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Blue Beings

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 08:25 PM
This is my first thread on this site. This is something that i would like to share and also see if anyone else has had encounters with, or dreamt of these blue beings.

Ok. So, i first became aware of these entities six years ago. I was going through an extremely difficult and trying transition in my life and up until that point i was a complete nihilist. The only point to my life was petty vandalism, drugs, and my art. I grew very desperate for some kind of spirit fulfillment, and began to pray to Jesus Christ. I fasted for over a month, quit everything except water and did nothing but pray and beg for my situation to get better. I stopped doing this after awhile when nothing happened. I didn't even feel heard. Back to drugs and breaking into local stores and houses. This behavior was not the cause of my desperation, it was the effect. I won't get into the circumstances of my personal situation, but take my word for it- i needed alot of help.

I began listening to delta and theta waves while praying out to the Universe, just in general. I would close my eyes and visualize the Universe and all the people and everything in it. I began to feel something, and one night two voices spoke to me. One was an older man, the other was a younger woman, i felt there was also another woman. They told me they were my main two guides, that they were always with me and that the third was there, but was also a guide for others. I began to cry, i could not see who the voices belonged to, but it wasn't that important to me, i trusted them. Whenever i pray, i pray to the Universe itself, and i can feel. I feel so connected and so much love.

I have since had two seperate dreams of these "Guides". They both start exactly the same: walking along the beach at night, watching the reflection of the stars on the ocean. When i look back to the sand, there is a large black cave with a staircase inside of it ( i can't tell you how many deams i have that involve a staircase, like to know what that means). In the first dream i walk up the stairs, down a corridor and into this big empty room. There are blue beings there, but i am disinterested and continue exploring around this cave. In the second dream, as i walk up the staircase, i look around and there are paintings on either side of me. When i reach the top, there are two transparent blue people standing behind this stand with a big book on it. When i go to look at the book, they obscure it with their hands and i look at them, the man is very old with a beard and the woman is younger and about the same height, what they both have in common is being tallish with very refined features. I felt like i knew who they were, i know that these beings are my guides, but somehow i know them on a different level. They told me a handful of things, i can only remember the part where they communicated that i was to be a part of this person's life that i was and still am with. They also said that there was a lot that i knew that were to be shared, especially with this person. I have no idea what those things are, and have not had any other dreams of these blue people.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by Starsuckers

Very interesting story OP. Glad your life turned around. Maybe staircases are a symbol for ascension? I haven't had any dreams with blue beings, at least that I can remember.

There are references to blue beings in this article:

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by PlanetXisHERE

Thank you for the link, that was very interesting....

"Responsible freedom of self-determination. Becoming truly self-confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for one's self, without being coerced to accept some higher authority."

That would be wonderful.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:35 PM

I've seen blue pearls, and blue entities. Hence my username.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 09:46 PM
What a beautiful symbolic dream.

Meeting of earth and heavens.

Keep looking inside and trusting.

You will see them again after all this is eternity.

posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 08:38 AM
I have dreamt of blue beings but I can hardly remember the dream it, I just woke up with a very peaceful feeling afterwards, blissful.
I just remember that the people in my dream were blue, a deep cobalt, and when I looked down I could see my hands and I was also blue.
I don't know what it means or remember any other parts really.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by Starsuckers

Hey this is my first post on here - your thread caught my eye and I knew I should reply.

I have had an experience with beings made of blue energy. It happened in a meditation a long time ago. I was somewhat fresh in the realm of metaphysics - had only been learning about things like this for a year or so at the time, had been practicing (and sometimes achieving) astral projection, meditation, lucid dreaming, and overall just being an avid seeker of knowledge in this realm of information.

