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It's time my story needs to be heard

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 04:18 PM
Okay, I’ve reached over 200 posts with nearly the same amount of stars. So, I think ATS deserves to know a little more about me. Ultimately, this is my long journey down the rabbit hole, to hell, and back. So, where do I begin? I’m going to go back to the beginning, no matter how painful it will be to write. To recount some of these stories forced me to confront the images and emotions. Believe me, I had to relive the fear all over again just to write it and had to take several breaks because the sheer terror was getting overwhelming. Ultimately, this post will end with my giving proper thanks to the ATS community.

[I will post the 2nd part (and 3rd if necessary) of my story in another post. Please read all before commenting or interrupting my subsequent posts.]

I grew up with my mom and older brother. My brother is about 8 years older than me and he moved out when we was around 18 or 19. But we’re going to go back to a time when we all lived together. My mom wasn’t the most attentive mother and I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently she was somewhat of an alcoholic. Therefore, my brother took care of me most of the time—when he could. That’s not really important though. I’m just trying to set up a reference point.

My mom was interested in things like The X Files, aliens, the paranormal, you name it. There were a lot of shows like The X Files playing around our house. However, I don’t ever really recall any talk of aliens or paranormal. We never discussed it—there weren’t any images of aliens (just one which I will discuss soon) or “I Want to Believe” posters hanging around the house. I was exposed to the subject matter of The X Files from a young age and it terrified me. I wouldn’t say I was exactly overwhelmed and inundated with such imagery and subject matter though. I mean, I remember seeing movies like The Communion, Fire in the Sky, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Such things were the norm of my childhood. But again, no discussions outside of the movie ever took place except my brother and mom telling me “It’s not real. No reason to be scared.”

The only other thing I remember was that my mother had a picture of then President Clinton shaking hands with an alien on the cover of Weekly World News or some such tabloid. This picture was hanging up on the ceiling of her bathroom. It was a weird place for it, but my mom was and still is a weird person. I was afraid to go into her bathroom because I didn’t want to see the picture at all! So, naturally, I believed in aliens even though I was constantly told they weren’t real to assuage my fears of being abducted.

I would say that as a child, my biggest fear was being abducted by aliens. What a strange childhood I had! I’m not ashamed to admit that I was afraid to sleep in my own bed and had to often crawl into bed with my older brother at an age that was a huge deviation from normal, healthy development. I did this because I felt so vulnerable to being kidnapped by aliens. His bed was up against the wall. What’s strange is that both of us were inherently afraid of not being close up against the wall. Sleeping in that bed, we often fought over who would get the near-wall side of the bed. It was dreadful not sleeping against the wall. What his reasons were—I don’t know. But I knew that my reasons were because I felt exposed and visible to any aliens that might want to abduct me. If I wasn’t cushioned between the wall and my older brother, I felt like they had easy access to get me. This paragraph was meant to illustrate my irrational fears.

Even when I did start sleeping in the bunk bed above my brother, I always had to have the closet light turned on at the other side of the room and the bedroom door always had to be closed. I did not like waking up in the middle of the night (as I often did) and seeing the opened door. Trying to look out into the dark hallway stirred my imagination and filled me with fear of what might be out there watching me sleep. Same with the closet; I had to have the light on so I could see what was out there. For me, it wasn’t monsters in the closet—but aliens. I had several drawings of UFO saucers and alien beings. I remember in the 1st grade we had to keep a picture journal. I remember one entry where I wrote something like “last night I saw an alien again” and drew a picture of it. I’m going to ask my mom if she still has this—I’m almost certain she does. I might be able to get a picture of it on here if anybody is interested. I tried doing a few sketches of other things over the years, but I was often too afraid to confront the images and just abandoned the drawings for record-keeping. So that journal entry might be the only documentation I have. Yeah I wasn’t normal haha. I concede that—but we’re just getting started.

