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Brutal Gestapo Tactics Are Being Used Against Homeowners All Over America

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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by SLAYER69
reply to post by jude11

S & F

Thanks for posting this thread. Quite an eye opener.

My taxes at the time of purchase were approx. 3,000/yr but after I put in a lawn and painted the building I was assessed at 10,000 for the next year...Because of IMPROVEMENTS and the value increasing as a result! My work, sweat, blood, tears and cash but I have to pay for permission to make MY PROPERTY more appealing? All that and not even on the town water or sewage? Go figure.

To be fair.
"value increasing" is not necessarily a bad thing. I sold Real estate for little over 8 years, that supposedly means your property value has gone up as well if you ever choose to sell said property. You were assessed for higher taxes based on your new home improvements which you should also be able to get some credit for in tax write offs as home improvements etc ...

But, I agree, It's a double edged sword.

slayer, here is the problem with that thinking. The house did NOT go up in value, they only "said" it did and as a result of their declaration more is owed. The king used to do this when he needed more money, "just asses the land again!"

Here is an analogy that may help. what if the IRS came you your house and said, "slayer, you're fit, smart, working well enough, but I think you can, can, earn about 20 percent more income if you worked harder, so we're adding a 20 percent surcharge because you are capable, capable, of earning more."

Asking price = nothing. Appraised value = nothing. Sales price is the ONLY actual value that can be measured. But since you don't own the land, you have no choice in the matter, you have to eat ^&%@ just like the say because they own the land. If this guy goes to sell his place and it sells for less then the city claims it is worth, does he get a rebate?

The part of this that bothers me is I can't figure out how owing 500 dollars in taxes means you give up all value in the home. If the house owes back taxes and is sold, then the ONLY money anyone other then the owner is entitled to is the 500 dollars. But all liens entitle the lien holder to keep it all. Scum.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by AlreadyGone

I don't like taxes any more than anybody else.

Sounds like you do, you get great value from them.

On the other hand, what I pay in property tax to the county is still less than what it would cost me to provide a private school for my kids and grand kids, cheaper than hiring a couple of guys with motor graders and tractors to scrape my road in winter and patch holes in summer, cheaper than paying someone with a bush hog to cut out my ditches and right of ways, cheaper than paying the monthly fees for security and policing my area, cheaper than my having to pay a waste industries to come and pick up my trash, cheaper than buying and maintaining a pool, a library, EMS services on demand, firetrucks and safety, maintaining lake front parks and swimming areas, picnic grounds, and probably a few others I am missing.

Sure, I could do without those things and live in an area with no taxes... but I work hard and I play hard... and I like those services. All that for about 500-600 bucks a year.... not bad.

Authorities are less efficient at providing these services than private businesses in almost all cases. For you to receive all these things for your 500 bucks a year it is because people with higher incomes and higher value property are paying more in tax than the value of services they are receiving. If you support the institutionalized threats of violence against these people to coerce them into involuntarily paying for all the free stuff you receive (as described above), then you can only be described as selfish and free-loading (not to mention your part in supporting violence against innocents).

posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by AlreadyGone

My anecdote on page 1 happened (is happening) in New Hampshire.

None of those "services" you speak of exist yet the taxes and relative scams (adjusting property values on the fly not being the least horrid) and applicable penalties apply.

That brings another thought to mind. How is that the taxing entity is also the entity that assess the value your property is to be taxed at? That just screams of corruption.

Anyway, there are only a couple of ways to avoid property taxes. First dont own any property. Second way is to buy property in an unincorporated area. They do exist. Trouble is that the property is going for 5 times what it would in an incorporated area and only wealthy people can afford houses there. The third way is illegal. Camping in national forests or off in remote backwoods areas. Everything is owned by somebody and sooner or later armed agents of one of any number of federal or state agencies will come looking for you. So though you may be living "tax free" your time to do so is limited and it will end with you either in prison or dead.

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