Survey: How Many Have Switched from Extraterrestrial Hypothesis to Interdimensional?

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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by FireMoon

That is quite creative, and an excellent analogy! Think I will save your text, to share with my own little houseful of students. Got a few chuckles, too, from the descriptions of the thoughts of the various inhabitants!

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 08:40 PM

Originally posted by Annee

Originally posted by g2v12

So, is your etymology (of the guides) related to ufology? The only two sources I have for drawing any conclusions about guides, would either be from Native American teachings or ufology.

What is the nature of your guides and how do you know they exist?

Honestly I don't know. As said - - this is how I was born - - its my normal/natural.

I seem to have 3 energies around me. I once asked them their names - - you know - - in the craze years of naming your guides/angels. They said: "for what purpose in thought communication". In other words - - if you are communicating via thought - - you know everything you need to know. What purpose does a label have.

I used to fight them - - you know - - independence in my youth. I don't anymore. Over the years I've discovered they are always right.

If you have an ear for music - - how do you explain it to a tone deaf person?
How do you explain blue skies to a blind person?

Alright, so you are saying that you have three distinct "guides", and have had them as long as you can remember, yes? Are these the same as the "spirit guides" that New Age types talk about, or are they different in some way? You state that you can't explain these to someone that doesn't perceive them, and I can accept that it's possible for someone to perceive something quite real that others cannot. Some have sharper hearing, better eyesight, etc, and some can sense things others can't in other ways. Now, that said, how is it that you can accept the reality of your guides, and ask that others do as well, yet deny the reality of angels and demons, when others have had encounters with those, and could perceive them, even, in some cases, see them? Can you concede the possibility that those are real, even if you personally don't believe in them, or cannot perceive them? Should they not receive the same acceptance as the guides you speak of, that others cannot see?

posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by gfthree7

Will have to check out your links - very interesting topic. While you do have to be careful not to go overboard (as a few of the videos I have watched on the Satanic influence in the music industry have done), it's pretty clear that there is real influence. Some of the stories match up with some accounts I have gotten, firsthand, from people that had some pretty scary experiences (and I have one myself, that was weird, but that's for another time). Some of the ways these things acted are similar, too, to the way that the "aliens" act. The ways they can appear, vanish, and so forth are VERY similar. That's a large part of the reason that I go for "dimensional", and go a step farther and place a specific label. The similarities are too strong to ignore.

Plus, I have to add that this would explain why those in authority don't want to talk about what is really happening, when it seems that they MUST know something, and they seem to conceal evidence. If they are in cahoots with these beings, and helping to advance their agenda, then they would not want us to know their true nature. After all, people might forgive an "alien" coverup, assuming they had the idea that most could not handle the facts, but a coverup of demonic plotting would find most a lot less forgiving. Ever watch the movie, The Forgotten?

posted on Aug, 26 2012 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by aaaiii

I would suspect that the answer lies in simply, birds are legion and mostly being vulnerable, they need to do their mating up in the trees and often at distance ergo "vocals" have become far more important to them. Apes simply don't have the same survival imperatives and visual cues work just fine within their world. Even amongst humans you will find strange anomalies, ie female mill workers from Britain. Because of the volume of the ambient noise, from their work place, they developed their own unique way of speaking that was carried over into home life. Their speech involves a strange habit of tailing off their sentences into silence where the words were merely mouthed. Other mill workers would have no problem deciphering the sentences however, to an outsider you'd find yourself saying "pardon" after virtually every sentence.

Returning to the birds, scientists are claiming right now that, Crows are quite possibly as intelligent as we humans were some 200,000 years ago. The truth is, they are the only animal we know of, that can actually fashion a tool, not just use something already made by nature or man rather create a tool from bare materials. I don;t know how many people know of the member of the crow family the Rook, they are the most social of the corvines living it really quite large and at times noisy colonies. Many claim that should a member of the colony infringe socially acceptable bounds the other Rooks will seem to hold "court" and after much vocalising the offender will often be forced out. My own garden has Crows and magpies living in it and around it, it is so damned funny to see a Crow hopping sideways down a low branch on the Ash tree squawking at the Magpie and you can tell that the Crow is telling the Maggie....

"Look buster, the Ash is ours, now stay out or else you really don't want me to have to hop all the way to the end of this branch cos that means me opening a whole can of whoopass on your hide". Given the size of the Crow, so far the Magpies have backed down every time however, the territorial dispute has been ongoing throughout this summer.

Here's a theory for you, something that struck whilst doing some ahem, "pioneering of the west in head". I'm sitting outside on a dark night when our then cat strolls across the lawn and parks himself in front of me giving me the old. "Err it's dark, what are you doing out here hippy?" look . Anyway, given I'd been out a while in the dark my eyes fully accustomed to the dark and suddenly I notice the following. When you look at a black cat against a dark background cos how their fur meets the surroundings, suddenly they merge into the background as an identifiable shape and you seem to be looking at two eyes staring out of another dimension, another world. The thought struck me.....