In the summers my brother and I stayed up late having all kinds of fun like 2 boys would. Playing video games, watching movies, etc. One night we were up at about 2-3 AM playing around quietly not to disturb our sleeping mother. We heard a loud, eerie noise that was like a loud buzzing or electronic warble. We weren't even using any electronic devices or toys. We immediately froze and looked at each other. It was a strange and scary noise. My brother simply whispered “bedtime”. We didn’t even go outside of the bedroom to see what made the sound. It scared us both and no further investigation was required on our part. The next day my brother and I had some strange scabs behind our ears. We didn’t really think much about them even though it was odd to say the least.

Anyhow, time went on and my fears of abduction slowly subsided over the years. My brother also moved out on his own and my mom and I moved into another apartment. I was growing out of childhood and turning into a young teenager. I started having sleep paralysis. I had no clue what it was. But, after repeat experiences, I began to think it was part of an abduction process. I remained skeptical because I had never actually seen any entities during the paralysis. I had many dreams of being back in the old apartment though. Dreams of lying in bed and seeing little gray beings walking around in the darkness. These dreams coupled with sleep paralysis started pointing me in the wrong direction (I say this with hindsight bias). I was becoming more and more convinced that this was an abduction experience I was having. I had no memories other than the frozen paralysis in bed while my eyelids flipped open and forced me to gaze up at my ceiling for a minute or two before I fell back asleep.

I started having episodes where I would wake up in the middle of the night (which was common for me..and still is) and see gray beings in my bedroom. I would wake up suddenly, take a survey of my surroundings and see something in the corner of my room looking at me. I would only get a split-second glimpse of it before falling back asleep.

What did they look like? Not like typical grays that I had imagined them to be from the years of X Files exposure and pop cultural references. They were lanky, skinny, with sagging gray skin making them look ugly and old. They wore no clothes but I could see no genitals or nipples or any secondary sexual characteristics. Their heads were not proportionately larger than their bodies and their eyes were small, black, and beady. They stood in the darkness illuminated by a blue glow which had no source.

[I am running out of text space...continued]

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 04:20 PM
I had maybe 2 or 3 similar episodes with these entities in my bedroom before I went back to the “I’m being abducted” conclusion. I never told anybody about what was happening. I didn’t seem to be suffering in any physical way. I was mostly curious and slightly afraid. The experiences were very scary but since they only seemed to last a few brief seconds, I wasn’t exactly crippled with fear.

I went on a trip with my dad across the state one time to see a MLB baseball game. We rented a Motel 6 room and went to the baseball game that evening. We came back and I fell asleep almost instantly from the exhaustion of the trip and the long ballgame. Even in this Motel 6 in another state, I woke up suddenly mid-sleep to see another saggy Gray Man (is what I called them at the time—never having heard of “A Gray”) who was standing at the foot of the bed as my dad slept next to me. He was again illuminated by that soft, blue glow. I could see features of the hotel room in the light of this glow—like the cheap floral wallpaper, the vanity mirror above the desk, and a little lamp mounted on the wall. You know, details I hadn’t even really paid attention to when I was awake. I could see the Gray Man only long enough to watch it as it turned around and began moving away. I inspected the details of the room opposite of the bed the next day and sure enough, it was exactly as I had seen it during my “blue light” encounter. We stayed one more night in the motel room before heading back home—I couldn’t sleep at all the 2nd night and watched tv instead. I was too afraid to even close my eyes. I had many, many nights like this. I still do sometimes.

Okay, so evidence that I was experiencing some kind of visitation was starting to add up. Sleep paralysis continued every step of the way. For the record, the sudden wakes-up with the blue glow and Gray Man were not sleep paralysis episodes; they were just instances of me waking up fully alert and seeing something. I never saw any entities during my sleep paralysis at this time in my life (although I would begin to experience hallucinations during sleep paralysis years later). However, I began talking to “them”. Before I went to sleep, I would say things like “You’re really scaring me. Please stop whatever you’re doing.”

