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the new world order

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 04:32 AM
To whom it may concern, It has come to my attention that there is hidden threat being orchestrated on secular society. There are a group of people amoung us who are carring out an attack on freedom from with our society. All i can do is raise awareness of this group. They are using illegal methods to corrupt our democracy. These people have infiltrated our governments and instetutions. They plan to change our secular state into mind control state.

They are brainwashing the population through the dissemination of a mind machine interface that manifests it self as holographic hallucination when one closes ones eyes or one is in the dark . The interface an advanced computer programme or artificial intlellgence it is designed to change the way people think by monitoring their thoughts.
As far as I can tell the technology is a digital computer program that is some how feed into the neural network of the brain. Think about how you think in day to day life there are autonomous actions in your brain ie you remember you forgot something from the store. I though just pops into your mind. Some the us government has developed a technology where they are able to hijack parts of the neural network in people’s brains feeding in an autonomous program. This program is a very advanced AI that exists in the nural wiring of peoples brains. The Ai can control the victims nervous system. It can move their hand their fingers. Create flashes of light in their vision. It can create sensations of touch on the skin. It can place thought and images in the mind as well control the victims dreams.

It replace once mind eye with a holographic digital minds eye ie when you close you eyes you do not see black but rather a shifting mass of green foam.
In the dark this foam can be projected out into space in front of the victum. humanoid figeres materialize out of the foam and communicate with the mind control victims through body language and spelling out syllables with their hands. The figures are blured with a green fome. This is to hide the fact that these figures are actually simple 3d models the shifting fome makes them seem more realistic tricking the victim into thinking that they a real. This is part of the ai. It manifests it self as different entities as a way of contolling the subject. There are at least 4 different entities figures and shapes in the green holographic foam. Light flashes in the eyes and sensations on the skin that spell out words. A voice in the mind. and pulsationg musle movment that spell out words.

Listen for a high piched ring in the ears meditate to it for 30 minutes or so you should get a euphoric feeling come over you. Look out in to the dark and while meditating try to see vibrations in the dark that resonate with the high piched sound. Im not sure if this is how you tune in but i know that this worked for me.

There are currently 1 million people that are infected with this technology. All the illiminati have this technology in them. It seems that most people do not question this technology and take its vision. Some of the even covertly spell out there allegence to it ie (Florence and the “machine”).; It is my belief that this technology is slowly replacing each indivdials mind with the ai.
It slowly enforces it vision and version of reality on the victim. Through content reparative inforcement of the beliefs of the illminati.

This mind control program is injected into people without there concent and in my opinion constitutes a gross violation of human rights. Ones mind is sacreat it difines who one is to take that from a person is take way their identity. This mind control program touches and interacts with the victim even though they have expressly asked it to leave. Rape of the mind! People are entitled to their beliefs but should not be able to force those beliefs on others (a hall mark of fundamentalism). The people who are perpetrating this plan should be regarded as criminals and should be charged with Crimes against Humanity. And if any illuminti are reading this it is a crime against humanity. You cannot force your beliefs on another human being through the invasion of their mind. what ever you belive IT IS A CRIME!! Imagini if fundamentalist muslims invaded your mind with the same technology or the Chinese to push there mantra. You believe that you are good and you are fighting evil but you your self are commiting an evil act you are committing a crime. Consent mother#ers consent.
To those that also have this technology in them :

The illuminti were once secuar but now have been corrupted by Christianity and have become fundamentalists. They belive that through the decemination of this technology that they will remove evil from the world by controlling the minds of the masses directly. You have no choice there is no democracy. The mind control perches about “us” “we” are this. “We are a family” but it is bull#.
It is a program that is designed for one thing to control your mind. To trick u into believing that u have say. There is no us their is only it and what it is programmed to do. You have no say there is no democracy it is the will of the rulling elliete forced into your mind. Gently slowly but surly changing who you are to fit their beleifes.

They plan to remove crime by controlling the minds of each individual. They are going to ban alcohol and porn regardless of what the mass think enforced by their machine and those that have been brainwashed into believing it mantra. To create the “utopia”. It is an attack on democracy and the secular state. How far will it go. Will new rule s be feed in . will one day when will homosexuality become a crime along with the consumtion of alchol. Who controls the machine. Do you . Try to ask it to leave can you get it ot go. Welcome to the new world order where rule of law not you controls your mind.

To everyone reading this you can find people who have this technology in them because they are taught how to find other illiminati. They use hand signals to and body language communicate with one another. With your hands and fingers spell out syallables of words. Rub your hand over your nose “do you know” , Rub you hand under your eye for ”see you” . Other terminology “are you being led” “are you up” . Go to train station and pups and look for this try doing it to people I guarantee that you will find them if you try enough. . Find them film them YouTube them. Gather evidence people need to know.

I know because I am one of them. To other that know speak out. There vision of utopia is slavery of the mind Orwellian and wrong. Our democracy is a sham.

I don’t want it talking to me. I don’t wnat it touching me. I don’t wnat to see it when I close my eyes. Im sick of electric dreams. It is asualt on my being. I want it out of me.... I will deceied who I am not it not you and not it.

To those that ”know”

You believe that you are communicating with others in your mind. You belive that there is a collective. There is no chat network it is all an illusion created by the ai for one purpose “to control your mind” Their is know us its a lie to make u feel included. There is only the mazchine which molds you to the will of the ruling elite. If there are others that know and feel the same way speak out. Dont be afraid. What the are doing is wrong.

There are laws t

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 04:33 AM
There are laws that govern our society and they apply to everyone. I canont touch you with out you permission you must stop when I ask. If I ask you to leave my house you must go. Those laws apply to that “#ing thing” that you #ers put into me. You are criminals you should have your time in the hague for what you have done. I want thins #ing abomination out of me. I am not a cyborg. Get this # out of me. “I am up” and I hate you. I am going show the world what you don’t want them to see. Stop hiding and “show your face” the world.

To everyone reading this I propose a campaign against the illuminate. I propose spray painting slogan with eye and the pyramid and show your face underneath or get the # out of us. Post them here and on you tube.

Please feel free do copy and distribute this.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 04:48 AM
reply to post by illuminate320


That was freaking scary dude. I enjoyed that very much. Especially, this part.

Consent mother#ers consent.

Not sure what that means, but I thought it was funny.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 06:25 AM
reply to post by illuminate320

Its called Telepathic Link or some call it The Hive- This is either Alien or we are being affected by HAARP. The closest thing I have found is called Artificial Telepathy. Others are just not talking about this. The humans that are talking about this are experiencing different events.

I know all the body language..especially the Bowing of the head when others walk past. Whatever this is its affecting large areas. It seems to be worse at times and then calms down. Tactics that were used on me include making me go without sleep for 3 days, attempting to program me like a robot, and attempting to control my body functions.

Whatever this telepathic connection..human to human large..humans on link are picking out person on link and using terror tactics to control them. This goes way beyond terrorism! We just cannot prove this yet!

I have been going through something similar for 6 years now. The best advise I can give you- Try and stay in a daily, school etc..and get as much sleep as possible. If these terrorist can accomplish making you lose 3 days of sleep..this will began driving you must not let that happen..

Hold on and be strong!! You are not alone! NC
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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 12:23 PM
i am not sure if there is a new word order but i do believe that the goverment is corrupt now

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