"Ahhh, is that possibly why black cats are traditionally seen as Witches' familiars?" Cos in the dark, when a human sees one, a black cat seemingly has no edges and it's as if they have the ability to span the gap between the "fairy world" and ours? That is, we imbued the black cat with this "other worldly" link that has become ingrained in our collective psyche. Interesting to note that, here in the old world of Britain, a black cat crossing your path is considered good luck, isn't it the opposite in the USA? Those pilgrim fathers didn't just export their "faith" they also exported their prejudices against anything connected to the "old ways"?

I suspect, the cultural reaction to anything "weird, including UFOs is slightly different over here in the old world to that of the new world. That might be one reason why we here in the old world simply don't go for the "UFOs are demons thing". in any big way. As the reporter says to the shrink in the classic film "Night/Curse of the Demon"

Please go easy on our ghosts professor, we British are sort of attached to them".

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

LGE, It's kinda a waste of time to speak to Anne, She doesn't use Logic in her arguments, just emotions and what she learns on TV, AP, or wherever she gets her twisted truths from. You can try to show her the light, just saying, good lucky trying.

Thanks for contributing to the thread, I'll have to go back and read everything you said, just don't have the time ATM.

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by bluestreak53

Originally posted by wtbengineer
A note about guardian angels/ETs, I also had an experience with an entity in the '70s that I didn't recognize at first as an actual personality or being. It was at first a familiar feeling that I had and it was a comforting presence that was always with me and energizing me and giving me a thirst for exploring and understanding what I perceived to be the true nature of life and of being. I was getting a sort of what now-adays would be called a new-age perspective. Anyway, when I turned my back on the thing it attacked me violently, in the only way they can, psychologically. In a moment it showed me its true nature, and that was not very nice... I can't say there aren't good guides/angels etc. around us because I believe there are, but I can attest to the fact that there are opportunistic entities that want nothing less than to destroy us.

Well, I don't think your experience has anything to do with "guardian angels" (or what I would consider to be a guardian angel.)

My experience with what I term "guardian angel" involves no such "feeling of a comforting presence that is always energizing me". (But that does sound pretty "new agey").

My experience with guardian angels is an apparent unexplained intervention which saves you from almost certain death in a logic defying manner. It has not just happened to me, but also my parents. It is like "the hand of god" reaches into the moment and saves you from certain calamity, just to "keep you in the game" - presumably, because your "mission" on this planet is not yet complete.

This is not some airy, fairy, mystic experience, but something that is very physical and yet seems to defy our normal sense of what is logical or reasonable.

I found this interesting.I've got the sense from reading your post that you're clearly intelligent and astute while valueing reason with your feet firmly on the ground.

So I assume when you talk about guardian angels intervening in reality you must have had a noteable experience.

I've twice been involved in very bad car crashes,one time a rear tyre blew out at 95mph while taking a fast bend,another where another car came round the corner on my side so I took the verge thinking there was a field behind the bushes.There wasnt,there was a sheer drop of

No seatbelt,both times you couldnt recognise the wreckage as a car yet once the car had come to rest I walked away literally without a scratch.

Both times the coppers were amazed,telling me I should be dead,a ple of mincemeat !!

My mother tells me her dad who died before I was born is/has always been looking out for me.

I just remember say oh s**t !!! and pushing myself hard back in my seat,locking my arms off the steering wheel and bracing myself.Didnt sense anyone in the car with me,though did feel incredibly calm.

Gut feeling is when it counts I'm incredible lucky.Stupid things I've done I've used up 5 lives at least.Hope I get 9 like a

You dont need to explain but was your experience so lucky the guardian angel is best expanation or did another 'being',in reality intervene,could you sense it,see it even.

I apologise for being off topic but the subject fascinates me.

posted on Dec, 24 2012 @ 11:42 PM
I think both could be the case and probably are. Don't like beliefs though so don't "believe."

Belief and disbelief just seem to create sides, divisions, arguments, and so on, which are then easily manipulated by 3rd parties to make things farcical. We'll know eventually anyway so maybe we don't need beliefs. The truth we need to live in this world properly is inside us anyway. We just need to stop being divided, and maybe if we can manage that despite those that want us to stay divided, we'll then be able to see the Aliens. Until then, maybe that contact is reserved for those that are undivided inside themselves and won't make a big fuss about things.

lol, honored to have made reply number 666.

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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by CalebRight14
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

LGE, It's kinda a waste of time to speak to Anne, She doesn't use Logic in her arguments, just emotions and what she learns on TV, AP, or wherever she gets her twisted truths from. You can try to show her the light, just saying, good lucky trying.

Thanks for contributing to the thread, I'll have to go back and read everything you said, just don't have the time ATM.

Probably right, but I have to try! I am just stubborn that way.

Thanks for the support; means a lot. Know what you mean about time; way too much to read, even just here, and never time for all of it!

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