The next time I had this “wake-up” experience, I saw a really strange being instead of the Gray Man. It was a white, boxy looking thing. It looked very cartoonish—almost like the Michelin Man but with more quadrangles instead of tubular limbs and features. Its face was like a white, lit-up little rectangle with a simple face. It literally had 2 black dots for eyes and a curvy, black line for a smile. It seemed to be emanating some white light like it was its own light source. I couldn’t believe this. When I woke up and saw this, I thought “You gotta be kidding me. This is a joke.” That was the last time I ever had a wake-up visitation.

But, as you might imagine, the story isn’t over.

It was summer 2002 and I was doing okay. I had my first girlfriend, was doing well in school, had lots of friends, and I was coming along fine. I ignored the sleep paralysis and always kept the fear and speculation in the back of my mind. I was focusing on my life. I was not being harmed physically, so my physical life took precedent before sleep paralysis and aliens…until one morning.

I heard a loud thud that woke me up. It sounded like the front door—but it sounded like maybe somebody slammed it loud. I wondered if my mom was leaving for work. I sat up on my shoulder and looked at the clock near my bed to see what time it was. I thought “No, that wasn’t my mom. She’s been to work for hours already.” Okay, so I had to go see what this loud slamming noise was. (It was a singular noise—happened only once). As I motioned to start getting out of bed, I saw something standing in my doorway staring at me with the door wide open.

It was very dark. It had a dark face, dark features, dark cloak that enrobed its entire body with a hood covering most of its head. I could see some slightly shimmery facial features. It looked like a bug—an ant maybe. It had large, shiny black eyes that reflected some light. Its skin was rough and textured, like the rind of an avocado—again, very dark and black. It appeared to have no nose, but rather some kind of shallow snout that tapered off into a tiny little mouth. It reminded me of an ant without mandibles. The robe prevented me from seeing any other features. I believe the robe was all black, although memory seems to want me to say that it had a little purple trim as well. It’s been so long that some of those finer details are lost to me.

I wasn’t scared. I was shocked. I thought “What the—I gotta see what this is. I gotta shake its hand.” I sensed that it was surprised as well. It seemed surprised that I could see it. I don’t know why or how I got this impression. I just had the feeling like it was equally surprised as I was. [Continued..]

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 04:22 PM
I continued my motions to get out of bed and get closer to it. It appeared to be raising its hand or making some kind of gesture with its arm. I don’t know exactly what was happening because I was so fixated on its face. If I had to guess, I think out of the corner of my eye I was seeing it raise its hand or making some kind of movement. I instantly blacked out for several hours.

I woke up and immediately thought “Okay, what the—was that?” I wanted to tell somebody. I wanted to tell my friends, my mom, my girlfriend. But I knew nobody would understand. It’s the same reason I could never tell anybody before. Except this time I was beginning to fear for my mental health. In fact, I have lasting trauma to this day. I absolutely still cannot EVER have my bedroom door open. Even if it’s open a tiny crack, I freak out and reprimand whoever left it open. Likewise, every time I wake up, I immediately look toward my door to make sure it’s closed and that no hooded entities are watching me. I still have tremendous trouble sleeping at times because I feel like I’m being watched in the darkness.

Back to the story: A few weeks passed and the whole incident became irrelevant. I became diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer after an ER visit and the next few years of my life was one of a cancer patient. That’s another story entirely; albeit, it is a fascinating tale filled with drama, anger, heartbreak, miracles, and redemption. But again—another story. The only thing I’d like to point out is that not once did I have any encounters, wake-ups, or sleep paralysis in the 2-3 years that I was treated for cancer. I often wondered why they seemed to stop so abruptly when I was having these episodes at least once or twice a week before my diagnosis.

Sleep paralysis did not resume until I was well into my remission (by the way I’d like to point out that my surviving this cancer was nothing short of a miracle. None of those doctors had faith that I would make it. The attending doctor in the ER who discovered the tumors estimated that I literally had days, if not hours before my organs would shut down. I’ve had a few physicians look at my medical reports and records and just become dumbfounded that I am alive and in as good a shape as I am).

