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A Prophecy of Sun Bear (Prepper and Chippewa Indian)

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:20 PM
I copied this prophecy a long time ago and thought I would share. There is a lot of truth in what Sun Bear has predicted...

The Ojibwa shaman Sun Bear (d. 1993) was founder of the Bear tribe (Washington). In his book Black Dawn/BrightDay (written with Wabun Wind), Sun Bear gave warning of Earth Changes.

Sun Bear also described one of his Dreams of Destruction:

"Over a period of time I have had many, many dreams that showed the coming of the Earth changes... One reason that I organized the Bear Tribe as a rural-base community was because I saw in my dreams major destruction coming to the cities.

"I saw a time when the cities wouldn’t exist in their present state. During the changes the most dangerous places will be near cities with nuclear and chemical plants. But all major cities will experience a breakdown in services. In my dreams, I’ve seen great garbage piles on the streets, the electric service out of order because of storms and earthquakes, broken water mains, and no more gasoline because of a major breakdown of the system.

"I also foresee race riots in the big cities, with street gangs engaged in uncontrolled fighting against each other, using guns to get what they want. When there is no money to pay their salaries, the police will not be there to protect the people in the city. Instead, in one of my dreams, I saw the police banded together in groups calling themselves the ‘Brothers of the Gun.’ They were using their guns to take whatever they wanted. This is already happening in other parts of the world...

"I see the cities being hit by major epidemics caused by bad water, toxic chemicals, or other things...

"In my dreams,I’ve also seen wheat crops that had rusted. They had candy-like clumps of rust, a serious disease that was destroying the crops. There were great black birds like crows or vultures, just waiting. With nothing left to eat, these birds were scavenging bodies as humans died... In my dreams I see diseases like this continuing to cause great destruction...

"In my dreams I’ve also seen small bands of people living very close to the Earth. I saw that other people would come to join them, and they would embrace these newcomers. All they said to them was, ‘You have survived.’ There were no more ‘isms’ in the world --- not Catholicism, not Communism, nothing. We were all just human beings living on the Earth in a sacred manner...

"I see about one-fourth of the world’s population surviving. All those who do survive will come through with a higher level of consciousness..."

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 10:06 PM
If that's what our Mother needs to begin to heal I hope Sun Bear is right. It's time for us to be human again.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 10:57 PM
I agree with Sun Bear
since my youngest age i have sense this time coming
and that 2012 will be the yrs of changes
didnt had visions lol .. just a feeling quite hard to explain

Im surprise he didnt speak about the Galactic Alignement on the 21 December
the time where all survivor become Enlighten by this Galactic burst
will we evolve all into higher beings ? many say yes

or much more simply .. become a peacefull race that use only their inteligence in the best way
living like 2000 yrs ago .. with no electricity
we will become more green with the planet respect
recycling everything .. free energy to all house with bio fuel
everybody will have a garden with irrigation systems .. life would be perfect
no more evil and never to repeat the same mistake ever again

in the futur after 2012 we will call the before 21 december
the dark age where we had everything but nothing

The trumpets of Judgment have sounded they are literaly Alarms to warn people
everyone that have heard them mean that their area will be impacted the worst
now is the time where people decide ..
you move now away from where you heard the trumpet sound and dont take any chances
or you stay and make reserve of food and water

never done any reserve of my life ..
recently had the feeling inside me that i had to pack up reserves
with the idea it could help me or anyone that i rescue or help
my reserve keep getting bigger each month and i cant stop buying more
i even buy stuff that i dont like that much .. thinking i know people love that stuff
6 months ago returning from work and was very tired
something made me turn my car and buy for 200$ of survival stuff
with a big medic kit

ATS Preppers : The Time is Critical .. How big is your Reserve ? Share your Tricks !!,

Do you have your Survival / Preppers Kit ready ?? Time to share mine

when i think about all that stuff that i am sudenly buying .. im

and then i think about 2012 and all the signs i have see pointing to something big happening
better have all that stuff now just in case
if nothing happen and its only a normal day like all others
and next years is 2013 and not yrs 1
no need to buy food for months .. or i will give half of it to charity on the 25 december

the grocery store always have a box to the poor famillies

so my point is .. MAKE RESERVE because in the next 12 month you will need them
if a disaster happen near your cities .. or less worst just trucker going on strikes
all the grocery store can be affected .. we depend on them way to much
we should cook ourself more .. (learning to make bread)

Please be safe everyone and help the person beside you

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 01:07 AM
I read that book some years ago.
Sun Bear was one of my earliest teachers in earth philosophy and survival and I thank his spirit for that.
I just finished reading a thread about how the violence in Chicago is making it seem like Iraq.
Corn crops failing, infrastructure decaying - I'd say Sun Bear was right on.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 01:12 AM

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
I read that book some years ago.
Sun Bear was one of my earliest teachers in earth philosophy and survival and I thank his spirit for that.
I just finished reading a thread about how the violence in Chicago is making it seem like Iraq.
Corn crops failing, infrastructure decaying - I'd say Sun Bear was right on.

And Detroit about to go belly up as well....scary.

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