I sat down for meditation with the intent to connect to expectations, just reaching out. I sat for close to an hour and got very, very deep, and felt like something was on the outer edges of my awareness, but I didn't feel like I could connect. After a while of this, I decided to call it quits, but before I did, I said (in my mind) "Alright, well I guess nobody wants to show me anything..." and WHOOSH - I started to get INTENSE bodily sensations - my body felt like it had electricity coursing through it, and there was noise along with it. I was instantly plunged into what looked and felt like a worm-hole. I was going SO so was like no sense of velocity I've ever felt. I can't even explain it. It was truly mind blowing. But anyways, this went on for a little bit and I could sense that the end of the 'tunnel' was coming, and I saw these beings made of blue energy/light at the very end, waiting for me. I got a sense of welcome and felt greeted by them. They shone with love and light, and I felt like their beloved child. After this, I went with just one of them on a grand journey...most of it I can't remember, and even if I could, my conscious earth-mind probably wouldn't be able to understand any of it. Even the parts I do remember - little clips - I can't really understand. But this being took me on what felt like a tour of parts of the universe, and taught me things. I would actually come back to my body every now and then, and I could tell it was under an intense load of energy - it would sort of relax as I came back, and I would have just enough time to rush through jotting some notes down - I did not plan the notes out, they just flowed out - and then I would feel the intense energy coming on again and I would know I was about to leave again - my awareness was shifting back to where I was with this being, and the journey would then continue. That happened several times, but the notes are long lost. They were mostly just exclamatory remarks pertaining to how all the belief systems that society had tried to feed me were complete BS and none of it was true or correct.

My entire belief system was deconstructed that cup was emptied, and I was shown things that I know I've seen before this life and they made total sense to me when I was was like he/it was reminding me...waking me up...shaking off all the BS that I had halfway picked up through my life. (I never fully adopted any belief system at any point in my life - they all seemed ridiculous to me - but basically what I'm saying is that all of the information that I'd learned pertaining TO belief systems on earth was shown to mostly be a bunch of bogus concepts that are either totally man-made and/or distorted/twisted forms of things that may have at one point in time been symbolic of a certain shade of truth.) And that in itself - knowing for CERTAIN that there was WAY more going on with reality than any religious material I'd ever come in contact with ever talked about - was of monumental proportions to me at the time. So, like I said, most of the notes were just an outline of new truths for me, and an emptying of the old things I'd entertained. I could in no way have written notes pertaining to exactly what I was experiencing on 'the other side.' Oh, how I wish...

But ahhh, anyways, yeah...I don't know if these blue beings are related in any way to the blue beings you experienced, but just thought I'd chime in with that.

Edit: Also, thought I should add - the beings were in the form of a humanoid body, but did not have any eyes, hair, etc - just blue light/energy in the distinct form of a humanoid form. They also seemed very, very large, but then at times when the one was leading me around, he/it would seem the same size as me. Hard to moment they seemed of cosmic proportion, but then in one-on-one situations he/it seemed to be of my size. I think it was more of a thing done for my comfort, or just for convenience.
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posted on Aug, 4 2012 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by DesykaLamgeene

Today is the first day i've been on my account here, so i was very happy to read what you shared- and i'm really glad that you had a positive experience with these light/energy spirits. I don't openly talk to all my friends about this anymore when i get the feeling like they're judging me, or it just slips through their ears because they don't have anything to relate it to personally, so they just aren't interested. I posted this hoping that i might get a response like yours, to add weight to my feelings about them, because you had also reached them through meditation-that tells me that indeed they are of a cosmic or spirit element,and that iam not the only one i know of to reach them. I'm completely positive that the blue light/energy beings i dreamt of are the same voices of my guides. I know this. But i would like to better understand them. I don't know why they were blue, or what significance that has, blue being? Or spirit? Or light? What does that mean? I don't think that's really important. I think what is important is the reassurance, that you can reach out and something- whatever it is, will reach back with love. Thank you so much for sharing.

posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 06:37 PM
Hello everyone,

