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Media Blackout on Huge Protest in Mexico

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:37 PM
I can tell you all in the last two weeks I have heard the word revolution, and civil war thrown around. THe ghosts of Pancho Villa, and Emilliano Zapatero have been invoked. Pena Nieto was elected with 38% of the 75% who voted

This means he has more than 80% of the population now against him, yet he is still president

HOW is that democracy????

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by aaguedaa
Thanks for that link. I see early on in the thread Alfa1 pointed out that this happened on Saturday, so now I am wondering if protests are still ongoing or not.

I left a comment in Spanish at that website inquiring on the situation. A poster above pointed out a caller on C2C made some wild claims about what's going on there, it would be nice to validate those, wouldn't it?

There are still arguments here as to whether or not there is a media black out... Let's look past that and seek out information that is relevant to the protests - Debating whether or not this is a blackout won't help us learn about what's happening down there.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by Sek82

Yes but the point is why so many media outlets are ignoring it, and they did and still are.


posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by Sek82

There is more going on than people know, and there is more planned. that is for sure.
15 of Jul there is a mass boycot of all companies associated with the PRI planned. apart from that protests are happening on a daily basis across all of Mexico.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by ColoradoJens

They are ingnoring it because "their man" is now in power. As I triend to stress in my first thread this new presidente is fully FULLY controlled by the NWO.

Soon the wheels of the NAU will move into action.

you watch

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 04:43 PM
It would appear the real numbers are in the tens of thousands and not millions but why split hairs? That and if it's not being reported why did I know about this before opening this thread?

The whole thing appears to be about vote buying using gift cards, not fraud in the polling place. Apparently to do that is legal there as long as they don't require the person the give the gift to to vote a certain way, but that of course is ridiculous.

Her e is a report from the Marxist favorite news source, MSNBC

Tens of thousands of protesters, many holding hand-written placards, marched through the Mexican capital on Saturday against President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto, accusing him of buying votes and paying off TV networks for support.

From the photo's the masked anarchists are in on it. We all know how they count numbers. If a hundred show up they say a thousand. If a thousand show they say tens of thousands. If ten thousand show they say millions. Then they break some innocent persons windows, set an innocent persons car on fire or steal stuff while pretending they are protesting for a cause.

It's a shame they invade legitimate protests like this one. The little masked cowardly creeps.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by Jerisa

Here's my perspective. Why is it that in many countries of Earth's area do we have a dichotomy of Right vs.Left? What's the credence that lends to such mentality in voting? Why doesn't a third (or fourth) alternative become the vote of the populace? Is it indoctrination in religion? There is some kind of gerimandering going on here on a global scale. Don't you see it? Any thoughts?



posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 09:35 PM
I have a question. And I apoligize in advance if this is dumb , . I don't follow Mexico news. (or Canada)

I was listening to a conversation today between two hispanic co-workers, who were discussing this very subject. They made it sound like this is something that happens every election. They were saying that the buying vote situation has been going on for years. They said that this kind of retoric happens all the time. The loser blaming the winner. But the truth is, they all do it. They claim the only reason this time is different, is because of the media coverage.

Could someone address this. At first the threads were talking about No coverage. Then we determined that in fact there was a good deal of coverage. So is this story a non issue. And were blowing it out of porportion here.

Thanks for replies in advance.
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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by Kratos40
reply to post by Jerisa

Here's my perspective. Why is it that in many countries of Earth's area do we have a dichotomy of Right vs.Left? What's the credence that lends to such mentality in voting? Why doesn't a third (or fourth) alternative become the vote of the populace? Is it indoctrination in religion? There is some kind of gerimandering going on here on a global scale. Don't you see it? Any thoughts?



Well, I know here in my community, it's how you're raised. Which in my opinion is totally insane. The thought process (or lack of it) is "well my parents are die hard (Liberal/conservative) so I am too. I have seen this time and time again.

It's like having a family full of Hab fans and being a Bruin fan. The arguements are endless and go nowhere.

I wish people would think for themselves and not "go with the family flow". The NDP did really well in the last election, but to ever see an NDP Prime Minister would be impossible, unless of course they came from Quebec, because most Prime Minister's have come from there.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 02:27 AM
Hey guys I have to tell you this is TRUE

I live in Mexico and most of the people is very angry because of the elections, and its true too that the media is covering everything, its Televisa who is at service of the party who supposedly "won" the elections, the P.R.I. and the one who`s been in the power for almost 70 years, before the last two elections...

But its True that there are certain movements fighting pacifically for a free media and transparency with news and information in general for every citizen, it is named #Yosoy132 and it was formed when the fraudulent president was on campaign in a meeting with students at Ibero University, but suddenly the students knowing the corrupt and awful candidate opted for make him run out of the university, here are a few videos about the movement that the media in general is not showing:

This one is in english, but i dont know how to embed vimeo videos.

These ones have subtitles in english

Here is a video where the movement was near that ¨famous wedding" and they yelled and screamed to the fake and media black out act, because that day when the wedding took place, people around the country was convocated to a national march against imposition, but again... the media never showed it.

I need to mention that the presence of Anonymous is very interesting, because they are talking to the mexican people through videos like they used to do and people is reacting very good to that and they are preaching like everyone else or the other movements like #yosoy132, that this is a revolution! but a pacific one! a new one! And people is getting comunicated in every way of whats happening through facebook and twitter, its amazing how is being used and the powerful weapons that are information and being comunicated with everyone instantly!

Right now people is marching on the streets at an inimaginary level against the imposition of that president, its true when they talk about millions maybe, because its too many people indignated about the electoral fraud around all the 32 states that conform the mexican republic.

So I hope you get to know a little more because here in Mexico the Media is not showing the magnitude of the situation, Believe me theres a TRUE media Blackout!!

