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Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years

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posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 01:05 PM
Dear ATS Readers, Writers,

Search showed nothing, so a new thread..

I can't help but wonder WTF officials are/were thinking when they decided to close this hospital down!

This country has a TB outbreak going on, and has been going on for some time. Drug resistant TB has been showing its ugly face here.

THIS is one of the reasons nations need to control immigrants, and at least make sure they are disease free, or cured, or in a treatment program, SOMETHING!

Health officials in Florida hastened their closure of the nation's only dedicated tuberculosis hospital on cost-cutting grounds as one of the worst outbreaks of the deadly disease in 20 years was taking a grip on the state, it has been revealed

It states that politicians were NOT informed about the worst outbreak in decades going on when they voted on it..

Hmmm, dont know about you, but I have known for quite some time about TB and its more deadly mutations becoming way too common in the USA... but these politicans werent ok...

OK... with this story and MANY along the same vein medically speaking...I suspect there is a non spoken agenda in all of these stories.

POPULATION REDUCTION........ let nature do what so many elites want accomplished, with a little help from bio labs making the disease MORE deadly in some cases.. In other cases of a disease, they quit making a medicine that works. Or make it so expensive, the peasants cant afford the curing treatment.

With 85% of the doctors threatening to quit their practices over Obamacare... I wonder what the picture of this nation will look like in ten years time?

A life expectancy of 45 ripe old years!?!?!? If yer lucky??

I met a doctor in Phoenix area...yep.. already has closed his clinic except to his long time patients. Why, Obamacare..was HIS reasoning.. and he was also thinking about LEAVING the USA. Many of his professional associates were thinking the same according to him.


As a result, patients once deemed too sick for contact with the public were released into the community and others newly diagnosed with the disease, mostly from the homeless population, are being put up in local motels in an effort to keep them on their medications

I keep reading the above about a number of issues in the USA.. turn em loose into the PUBLIC, where they are now allowed to spread a terrible disease, or condition to the unsuspecting public!

Sorry, but I cant come to any other conclusion than its a plan, and approved by higher ups... because it makes NO SENSE to this peasant!

Anyhow, hope it isnt a repeat thread and the trolls come with pitchforks and torches...


posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 01:45 PM
I have friends and family in Jacksonville, FL...thank you for posting.

I found some more news here: Source



Meanwhile, an important hospital for treating tuberculosis was closed, and the state is having a difficult time treating the outbreak since it has spread mainly in homeless communities and other dorm living situations. Now, just 253 of the people possibly exposed to TB have been located, and there are indications the strain has moved into the general population.

I was first going to respond: only 13 deaths in 2 yrs...

But then I read the link above:

The CDC was brought in, and revealed just how bad the outbreak was in an April report. By then, the strain of TB had been linked to 13 deaths and 99 cases, and as many as 3,000 people could have been exposed—but the report was never seen by key decision makers in Florida, and the public was not informed until June, by which point the strain had reached other parts of the state.

posted on Jul, 11 2012 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by relocator

Greetings Relocator, ATS Readers, Writers,

Your post is along the lines of the point I was trying to make... it is spread out farther than anyone wants to admit!

Once it gets to a certain "tipping point"... it will be pretty hard to stop from going hog arse wild! (IMHO)

Here is a couple of links about "similar" medical stuff news stories, that in my untrusting sure appear to have a trend or agenda behind all of these type of news stories.


The above is about: " Elderly patients are being 'deprived of food and drink so they die quicker and free up bed space', claim doctors."


The above is about: " Tories plan to axe pensioners' benefits "

Stories along the lines of the above two, are quite commonplace. SO commonplace, that one tends to gloss over them, or not even read them, as they are that common.. People forget quickly.. ALL of these stories ALL the time point towards a trend.. or agenda... while using the economy as an excuse.

Yet while arguing the need to save money, the states will do something crazy like California's approval of a 16 BILLION DOLLAR Fast train.. 800 miles of track, etc..CRAZY! Yet, California is basically bankrupt already! WTF??

So as usual they say one thing, and do the opposite out of the other pocket! Meanwhile, the "crime" is still committed, and the agenda or goal continues on unabated.

There are other diseases and problems health wise that seem to be getting shoved to the "back of the bus" in this country, and most likely other countries too. Chugas disease from a sneaky bug bite that ruins your heart over time. And a host of STD's, that are getting real hard to cure as well.. these result in premature death, AND perhaps another point to make.. sterility, or extreme difficulty in having children most of the time..

It's all about population reduction I think... behind the curtain, of course.

After I posted the above, ANOTHER ATS writer/poster sarra1833 posts about closing down .

Her thread is HERE:

Same old stuff, same old agenda IMHO...


edit on 11-7-2012 by pravdaseeker because: added ATS thread from another ATS writer

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 07:39 AM

Stories along the lines of the above two, are quite commonplace. SO commonplace, that one tends to gloss over them, or not even read them, as they are that common.. People forget quickly.. ALL of these stories ALL the time point towards a trend.. or agenda... while using the economy as an excuse.

I agree...just look at this thread and how many responses have been posted...

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