I was also experiencing a lot of depression at this time. I felt abandoned by all my friends and my girlfriend—I had no support, understanding, or empathy from my family either. I never felt so alone and even let my depression lead me down the road to contemplated suicide. I couldn’t see a life for myself after what I’d been through. Cancer treatments left me with several weakened vital organs, neurological damage in the extremities, as well as moderate hearing loss in both ears; the list goes on and on! I missed out on some high school education and did not have the benefit of socializing in a teenage atmosphere. Instead I spent literally months at a time alone in specially quarantined hospital wards. Despite all that, I am alive, healthy, put myself through college, and held a successful job for several years without collecting disability or any benefits. I golf, play hockey, and continue to jam on my drums to this day.

I survived the illness but the post-depression was really taking its toll on me. I was looking for answers for everything! I was a teenager, I was a cancer survivor, and I was a victim of some notion of being visited by non-human entities. The sleep paralysis began to take a fearful turn as well. I started having frightful hallucinations and voices with them. It took me many years but I finally told my mom what was happening to me before and after the cancer. I expected her to call me crazy and send me off to a psychologist. (I have seen a few psychologists in my younger days already; never told a one about the visitations though.)

But, instead, she told me she believed me and began to ask questions to learn more. This opened up our relationship in a new way. We had already developed a very strong bond during my cancer. She was the only one who cared for me during that time. She quit drinking and became the best mother I could have ever asked for. She was emotionally supportive every step of the way—went above and beyond the call of motherhood to see me through my cancer. Doctors had even attempted to prepare her for my eventual death because they could not stop internal bleeding or revive me on a few occasions. She even revealed to me that she once saw the “boxy Michelin Man” in a near-sleep state. This is how open and uncensored our discussions were growing.

Instead of ridiculing me and calling me crazy, my mom began to share things with me that she never told anyone. She told me how she and her sisters and one brother all saw a UFO when they were kids and it scared the daylights out of them. She told me how she would feel like she was floating up out of bed as a teenager when she would lie down. [Continued..]
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 04:25 PM
Like I said, she was always interested in the paranormal, but never encouraged it in my brother or me.

This inspired me to seek out programs like Coast to Coast AM. I needed answers more than ever. My estranged father is a truck driver that drives the night route. My hospital was on his route during my cancer treatment (I was treated out of state at a specialized children’s hospital). He visited me nearly every night during his lunch hour even though most of the time I was fast asleep. I also asked him one time if he ever listened to C2C on his routes. He told me he’s been listening for years and that George Noory isn’t as good as Art Bell.

This opened up something between me and my father as well—who was absent for a lot of my life. He told me how one time he came to visit me in the ICU when I was in a critical condition. I had had an exploratory biopsy on the cantaloupe sized tumor in my abdomen and the surgeon caused a bleeding that they couldn’t stop. The doctors told my parents I would die from the blood loss and there was nothing they could do. My dad told me how he desperately prayed while I slept, bleeding and unconscious, in the ICU.

He told me that it was the middle of the night and that no one was around but he still heard some laughter from children come near him. He couldn’t see anything, but that children’s voices told him not to worry because they were always watching and taking care of me. I stopped bleeding and was awake the next day like nothing had ever happened. My dad never told me this story because he was afraid I wouldn’t believe it and would think he was joking and making light of my brush with death.

After my cancer and time spent in a hole of depression, I started my climb back up. I sought out programs like C2CAM, started learning more about spirituality, and became interested in a variety of alternative topics. I’m sorry Christians, but never did Jesus or anybody call me to the Christian way. I will admit to having been talked to many times during sleep paralysis by what I consider to be angelic entities. They have even expressed their intent to help me, heal me, and guide me. I have even seen the face of Jesus in meditation as I chanted the name of Krishna. The vision and emotion of seeing Jesus’ face leads me to believe that Christ and Krishna are one in the same as they are both rooted in Spirit.But I do not believe that angels and guardians are a Christian trademark only. Instead, I became deeply interested in meditation. I didn’t believe in psychologists and drug therapies as they never seemed to work for me before. In fact, I was horribly incensed at the apparent apathy many psychologists have shown me. No, I was going to climb out of this hole myself and meditation was the tool I would use.