First I would like to say I am thankful to have found this site to share some of the things I have been dreaming about that intrigue me and I will not be at an ease till I find answers to why these dreams? After persisting on trying to find anyone else experiencing this I found this place. Now, I can finally share my experience as to what I dream. I would like to say I might sound very crazy, but I don’t really care since I must just share it for the greater good of others. The first vision of a blue being was while meditating, I was not fully a sleep ( I meditate every night before sleep) I seen a blue three foot being with no apparent legs floating looking right at me with its big eyes. The look turned into a feeling as loving as it gazed at me like a mother to its child, it was dark blue with scaly colorful purple/green color shifting on the top of its head it was beautiful to me ( colorful like a fish). It communicates though thought I was able to hear what it was saying and it told me I carried its DNA calling me its child and its job was to watch over me? It said it’s always there but invisible to my sight, it showed itself to me just so I know not to be scared of the things to come in my near future. I am also familiar to that empty room you describe from your dream that is where the elders teach, I know because I occasionally go there and see four elderly blue beings, they are taller, slim, a lighter shade of blue almost sky blue, hairless, they dress with robes I am not sure if the ropes are very light gray or dark white. I really don't know why I see them with cloths? If the others in other paces don't ware them? they also communicate though telepathy and do have this great book? I could say that it intrigues me as much as it helps me understand myself as time goes. Most of the time I know I am being taught something but don’t remember what? I remember been there but don't remember what they told me? I just know that sometimes when asked I seem to know some things and understand what I see on television, hear on the radio, it's kind of symbolic and at the same time I feel awaken with no apparent fear right after a dream, but in deep thought. I know when the media are manipulating and controlling us with hidden agendas, at the same time I can see media that use it to communicate with each other. I‘m able to pick up on sings, symbols, numerical values, and hints? Still not sure why? I have put some thought into that and it doesn’t make any sense its frustrating to see that were against a giant and we are so little, still so small. Like a giant foot is stepping on our head and our blindness is our worst enemy. I just try my best to learn as much as I can and that’s why I am here today. Thank you for confirming I am not the only one having these buzzard dreams that just drive me to questions with few answers and that feeling of there’s more to life than just walking like zombies. We are not free.....

posted on Dec, 10 2016 @ 12:31 AM
a reply to: Starsuckers

My name is ronny alton , i am 32 years old and I have seen these blue beings. The ones i have had were not so loving and full of warmth. I was dreaming in 2011, just an average dream. My dream quickly changed scenery. It was all of a sudden focused on me lying in my bed asleep. I was watching myself sleep, when all of a sudden two glowing blue arms came from my bed and wrapped around me. Then as it latched onto my body it rested its head next to mine from behind me. It then proceeded to pull me from my body . I was panicking and forced myself awake. I immediately shot out of my bed , ran out of my room , hit my glass table and took a chunk from my leg and stopped in my guest bathroom. I was breathing heavily and sweating. My heart was pumping as if I had just been thrown from a plane. It didnt happen again for some time.

Another instance. I was asleep. My girlfriend had woken up to her son crying and decided to lay in his bed with him. His bed was next to ours so i could see them very well. I had fallen back to sleep. I was dreaming and then all of a sudden it changed scenery . I was looking at my girlfriend and her son laying down . All of a sudden , there was a blue glowing being standing there beside her and her son gazing at them . I thought that i was dreaming about this being again and decided to wake myself up. I had awoken , looked to the left of me and there he was . I yelled at him " HEY!!!" and pointed at him.He looked at me like he was startled. I shot out of bed and started chasing him. He was running , I was right behind him as he ran right through my wall. I hit the wall and fealt around the wall for a moment. It wasnt adding up in my head.

I dont know what it was. I dont know if im crazy . i know what i saw .i know what it fealt like. i know what i was chasing. These things are real.
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posted on Jan, 3 2017 @ 06:06 PM
a reply to: Starsuckers

My experience was not quite the same. It was on a Friday evening at 9 Pm when I came home from an artwalk.. I was depressed ...not for any particular reason but I was depressed.. As I sat on my couch planning to tune out the emotions by watching TV I felt a shift in the room. Suddenly a blue light being appeared 5 feet in front and two feet to the right of me. I remember the energy it emitted was a very pure, crisp, euphoric and loving energy....loving but not the love you would feel from this was pure.. It was about 5 feet tall and glowed from the inside out like a blue neon light bulb.. It was definitely human shaped. It looked at me ...showed me it's heart and showed me connected to my heart and the depression I had felt all of my life went away never to return. It disappeared but the residual energy lasted several minutes. Since then the presence has always been around me...sometimes whispering, sometimes showing me visions, sometimes just touching me...Friends who have visited me have also felt it's presence. The information it has given me has always been accurate.. There is a book that I would recommend reading... it is called "Sacred Encounters". Since my first contact I found about 35 others who had similar encounters...One was a hawaiin kakuna, who thanked me for reminding him about them... He said that they were involved with his initiation as a kahuna. If you are interested you can contact me directly...

