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The story of the poor boy with the bugle [LEWC]

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:55 AM
While I was walking in central London with some friends on a beautiful sunny day I saw this young boy actually a homeless and a poor person.He was sitting on the sidewalk and and with a big traffic cone in his hands trying to sing to it like to a bugle.

He was doing that for a few pence maybe a pound,I was sorry for him and help the poor was a matter of humanity and the soul.I watched him maybe for ten minutes sing actually try to imitate a trumpet with the sounds he uttered and in the same time I watched the reaction of the passers by.

A human with no past and with no future abandoned by all and by the society with no place to live.

Now the story beggins.

Over several days I was in Covent Garden area with the intention to make some shopping.

From a distance I heard those sounds like a lament and I knew that he was there.Actually that was his stable place where sat nearly every day.I gave him one pound and I watched again a few minutes.Everything seemed ripped from a movie.

While watching from a few meters I saw four young men approaching him and one of them very well dressed, a very rich and very young start talking to him.. The other three probably the bodyguards were standing around them but I heard the whole conversation and watched the scene.

The well-dressed wealthy child has made a proposal to the poor and said that he give him a hundred sterling pounds for let him to kick one foot in the head.

Of course he accepted on the spot and the wealthy took out of the wallet two £ 50 notes that gave it to him.

The force of the strike was so strong that I thought he died. He fell to one side and when he raised up he began to laugh.

This is something I didn't saw in my life,very cruel and unethical just to satisfy their devilish pleasure .Poor creature was hurt very hard but it made ​​ no sound he just started laughing.

He is still in the same place waiting for another well-dressed wealthy child to......

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