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Boston Chronicle: Strange Gooniverse Has Scientist Scratching Their Heads

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 08:27 AM
This just hit moments ago! I hope I'm the first one to post this one.

(Please do not follow links)
Strange Grew

Dec. 21 2012 9:43am - Scientist around the world are puzzled over a strange substance, a goo of sorts... well it's unexplainable! If anyone reading this may already understand, there is some sort of alternet universe, if you will, growing from the sockets of homes belonging to the people of all the nations of the world. So far, scientist have found out that the subtance only seems to be comming from homes that have wired internet. Sorry wi-fi-ers. You're missing it!

The article goes on to say that the only explanation is that the cables used is todays wiring process somehow triggered by early the early morning burst from the sun caused the problem.

Biggest Solar Flare Ever!

Scientist at MIT have found that perhaps, maybe, the casing on the mass produced wiring bought from china in abundace, somehow "melted" into this gloop that was brought on by the early morning new Y Class superburst that hit the earth, ejected from our sun just recently. "For all we know, and we dont know a damn thing about this, is that the general population is discovering more about this every second than we are in a lab.

Beyond your wildest dreams!! Have you seen this stuff yet? You can pull it and make your own private space. A whole new D.

The video shows the features of what many around the world are now seeing leaking from their sockets in the walls. People are pulling this stuff into existance from nothing. You can get inside it, open it as far as you can push it, forever if you want, into a space, a void of empty room. Dont worry about space! It grows from the point of it's origin in the wires and somehow opens up space within itself so you can move around it and be as big inside as you want and never take up a bit of space!

The World Taking Fast Advantage Of New Super Universal Goo. New Properties.

Now that people around the world had some little time to explore this strange new dimension of space, rumors are springing up all over that the goo not only expands into peoples homes, but are somehow now connecting to one another, alowing people to move, strangely, from one space to another, through the casing of the wires. I dont know how else to explain it. People are litteraly finding doorways to one another through this crazy goo. Other rumors have sprung up that hackers have already applied code to this substance through electrical currents and somehow have begun creating alternate realities. This has police and government officials worried. So far the White House is keeping mum about this, but a World Press confrence is expected in 1 hour to address the people of the cituation. I personaly hope that this doesnt get too crazy. I think I've seen more than I can already imagine. So for all you folks reading this... Why dont you have cable and DSL!!!??? Go find some of this stuff and pull your own world into existance!

There you have it folks. I hope I got this news to you first. Maybe I'll see you around in one reality or another.

my last article

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 08:37 AM
You almost had me going.. I was pulling my hand back...lining up...and preparing for a facepalm to end them all...then I thought I better check the forum to be sure before I say anything. Ahhh! Almost got me! lol.. Nice one and I'll be sure to look out for the creeping goo!

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 08:39 AM
This just in..

It seems that electricity reacts with this stuff. A 9 volt battery lights up a whole house worth of room (MY ROOM Hahaha!)


I found this bit on something that led me to it.

New Light on the New Dimension

Scientist are now finding that there seems to be a strange glow comming from the endless interior mass. "It's almost as it gives off light, and when you're inside, you tingle just a bit, and you feel slightly elated, almost gleefull. But that could be the effects of a grown child finding a new toy.", Explained Dr Foogle at Barpar University.

So I figured, it must be electric, or the guy is right. Lets see... 9volt.. LIGHT! Bright light. The walls light up like fiber optics or something lining in the walls. Then I tried a really dead pen battery. The room hazed up from its dim glow in moments and seemed to brighten slowly, then finaly to a dim dull bright. I wondered and tested the battery again and it charged it! I need to test more on this.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 08:57 AM
For those of you that are still interested, I found a few more neat properties.

- You can travel to your destination by wanting to go there, somehow? (Unknown)

- Light properties, the more juice, the more bright. Careful. I think this stuff somehow recarges your batteries. I'm scared to plug it into an electric socket. Maybe the electricity from the cable wire is giving it it's dull glow. I dont feel any diffrent inside, just alot lighter, more cushiony. Maybe from the properties of the substance that you can kneed like warm butter.

- You can "bar your doorway if your home". Think of a bar in the wall, pull it over your doorway and it somehow repels your entrance. I found this out by doing the next discovery.

- You can take a thumb drive and visit these virtual pirate homes, they're still in the making, and touch the walls, go home, touch your space walls and you'll have the same code running. Even with your doors shut. I think they do it by "plugging" their computers into it.

- My internet is fast! I mean it doesnt even register on any servers Ive tried!

- The space seems to stay a decent gentle temperature, but could be my home cooling off a void. I dont know, lol

Ive already started moving furniture in! If you plug the video cable in the walls, they somehow display everywhere for your viewing pleasure. Youve got to see this. If you dont have cable, you can visit me, i have plenty of room!

oh yeah.. and a pirated virtual reality. Wonder how long it'll take them to copyright the stuff and then make laws on it. hahaha!

oh yeah.. I do not condone pirating. This was for testing purposes only.


uhhh just kidding?

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