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Armstrong Seeks Jury!

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 04:37 PM
Mods, I took some time and looked through a lot of search results for this. I could find 04 and 09 stories but I could find nothing dealing with these events for July, 2012.

I honestly didn't realize just how deadly serious this all is for Armstrong. I knew he was in trouble and from what I gathered, largely over B.S. allegations. THIS, I didn't know:

USADA has notified Mr. Armstrong that unless he initiates an arbitration proceeding with USADA under USADA’s rules by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, July, 14, 2012, USADA will strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and all other cycling victories and accomplishments and impose a lifetime ban on further competition, including banning Mr. Armstrong from competing in certain triathlon competitions in which he now earns a living.

Yikes !

So.... What the heck? Read this next part and someone explain??

Throughout his twenty-plus year professional career, Mr. Armstrong has
been subjected to 500 to 600 drug tests without a single positive test. Mr. Armstrong’s
drug testing has included urine testing and blood testing. These tests have been
conducted by a variety of anti-doping agencies, including USADA. These agencies have
tested for substances professional athletes are banned from using, including erythropoetin
(“EPO”), anabolic steroids, and testosterone.

Do.. He's clean. He's always BEEN clean and no proof exists otherwise. Recall that first part. The USDA isn't saying they start proceedings on 14 July. They say they are TAKING everything he's gotten, ever will get and his ability to earn a living. based on???

Defendants now seek to ban Mr. Armstrong from competitive sports for
the rest of his life and to strip him of his seven Tour de France titles based, not on
positive drug tests, but instead on what is referred to as a “non-analytical positive”—i.e.
allegations not supported by a positive drug test. On June 12, 2012 Mr. Armstrong
received notice of a request sent by Defendants to the USADA Anti-Doping Review
Board to authorize formal action against Mr. Armstrong and five other individuals for
alleged anti-doping violations over a 14-year period from 1998 through the present, as
well as allegations about events prior to 1996, more than sixteen years ago. Defendants’
allegations lacked specificity of precise dates or years. Defendants claim that violations
occurred over the course of an extraordinarily broad, sixteen-year period that stretches
from the present to before 1996. Alleged violations involve four different teams;
however, Defendants charged only one rider: Mr. Armstrong.


This is a very lengthy court filing and I found the entire thing worth reading. If nothing else and if someone just hates this man on general principle, the USADA is still convicting him 'because they say so' with about as much proof as can be pulled from thin air.

It goes on in pages 10-12 to describe how the USADA and DOJ worked for the past couple years to build a case on him. Any case, apparently. Even DOJ had to drop it and USADA moved alone 2 months later, it indicates.

Further along, it goes into much more detail about how this was pursued and just how baseless this really is.

Finally, one of the overall points here seems to be that there is no legal framework he is obligated by agreements to follow in arbitration...unless he agreed to it now. Then he's giving them all the rights they don't have to do to him what they can't legally do now. I'm glad he's fighting this with all he's got rather than taking the 'offers' they are seen to make, as mentioned later in the filing papers I linked.

In short, it seems he's guilty because he really can't win so many times..and he MUST be taking SOMETHING or he wouldn't win. So...suspecting means assuming means finding means guilty means they take everything.

I say this means the U.S. needs an enema. We have a nation full of crap that needs blown out the back door with all possible pressure behind it.

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