I began to learn as much as I could from the Hindu community and sought out many supposed yogis and gurus and absorbed as much as I could from them. I have read 3-4 different commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita as well as several books and essays from various Yogis and Swamis etc. etc. etc. I visited Hindu temples and prayed before Shiva and Kali. I listened carefully with headphones to Mr. Noory. I began to hear of aliens all over again. I began to hear of things like “shadow people”. I couldn’t believe that these topics were being discussed! For so many years I thought I was the only one and often wondered if my sanity was at stake.

I began to hear advertisements from Mr. Noory about I heard them so many times before finally taking the leap and seeing what all the fuss was about. So, why tell the story now? Well, I was reading a post on the fire-hose page about somebody with a similar doorway entity encounter like I had. I am not convinced that what I saw was a shadow person. Too many textures and features for this to be a shadow.

However, I heard some search terms that pointed me in other directions. I spent all night researching different topics and heard many accounts of the hooded entity. Thank goodness for that search function! I feel like after nearly 10 years, I finally took a step in the right direction. I am overjoyed at being able to corroborate my testimony with other witnesses who risk the ridicule of trolls. I am now ready to put my neck out and offer my experiences so that somebody else may see this thread and finally feel like someone understands them and can empathize with their lifelong uncertainties.

I give a heartfelt thanks to the members and makers of ATS. It was a rough 10 years keeping these experiences bottled up for fear of being committed to the sanitarium. Now, I fear nothing because the previously unknowable is now researchable and knowable.

I do not want to see comments questioning my psychological fitness nor do I want to see postulations inferring that my experiences are due to suppressed childhood trauma. I have investigated all of these avenues and have formed my own conclusions on the matter. [Almost done..]
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 04:26 PM
I am aware I may have opened myself up to occultist attacks as I have experimented with things like tarot cards and pendulums.

However, I do welcome any input, insight, or support. I also encourage others to share their stories on my thread. I am still open to possibilities. Now, I can imagine you’ve read similar posts many thousands of times. Excellent! I’m tired of being the only one!

I did my best to proofread for errors, grammar, and inconsistencies to eradicate any confusion. If I left something out or you have questions—feel free to ask as I pay close attention to each post in my threads. However, I will not even bother with anybody trying to detract from my thread. I obviously cannot make my story any more credible than telling it like I experienced, perceived, and understood it.

[Done..Finished..Thanks for reading]

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 05:03 PM
what an interesting story. i don't really have much to say other than i've always been afraid of ailiens. i don't know why. i have recurring nightmares about them and i will never go camping or stay in a secluded cabin in the woods. for some reason my alien fears relate to being in the woods.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by pasiphae

Much of my research has led to me to Jungian archetypes over and over again. There is something about these "aliens" ingrained in our collective consciousness. It is something deeply rooted in our symbolism as a species. What it means--that's the million dollar question!

I, too, am afraid of going camping in the wilderness. I feel vulnerable. But I think that mostly has to do with watching movies and reading stories like The Communion. I have never actually had any experiences while out in the woods.

Edit: Also thought I'd mention that many tribal, shamanic cultures stay out of the woods lest they disturb the evil spirits that live there.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your post.
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 06:55 PM
9 flags and only 1 reply? That's a new one on me. Come on, guys, I know it's long and fantastical (but not fictional), but some sort of discussion would be helpful..or perhaps share your own very twisted tale.

I tried to keep it as readable and tolerable as possible in terms of length..and believe me, there is plenty I left out for the sake of keeping it a one-sitting read.

