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China CCP govt Bullies ASEAN states.

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 10:17 AM
I have the deepest respect for the modern founding fathers of China - Dr Sun, Chiang Kai Shek,Deng Xia Peng and a few others. They truly cared and had sacrificed much, so much, to free the Chinese People from being robbed by colonial powers then and brutally treated by the decadant Qing Dynasty for centuries.

Many of the original founding fathers had not sought for the political doctrines practiced by Stalin, but something democratic akin to US Constitution, the way Vietnam's patriach Ho Chi Min had tried, but turned down as the Pentagon Papers proved.

Unfortunately, the devil Mao got in the way, and hideously got rid of those revered founding fathers through their own children during the Cultural Revolution, by making their own naive children torture and murder their parents, and turned China into what it is today, a repressive state, with many of Mao's hardliners and brutal Cultural Revolution kids in power of both civil and military societies.

Despite the reformists in the party, they could not do much, to change China for the better, for the old guards are still at the helm, supported by corrupt robots.

Those older reformists knew what was life like under the Qings, being brutally treated and dominated. Yet today, the CCP govt still sought to impose that tyranny to ASEAN states - mainly South East Asia nations, by not allowing ANY discussions to the issue over China's insane claim to own the whole South China Sea.

And they had even blame USA for interfering, when USA too is a pacific power and is in Asia as it administers Hawaii. What happens in Asia, happens to USA too, more so with its deep rooted links to Phillipines that spanned a century.

USA does not lay claim to any resource or waters in the South China Sea. It only sought to ensure there be no conflict there, and had been willing to spare its own resources to ensure that fact, for peaceful trade is the lifeblood of the world, including modern China. May the hardliners in the CCP govt realises it, instead of war mongering.

The ASEAN states too shares similar sentiments. It seeks for wealth, but rationally and by Rule of Law. Unfortunately, the CCP govt believes itself is the Law, and thus, with its might, sent naval ships, fishing vessels and construction crew into those waters that it authoritavely self claims.

Are the ASEAN states to cower in fear of this bully that the China CCP govt is, trying to impress upon them? It will be a grave mistake the CCP could ever make.

ASEAN states had been dominated and colonized for centuries, first by western powers, then by the brutal Japan Imperial Army for 5 years, and finally, thanks to President Roosevelt's initiatives to free ALL humankind, it gained its independence.

It will be hell for anyone else that seek to dominate South East Asian States, economically or military. In the words of the great wartime leader Churchill 'If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground.'

The asian people aren't as defenceles or untrained as they once were today. ASEAN do not seek for wars, but only peaceful honest trade. There is enough wealth to be shared by all peacefully, by mutual discussions and engagement and not by bullying tactics.

China wishes to be recognized as a super-power. By all means, go right ahead, ASEAN states and USA would welcome it, but may the CCP govt realizes that with Power comes RESPONSIBILITIES to others, and RULE OF LAW.

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