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If there is a hell, could God change the system?

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 05:22 PM
"And the last shall be first and the first, last" and "the greatest among you will be the servant of all."

That describes a circular system, not a dual system of heaven and hell.

However, it could open up the possibility of a cataclysm making of our world, the gateway of hell, but then again, the conversation is continuing and the gospel continuing to be preached, the only distinction being that Christianity MUST stop preaching a "believe or be damned" message, and start preaching the message of the compassionate and merciful love and loving invitation of an all-inclusive Christ, who's righteousness and standard of justice and mercy (cross) caps or closes the circle, as the resolution to the problem of karmic debt.

Amen? (make it so?)

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 06:03 PM
I'm really glad I posted this thread, because the spirit is already conveying a deep relief. I was so troubled by those NDE hell accounts. Now the work will involve getting that out of the collective imagination, and in particular, out of Christianity, that wicked doctrine which would rob people of the freedom, to freely love, as we are loved, whereby love may abound and accumulate in the framwork of the brotherhood of man, where people will know we are Christian, not by our proseletizing, but by our love. And the all-inclusive Christianity will also be highly tollerant of everyone's freedom to approach God on whatever terms work for them, recognizing that when Jesus said that no one can come to the father but by him, that he meant by the spirit of the living God of which he was filled to overflowing without measure, so no one CAN enter into the kingdom life absent that same loving spirit infusing their heart, so it's already well "guarded" quite naturally. It's time to get the devil out of Christianity because the strong man was already bound, and his domain or house pilfered of everything of any value, and there is no hell or possibility of hell in the love of God in Christ, the all-inclusive, cosmological Christ, may thy kingdom come and thy loving will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Enough with the duality. Let all who thirst come and freely drink the living water of eternal life. Amen.

Best Regards,

Your brother, and the bride, in Christ,


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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 06:40 PM
Because you see, if Jesus Christ didn't crash the gates of hell for the sake of love, then nothing was accomplished.

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 02:45 AM
Here's a good one

I think it's important to note also that for every single NDE of hell, because the people came back with their report, did not result (neccessarily) in their ending up in hell (they came back).

I find the possibility of hell disturbing, not as much for me, but for anyone.

I think if there's a devil, that he plays on what Christianity, or large swaths of it, have done with Jesus Christ in terms of that exclusive doctrine of you must accept Jesus or go to hell. Much of the NDE accounts make this distinction, that they failed to choose Jesus.

But Jesus is the gateway, of heaven, a door that opens, so what the hell's up with his church doing nothing but standing at the gate of hell, and well, who would want to get caught in the middle, let alone be FORCED out of fear, to choose Jesus Christ, that's devilish indeed.

And as to the devil, there's always a higher "double bind" capable of capturing demons unto the very prince of darkness, and rendering their power moot and void, surely there is, for God almighty.

Must we however at the same time come to have this enlightened understanding the lady talks about aquiring, to avoid a hellish domain at the very least of our own making, that's possible. Very possible.

It's hard getting older in my experience, because you lose access to that childlike vitality and joyful bliss, to a degree. But we all I think need to have our hearts broken from time to time and to repent and seek out G_d by whatever means.

Could the threat of hell be helpful at some level?!

Hmph..sigh, it's hard to say, because if there IS such a thing it'd be nice to know about, and how to avoid it, and if OTOH we're simply left to ourselves and how we treat others, if we create our own hells, that's something worthy of deep consideration. Yes some of us, me included, need to have a good cry every now and again, because we've all failed miserably in the matter of love, both in terms of giving and recieving.

But doesn't Jesus also not wipe away the tears from our eyes..?

And would people who've suffered an eternity of hell, not immediately start balling and repent if Jesus showed up, the strong man, bound, again, and his demons all wrapped up in a tidy ball.

What I'm thinking of here is a gate crash, and a relief from such suffering, and let's face it if Jesus ever DID show up in hell, demons would screech, and the devil himself would be bound before he even know what happened, with the whole universe bearing witness to the event!

Imagine the relief?!

And then down he goes into the abyss which means oblivion. Double bound by God.

Now, if such a thing were possible, and for God all things are possible, would this then, in the vacuum of "no more devil", leave us with a permissive framework, to sin?

HAha that's so funny!

Of course not. So we're good, if there were no hell, except maybe something very important that we all need to work out for ourselves in this life. Things we've been putting off for another day; aspects of our better self that we're forgetting or maybe have forgotten, perhaps..

Will we go to hell, otherwise? How can we, once we know the love of God? Once the mind and the heart changes shape it can never go back to it's original configuration.

So a very small threat of hell then could be very helpful..!

But the problem with something like hell is that, like weeds, it probably grows pretty fast, so after flushing the devil down the drain it would only make perfect rational sense to put us back on the karmic wheel where we still learn everything we need to learn, with our own miniature hells processed accordingly, instead of left in a state of eternal ignorance and terrible misunderstanding, without the possibility of relief, ever.

Best Regards.. and Good Luck!


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