It would have been a few more full posts if I had even bothered to get into my sleep paralysis/ astral projection and meditation well as my lifelong synchronicities with 11:11 and 4:44 and other events.

I know it sounds a little too good to be true that I epitomize so many ATS topics..after all, that's what brought me here.

This is one case where truth is FAR, FAR stranger than fiction could ever hope to be, but I'm not going to write a biographical tall-tale..this stuff is only for the people of ATS.

I understand it gets tiring to read very long threads like this. A little feedback is all I ask. I'm not in it for the stars and flags...but for the wealth and wisdom of your responses!

Thanks again for any meaningful posts.
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 09:55 PM
Wow, surprised there are so few comments.

I read it all and I thank you for having the courage to share your story. It was very readable, you did a great job.

I wish I could offer you some words of wisdom, but I have no alien experience. Surely someone will be along soon that can offer you something.

Do you believe the aliens had something to do with your cancer? Either giving it to you or helping it to go away?

The square Michelin man is odd. Even odder that your mom saw it too. I THINK you said he showed up after you told the gray to go away because he scared you. Think he was trying to be less scary by being a human icon?

Anyway, good luck to you and your search for knowledge.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 10:18 PM
I have a question about the hooded robed thing. How tall was it? The reason I ask is because I awoke one nite to see something very similar in the hall, I never saw a face, it was just a profile. It only lasted a few seconds if even that. But it was short. I even got up to check on the kids to see if if was one of them.

Amazing story btw, looking forward to hearing more from you

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 10:38 PM
Great thread! Congrats on being brave enough to face the ridicule (that I'm surprised hasn't happened yet)! The only thing I fear more than spiders, is aliens. Not sure why, but, even outside having a smoke, watching the stars at night (live in the country, so lots to see), if I even think for a second about aliens or BEC, I get the hell back inside. My wife ridicules me for my irrational fear of aliens. S&F for you!
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 10:53 PM
Really enjoyed this read, I agree with a prior poster who stated this fear of strange beings is seeded deeply in our subconscious, or collective evolutionairy memory for lack of better words. You should draw some pictures for us, no matter the quality, just to give us a visual representation of your memory.


posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by NarcolepticBuddha

I read your whole post, and the story was riveting. I do not have any of my own experiences with aliens or the like, but I do believe they exist. The cancer thing is incredibly interesting to me; like a previous poster said, do you think they had something to do with it?

S&F! Very interesting, readable thread.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 11:22 PM
S & F for your bravery alone. This is a great thread and an amazing story. I feel for you as an abductee. This must have been terrifing. What do you make of all this? Do you ever remember traveling in space? Do you recall any symbols? Seek out and share.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by NarcolepticBuddha

How are you now? You are not alone!! I have been taken and saved by other beings. These beings exist! Are you still hearing anything? I believe you!! I hope you are doing ok, and I am on this site if you need me! I wish you happiness and peace!! NC

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by NarcolepticBuddha

I'm fascinated, but I have no idea what it might be or represent.

I had a similar experience, and shared it here my first thread. I was basically told that I was probably a trauma victim or a fake, which is fair enough I guess. The similarities are in our descriptions of the little old grey men.

When I posted that, I was at the end of my rope. Right after, my visitations stopped altogether.

Anyway -- I am rooting for you. I hope you get some answers. I never have.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 12:00 AM
Congratulations on sharing of your experiences. I have gone through similar experiences with fear of the dark, open doors, mirrors at night, beds need to be against 2 walls (head, side), sleeping under covers, sleep paralysis...I'm not many years from forty and I still sleep with lights on somewhere in my house or other. Very rare that I can sleep with the whole house unlit. I was never exposed to any alien stories in my childhood but I've had abduction type experiences since at least the age of 2,5-3. I've seen all sorts both as a child, and grown up and had what can only be called time slips, had the telepathic voices, dream invaders, out of body experiences. I've questioned my sanity, questioned other peoples sanity, learned about meditation, mediation etc etc....

