does in this life or think, just because I existed as a fish for so long I can't believe how a dog lives.

Now you say

I do no believe in Luck, the Paranormal, Magic Powers or anything else of the sorts. I am not spiritual, and view life and the explanations we have that describe phenomena with reasonable skepticism. I'm an atheist

Now why do you think that, well you have existed many many lives that you have believed the exact opposite of this you know it so well that you decided to come back and try to live a life of what you believe now.

And now you question it to the point to where you are trying to get back to the original you that once believed all of this stuff, you probably have a deep conflict ion with in yourself over what to believe.

IT's you past yous wanting to come forward in this life, well in a round about way this is what's happening.

Well take what ever you want from this and use it, If you become flexible in your belief you may surprise your self as to what you inner you really wants.

And with the lights Just ask a question, if lights stay on then yes if lights burn out then no.

Just saying.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by Ghost147

Street-light interference effects, drained batteries, shadow people, and computer equipment malfunctions. OK, what about cats periodically behaving strangely for a few days each occurrence, doors being found open or closed without explanation, unexplained light streaks in your flash digital photographs, door knob rattlers, GPS errors, or strange insects?

Regarding street light effects, if nearby electrical discharges or air electric field gradients could disturb a street light, we would see street lights turn-off everywhere with every passing thunder storm; but we do not see this. Instead, a single street light can usually only turn-off for two reasons (rare power interruptions excluded); first, the day-light sensor is falsely tripped or, second, the lamp is at its end of life and requires more voltage than the power supply can deliver. This second turn-off mode is the reason we sometimes see a street light cycle, ~10 minute on and ~10 minute off. The next time a street light turns-off, watch it for 10 minutes until the cool down timer expires and it reignites. Now if the light does not turn-off again in 10 minutes it may have been due to the first turn-off mechanism.

Let me know about the any other effects you have observed that I listed above or otherwise.

Best regards,

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 05:48 PM
the street light phenomena.... look at the lights that go out... you will see a sensor... the lights are programmed to power down (like a PC 'stand-by' mode) in the course of a night or a heavily cloudy day---thus saving the cost of a power-grid that is going 100% for 100% of the time... its a 2-3% savings for the downtime/stand-by mode

as for slots & casino games, or even scratch tickets... the man is not fortunate alone... he is acutely aware on a subconscious level just what 'thing' will pay off instead of what's handicapped to win

back in Phoenix, dog & horse tracks & off betting parlors... i learned to bet agaist the hot-sheet picks that sold for 1$ or so... i would pick number combos or even include the 1 or 2 grey horses in a Quinella ticket... i always won on Derby Day--bringing in $50 and walking away with anywhere between $150-$500

on scratch tickets i did not do too well, the best i did was a $400 ticket on a home-run game..i only played it because i hated the game but i was at a check cashing place that had a lot of scratch ticket sales

on the lotteries, i would hit a $500 pick 5 ticket every 5 weeks average (never won the $50k big prize)

in the
OTB sites, i would go in with $30 to have a few beers and bet the ponies on the Fridays when my SALO Realty bosses did not have any paychecks money for me---but i would win maybe a $700 quinella and be good for the week

now none of this was because i was 'charmed' or 'connected' with the lord--- it was all because i was initmately knowledgeable with the dogs/ponies/slots/numbers to have a sublime advantage that could not be explained in the events of average life...

i was a gambling addict and operated on a different level than the novice
and my multi-level computer brain weighed all the info at hand and threw out all the obvious crud and i then selected unpopular slots...12-1 ponies. 20-1 dogs. high turn oner scratch games with a bunch of unclaimed winners available..

.i went against logic basically !

think about my words/explaination... there ain't much that's 'supernatural' out there... most everything is easily discerned with enough mental application, no matter how extreme the answer may sound... 1,000--1 occurrances can & do happen back-to-back every now & then........................................ if not more often and it ain't much more than being intimately

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posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by Ghost147

This has happened to me, never blew a lamp but have had them flick off as I walk under them. It cant be electromagnetism because the field produced by the human body is too weak to interfere with these must be some other kind of energy that we have not discovered yet.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 10:46 PM

Originally posted by Ghost147
reply to post by JustSlowlyBackAway

Hmmm, that's interesting. I will definitely have to do some research on it. Thanks for the tip!

Out of curiosity, have you experienced the same thing?

I haven't, myself, but i have a friend who does this a lot. She also is weird in that she cannot have one of those magnetic hotel key cards on her person EVER, and have it work after about an hour.

I do think there is something going on with electricity, but who knows what. The streetlight thing, though, is really a commonly reported phenomenon.

I'm interested in telekinesis. I think this all relates. I know a person online who had a near death experience, after which she had a lot of disturbances with objects flying around her. She has learned to control the random stuff (like chopsticks on her plate rattling during dinner, or books shooting off a shelf) by focusing on moving a little thing called a psi-wheel. She has been studied and able to replicate this under laboratory conditions in two different research facilities. Again, I'm not making the point that this is woo woo stuff. Rather, I'm making the point that it is real. We just do not understand the mechanism yet.

Coincidentally, though, she also was left with the ability to see ghosts. Does it all tie together. Probably. While in the lab setting, they had her hooked up to an EEG, which measured abnormalities in her right frontal lobe during the times she was moving the psi wheel. That's interesting to me.

Anyway, it just shows us that we don't even begin to understand the human mind, consciousness, and capabilities. We can stick to what we 'know,' or we can open our minds and learn that sometimes what is deemed paranormal is normal. We just haven't been able to find the explanation to bring it into general understandings.

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 02:19 PM
my belief and i stress belief, is that an unknown and uncategorized force exists alongside those we do know of, like the strong and weak forces, and somehow some people are able to kind of tune into it via some structure of the brain. kind of like tuning into supposed zero point energy field ideas.

now again, i don't know if that is even possible or if there is any data to support such a notion. it's just one of the few beliefs i have that have nothing to do with science and is something i just ..."feel"...
and i would probably never admit to in real life lol, only safely behind internet anonymity for fear of ridicule.

take from it what you will OP, but that's what i believe is responsible for much of supposed paranormal activity. our own brains or those/that of someone who have been in contact with willingly or subconsciously accessing this field/force to create apparently paranormal events that are really natural events we can't categorize because we have never been able to measure this field/force.

i think i'll end here before i'm ostracized from certain parts of the forums lol.

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