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Britian releases UFO archives

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:36 PM
Heya, just came across this report.

Disclosure inbound?


posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:43 PM
Yeah, read an article today about a cop who witnessed some kind of diamond shaped UFO right over his horse at a Manchester United vs.Chelsea match, pretty interesting reading

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:55 PM
Did you read the article linked? This "release" of information looks more like disinfo to discredit the UFO phenomenon.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:58 PM
Britain started releasing some of there UFO files a couple of years ago. You can find them at

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 10:02 PM
UK media? I smell the stench of a roth$child stained string being slung! Try saying that 4 times real fast for your "2nd line".

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by kwakakev

And there's some pretty amazing incidents in those as well, regardless of disclosure (I wouldn't expect anything), some strange stuff has happened and is happening in our skies.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by rabzdguy
If people don't want to go wading through 100s of pages of UFO-related *stuff* they can skim through the highlights copy collected by Dr Dave Clarke.

Here's a few snips that ATSers might enjoy. They include MiB, abductions, Aurora secret aircraft and sightings by high-up military people...

Alien Abduction in Scotland (DEFE 31/189/1 p360-61) A report submitted to MoD in August 1992 by two men described a UFO seen over the A70 which “dropped a curtain of light across the road”. The men later underwent regression hypnosis and an alien abduction story emerged. This story is the basis of a feature film to be released later this year.

‘Men in Black’ visitation (DEFE24/2089/1 p471) A member of the public from Spalding, Lincolnshire who had reported a UFO encounter to police, later went on to receive a late night visit from three tall men dressed in black suits who “seemed to move silently”, according to a friend who witnessed the visit whilst hiding in the downstairs toilet. The men apparently broke in through the back door, before entering the bedroom of the UFO witness and having a conversation, the content of which was not overheard. The “petrified” friend locked themselves in the toilet until „men in black‟ left in a black Jaguar soon afterwards. When asked afterwards, the UFO witness did not recall seeing any „men in black‟ or encountering a UFO in the first place.

Sighting by RAF pilot 1958 (DEFE 24/2080/1 p160) RAF Air Commodore (Intelligence) Hugh Anthony Caillard, in a 1978 memo to the Defence Intelligence Staff, says “I have never dismissed UFOs as a figment of imagination and during some 5,000 hours of flying I have on one occasion seen an object, at the time (in 1958) I was flying across the [United] States at about 40,000 feet when I saw a brightly illuminated object greatly in excess of my altitude…at the time the civilian jet airliner had not had its debut and I reported the phenomena to an air traffic control reporting centre who accepted my observation as if were something quite routine!”

File DEFE 24/1987/1 (p199-201, 84-85 and 77-81) contains a lengthy briefing to No 10 on UFO Policy in 1998 after the author of the book A Covert Agenda, Nick Redfern, wrote to PM Tony Blair urging him “to consider making available for public scrutiny all of the many and varied UFO reports compiled by the government” that were being with-held from the public. The request arrived as Blair's government began to implement the white paper on Freedom of Information.

In 1998 copies of „Top Secret‟ minutes of the MoD‟s DSI/JTIC Flying Saucer Working Party of 1950-52 were opened at the Public Record Office, now The National Archives. A note in file DEFE 24/1987/1 (p158) says: “Oh dear! This makes our line „no interest „in [flying saucers] look suspect. I know not now but maybe then. Also make it look like we were in cahoots with the Americans on this subject”.

US hypersonic spyplane ‘Aurora’ The report contained references to a study of unexplained fatal accidents involving RAF aircraft over a 30 year period (DEFE 24/2090/1 p80). Some concern was expressed about a possible link to the crash of a Chinook helicopter on Mull of Kintyre in 1994 that some conspiracy theorists had linked to UFOs and/or the movements of the mysterious US hypersonic spyplane code-named Aurora (DEFE 24 2090/1 p126). Aurora and rumours about US black project aircraft flying in UK airspace were the subject of Parliamentary Questions by MPs Martin Redmond and George Foulkes in 1992. These followed reports published by The Scotsman and Janes’s Defence that Aurora was flying from RAF Machrihanish on the Kintyre peninsula. The Parliamentary Question file responds to reports of unexplained aircraft on air traffic control radar and mysterious sonic booms. Publicly MoD said they had no knowledge of the existence of Aurora but a background briefing (DEFE 24/2061/1 p1265) says UFO Desk Officers would “not be surprised if it did exist”.

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