I have no conclusion as to what it all means, all I know is anything hidden will eventually be revealed and that is what I believe....sooner or later I'll know... so for now I'm happy about every year that I get in peace and try not to expect anything either way

Thank you for sharing, a very interesting read

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by tport17

I'd like to say for anybody subscribing to this thread that I can't say with any certainty whether those Gray Men were actually aliens. I have no frame of reference for it. Likewise, the Hooded Entity makes me believe less that they were aliens and more that they are some sort of spiritual or inter-dimensional beings (terms I actually first learned on ATS; but had speculated on my own for years that this was their nature).

Yes, the "Boxy Michelin Man" was perhaps the most absurd part of my story
. When I saw it I couldn't believe anything so lame and silly looking could exist, let alone be standing next to my bed with a happy smile painted on its face. I do believe this was some sort of "disguise" for my benefit. Believe me, there is no way anybody could be scared of this thing!

My mom has taken up meditation with the help of some brain wave audio tapes. I prefer to do it the old-fashioned way with mantras, but she reports more imagery and visions with her meditation. She told me she began to fall asleep while listening to her tapes and the image of the Boxy Michelin Man flashed in her eyelids, stupid smile and all. She never heard my account of this strange being and certainly we've never heard of such a thing or seen it in any movies. Very peculiar indeed! (although I can't help but wonder if this is what Whitley Strieber was trying to describe when he mentions the short, mischievous robot looking thing. He doesn't provide very many details or descriptions of this one).

Yes, the cancer being diagnosed only weeks after the encounter with the Hooded Entity is very intriguing. I believe the cancer was spreading and metastasizing for many months beforehand though. I do not believe they had any part in being responsible for my illness. I do believe it was some sort of omen that I have not fully interpreted though. I have heard and speculated about many theories: 1) it could have been some sort of personified version of the illness and my psyche knew it was in dire straits with the growing cancer, 2) it may have been there to whip me into shape and start taking better control of my life (I was a bad little teenager in those days), 3) It was there knowing I would soon die (whether it was benevolent or malevolent is anyone's guess). 4) I have even been told that this may have been my higher self or guardian angel. 5) Insert your own theory and I will consider it.

Thanks for your post. But I would like to be very clear that I do not claim to be an abductee. I have no further memories to support this. I have no memories of UFOs or being taken anywhere for any reason. Just a few dreams and images here and there that may support this. But I'm definitely not claiming to be an abductee because it just doesn't seem to fit the bill. There are so many unanswered questions though.

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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by toolstarr

Thanks for taking an interest and I am intrigued to hear that you have seen a Hooded Entity. What was the nature of your vision? Did it surround any significant events in your life? You're welcome to share on my thread if you feel up to it.

I seem to hear a lot of people claiming to see very short Hooded Entities. Mine for some reason seems to be the only tall one. I would guess it was about my height..well over 5ft. tall.
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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by superman2012

Don't congratulate me just yet. It's easy to be brave while posting anonymously on ATS. I am not brave enough to tell anybody in my personal life. My mom is perhaps the only one who I've told and will ever tell. I can't even approach the subject with my older brother to perhaps get some details on our earlier life together.

I believe I have tried telling a friend here or there, just because I so desperately needed someone to talk to. Needless to say, they are no longer my friends because I have "weirded" them out and alienated myself (no pun intended). I think I tried telling a girlfriend once and that was enough for her
I could have really used someone's support.

I have tried telling another friend of mine and I often repeat the story because she is interested in fringe topics. She never takes me very seriously though. However, she has chosen to poison her body with drugs, alcohol, and carelessness so we are no longer friends because I disagree with that lifestyle.

Brave? No, sir. I still will not tell people for fear of losing them as friends (not that I have many good friends anymore). I can't tell psychologists or anybody who might question my sanity.

I have nothing to lose by confessing these stories to ATS and you guys have everything to gain from my personal testimony. It's a win-win for everyone.

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