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OUTFRONT Erin Burnette - Straight face debate about Obama and Romni

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:22 AM
I was just watching OUTFRONT Erin Burnette on CNN. (they had that white haired guy with the glasses standing in for the girl) It's kinda comical watching this Straight face debate about which candidate, Obama and Romni, as to which is better.

What I was astonished by is the STRAIGHT FACES. Like I was trying to determine if the debate was scripted or live. Also was trying to determine if those straight faces they had were real or fake. But it honestly seemed like they were completely serious about they're views about the pro's and con's of each candidate.

They even went so far as to talk about which of the two they'd vote for. And no mention what so ever of any other possibilities other than left or right. Like talk about propaganada brainwashing at it's finest. Get everyone watching thinking left or right paradigm. I wonder if Erin and friends actually go home believing the crap they're saying live on the show?

Like if they don't they they need to go direct to hollywood as they could become top notch actors. Your thoughts.

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