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Our Lady in Medjugorje message indicates that many, many people will die rather soon

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posted on Dec, 4 2012 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by WhoKnows100

QFT Great reply Whoknows

God Bless,

posted on Dec, 4 2012 @ 04:04 PM

Originally posted by zedVSzardoz
I hate all this Marian worship. It is nonsense.

Catholics do not worship Mary.
And also, as I have stated, The Catholic Church has NOT approved of Medjugorje.

Originally posted by harryhaller
No, i'm not 7th day, do you have something against them?

A whole lotta hate and quackery comes out of that 'church'.

I am not educated by RC webpages, i'm disgusted by them.

You should educate yourself on what the Catholics believe. That way, you wouldn't look so foolish in trying to say they believe something when in fact they do not. You don't have to believe what they believe, of course, but at least understand what it is that they REALLY believe before you shoot off your mouth.

posted on Dec, 5 2012 @ 06:19 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

I do not believe a word of it because it is contrary to Bible.It is demonic.

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