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Illuminati music video

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 02:15 PM
Like allot of others, i have been roaming this site forever, just never made an account...

I have a video link to share about a rapper called Mac Miller. He published the music video to youtube on the 4th of july, titled America.

Not to sure where im gonna go with this but i had a few things to point out... (im sure im going to miss some too) thats what you are all here for

Well it's obvious that he is trying to show symbolism + his lyrics in his video towards the illuminati, but im not too sure if he is doing this as a way to make money or he joined the Illuminati. If it was money he will prolly make a ton, it was a smart move, kids will eat this up... but id guess for both, fame and the moeny in return for the followers in the hands of that organization...

I wanted to read the lyrics and found that one of his verses is not in the video, which has me on the fence about him joining.

1.) "First you lose you mind then you lose your soul" Well dont you sell your soul to the devil? and the part about losing your mind... uhh Bush didn't turn into a pupil blinking lizzard over night did he?... lol

2.) In the beggining of the video the concert board says "MAC MILLER SOLD OUT" which brings me back to point 1 about losing your soul only adding to his missing verse in my eyes.

3.) Not much of a debate as to why he joined the illuminati, just wanted to point it out, or maybe he gained knowledge!?!?!

"in a room filled with holographic images, path is limetless" skip foward "Pain is a funny thing if you can't figure out the source" skip again "unitl i figure out the perfect world, the lonely one"

So i start thinking about the statment "this world is what you make of it."(applying to point 3 qoute 1 & 3) Plus the show through the wormhole episode about how we could be a computer program. epp of ep needed but too tired to look up(point 3 qoute 3)

Or Steven Hawking's statment about how information is stored in a black hole... Oh ya the wormhole epp about how every black hole is another universe like our's (somwhere along those lines) Ya i didnt get much sleep after watching this, it has been jogging my brain all last night, so sorry if im making no sense at all...

Point 3 qoute 2, about the pain and the source. Maybe he is talking about being the only person alive for all that we know. In through the wormhole episode "is the universe alive", there was a reashearcher who talks about the universe is only in existance in our minds, and relating to knowing that evryone around him is just a figmant of his imagination. Which made me think about being lonely and dying alone. Also it makes me think of the observer statement in quantum mechanics but im not sure what im getting at with that... Aww im getting sleepy |O

This video is filled with triangles, pentagrams, third eye, ufo shapes and what not... just enjoy, or not!

uhh did this not work? try the link...

Mac Miller

What did u think?

A little about me

Well u obviously realize im bad at writing/spelling/thought process, not hard to tell! Not my strong suit..
Lol i really like through the wormhole, hahaha another DUH, but i like to hear what is current in the feild of theoretical science! It has always sparked my interest, and it feels good to hear that there are some people trying to better the human race rather than living in an idocracy, lol that movie is pretty funny at times. Umm belief in aliens is a meh, i like to think we r not alone but who knows how developed it is! But dont get me started on the pyramids and then Machu Picchu! My opion is based off observation and it constantly changing... So without proof of how those stones were put there or made with that amount of precision or built in that time frame, ill just have to belive what they taught me in school, everyone knows it was put there by slaves rolling the rock by wood! jkjkjkjkjkjk

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 02:17 PM
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