posted on Jan, 6 2017 @ 01:14 AM
a reply to: RonnyAlton

You don't sound crazy. I've seen the entities spoken of in this thread (not acting like they do here). They were a translucent jelly like being that was blue. I saw them quintessentially on my ceiling. They used to speak to me and I could see it happening. They told me they live in sea like environments when they manifest physically. They are water energy beings. They're still there (they said that they appear where they do because this is the place the were formed. Something related to people who lived in my house in the past). They don't speak anymore and they don't really take humanoid form anymore. They did that just to speak English. They are now just quintessential 'blobs'. Anyway it seems like the 'spirit' has malicious intentions. Maybe try getting a bloodstone to put in the room or quartz. If it is a negative 'spirit' those will help keep it from manifesting its negativity. Also maybe try purifying the house by getting sage, putting it in some object (I like to use a clam shell for negative water energy) and lighting it on fire. Hold the shell with sage in it and think of what happened to you, some experience with the blue humanoid. Then think of it being pushed out of your mind by white light and think of that white light filling your house until the sage burns out. Hope it helps.

posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 09:59 AM
a reply to: RonnyAlton

Ronny Alton, I have had a very similar experience! I was staying in a hotel in China town NYC about 6 years ago and after going to bed I found myself at the foot of the bed looking at myself sleeping in front of me. When I looked to the left of the bed I saw a translucent light blue man with slicked back hair and wearing only a pair of boxers was looking at my sleeping self and he reached his arm out to touch my leg and I yelled "hey! What are you doing?!" He then looked at me startled and disappeared. I've never wanted to sleep in a hotel alone again.
Another time as a child I went into my grandparents living room while everyone was sleeping and I saw a group of similar beings milling about the room but these didn't have any features, just the shape of human form through a translucent ocean blue color. I hid from them then but wasn't very frightened. They've never spoken to me. I've always felt crazy about this too and would really like to understand it.

posted on Sep, 18 2017 @ 10:24 PM
I got an account just to comment on this. I was laying down in bed back in 2012 and a large energy being in the form of a curvy woman with flowing hair appeared above me floating parallel with my body. Her head was over two feet, she was big, and remarkably beautiful with skin that reminded me of galaxies, like it sparkled, but not like Earth sparkles. Idk, it was really beautiful. Anyways, she was floating there and she began telling me things, straight to my mind. No words or anything. I can't remember exactly what she said, because it was communication through energy, or emotion. It's hard to translate it. It basically felt like I was being told how much more there was. I can't describe it and that drives me nuts. So she was putting her energy into me to communicate and that's when a portal opened in my third eye and she took me into it.

Heads up, I don't have many stories like this, this was a really big deal to me and I have never experienced anything like this before or since.

So she takes me through my own portal and suddenly we're in space, looking down on time. I assume it was a fourth dimension, cause how else can you watch time? It was some other dimension at least. But looking down on time was like looking down on a series of parallel lines, and I can see all of these little beads of light traveling in different directions around these parallel lines. She explained to me that time is stagnant and that we simply move through it. She showed me how our bead of light was our existence on our timeline, and how other parallel universes went through time differently. I remember being in awe looking down and thinking that everything I knew, our entire universe or possibly Multiverse was in that one bead, and to this day I still think about how many other beads there were. I don't remember much about how we got back to my room, and I don't remember much else. I wasn't intentionally meditating but looking back on it I realize that I most likely was, I'm not really a person that meditates on purpose it just kind of happens.

Fast forward four years. Two years earlier my partner and I had our first son. Starting around when he was two he started telling us that he had an imaginary friend called Tendi. I never thought much of it, but I was a little weary as I've heard stories about evil entities entering people's houses through Imaginary Friends. Anyways, as time went on there was another visitor that he called the blue man. I never considered a connection.

Fast forward to yesterday. Basically, my son told me that Tendi was blue, with blue hair, and blue skin. I started asking him some questions, and I was floored by his responses. He described her as being a very large being with blue sparkly skin and long blue hair.

Not sure where I'm going with this, I wish I knew more about these beings. Does anyone have any other stories from history, or a name for these people? I'm so curious.

Another fun tidbit of information, is that both my partner and I have dark hair and brown eyes, my son was born with blonde hair and blue eyes.


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