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The Most Damning Documentary Showing Proof That 911 Hijackers Were Govt. Agents!!! MUST-SEE

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 02:57 PM
Anything obvious was meant to be obvious.

9/11, more that the day itself, was a symbolic ceremony and ushering in of the
beginning of the endgame that included the long planned and methodical
destruction of the dollar, leading on to the ultimite destruction of the U.S. itself.
(which has been long infiltrated and used, over the course of the last century,
as sarcrifial recruits/frontmen/scapegoats/cannonfodder for the real Empire building
Agendas of the Powers behind the powers).

9/11 as an event was completely faked, and all this obvious and incriminating
evidence 'uncovered' was inserted into the script in this manner intentionally.
They want Americans to rebel (at the appropriate time) against their set-up
government and structures, bringing about disintegration from within, and combined
with the collapse of the dollar, total destruction is assured.

9/11 conspiracy itself was designed as a distraction, and ultimitely an incrimination.
But a much greater game is at play.
What really began on 9/11, and has continued since only to culminate soon, is the
demise of a tool they have used to good purpose since 1912..
They have produced all the fake money they needed, and used it (with U.S. muscle) to
acquire vast portions of the worlds resources and hard assets. They have infiltrated, at the
very highest levels, every country in the world.
Now is their time to move on (East), to destroy the evidence, and to introduce a new and
better system into all their territories. The patsies will take the fall in the west, and this
destruction will be seen to be well justified (from experience) by the new eastern centre
of population.

Combined with appropriate deployment of troops and some of their advanced technology,
all should be ready for re-design and restructuring within a relatively short span of time.

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