Stay Informed.

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 03:59 AM

Originally posted by spoonbender
reply to post by Jerisa

Op not sure what to make of it
this is the description on the vid
from YT page

All the footage I can find right now all the commentary below is in spanish use google translate..............reports of 15 million people in all different city's around mexico ! Media Blackout !, there tired of the corruption with government officals and taxation among other things[short version]
More About Mexico Protest If you want more info about what's going on try researching about the student movement "yo soy 132" and also there are thousands of videos on youtube that people uploaded the day of the election showing Peña Nieto's people buying votes and doing lots of other illegal things. If you need anything else send me a message, thanks again for sharing the news with your subscribers

could be anything
if I didn't know better
I would say the popes visiting

It's more then just this video. I've been following Mexico's protests because of OWS.
Tens of thousands of Mexicans protest

A comrade from Mexico sent us this message, we repost it :

"Hello, could you please share this information about what is going on in Mexico...this is all about corruption and how politician´s treating their nation.
In Mexico will be a huge protest very soon but the television is saying nothing about what is going on there. This is not the first time that this happened in Mexico and government will be using violence. But if we spread this message all over the world they can´ t do that.
This is very important.

pre election's day:

pro PRI .( allegedly winning party) supporters began a campaign around the country to buy the poorest mexican's citizens votes.

elections day (july 1st 2012)

PRI, enrique pena nieto supporters (winning candidate because of the most retarded scam in world's history) supporters were positioned all over the country to intimidate voters from other parties' supporters. also these scum bags use the police against people who were against them by incarcerating them, or by giving them money, cell phones etc etc etc. for their vote.

also these wastes of life after the elections were over stole the elections packages were the people casted their vote. these packages were burned . in addition, in several voting sites, people were not even allowed to cast their vote because for "unknown reasons" (the worst scam in mexican history and the most retarded one and obvious one, even for the lower classes) there were enough ballots for them. my #ing ass is white, and im black.

post election's day, hours after the end of the elections (july 1st 2012)

after the presidential elections ended ( 5pm ) only few hours after (considering that in a nation of 110 million inhabitants, millions of votes cant be counted that fast) only few hours after opposing candidates (part of the scam) PAN (jvm, josefina vazquez mota) Alianza ciudadana (gabriel quadri) accepted their loss for becoming mexico's next president. Felipe calderon (mexico's current president, of course totally corrupted as the entire government) without having official information (for obvious reasons, come'on the elections finished hours ago) declared PRI's candidate enrique pena nieto as the new "elected' mexican president.

this is mexico's sad reality, share this message, thank you for your help.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by crappiekat

To an extent you are correct. However I assume that your co-workers are not currently in Mexico. Although there is an amount of shouting that goes on before and after the election. this time it is hysterical. Mi Suegra, (mother-in-law) veteran of many election said to me that although this goes on. She has never in all her years seen anything like this.

From what I can see, it is all over the country, not just in the Zocola (Mexico City) From Tijuana to Oaxaca there are protests, and the students are angry, VERY angry.

Just do a Youtube serach for #yosoy132 and you will see what I mean.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by crappiekat

Hi there!

What your co-workers were saying is true, the buying of votes and tons of other fraudulent activities surrounding the presidential elections has been happening in Mexico for a while. That is exactly why more times than not the "loser" complains about it.

It is also true that all parties give out "goodies" to try and get more votes, that in fact is LEGAL in Mexico. At the end of the day, the vote is supposedly secret, so you should be able to vote for whoever you want even if you accepted a present from a party you do not support.

What is illegal, however, is to go WAY over the allowed budget to "give out" things IN EXCHANGE for votes while making sure (by illegal means) that the voter actually followed through.
That's exactly what the "winning" party did this time around. They had little kids go into the voting booth with people to make sure they voted for the PRI; in some booths they would even keep the voter's official ID until the voter came out of the booth and presented them with a cellphone photo of the ballot confirming they voted for PRI. In some extreme cases people that were found to have voted for one of the opposing parties were beaten.

If you're interested in reading about some other ways the PRI allegedly bought votes please read the news article I liked to on my last post (I believe is in page two of this thread).

With regards to the media blackout, there is definitely a HUGE media blackout for how big this event has gotten. In Mexico some relatively independent news channels are talking about it, but the two most popular ones are not. THE MAIN TV network in Mexico was broadcasting the wedding of one of the most popular Mexican comedians instead of the huge protests. I believe some one here already posted a youtube link to a video of the wedding in which you can hear the protests going on outside in case you're interested.

Based on your recount of the conversation btwn your co-workers it seems to me that what they (and sadly some Mexicans) are still yet to grasp, is that the protests are not to support the "losing" party, yes, some protesters support AMLO but some others don't, the protests are to let the government know that we are not going to allow them to do whatever they want with our country, Mexicans what a REAL DEMOCRACY! we are sick of just sitting back while fully knowing the people in power completely ignore the wishes of the people.

If you try to see the bigger picture you'll see that these protest aren't only about Mexico, they are about PEOPLE GETTING TOGETHER to fight a system that does not seem to care about our well being at all.
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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by Sek82
Lots of people jumping to correct the "blackout" claim, but let's take a look at the front page of MSM sites. No mention of Mexico on Fox, CNN, MSNBC... So here it's more of a brownout.

Are Mexican media outfits reporting on it? If not, it is a blackout.

I would think that something of this magnitude would be receiving the same amount of coverage as the Arab Spring yet this is not the case. It is definitively a brown out to say the least.

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 04:50 PM
Good Post Lot of the feed back is in line what i am thinking.. we have a lot to lose if we let this power hungry group of people get away with what they are doing. I am a Half assed preper part of this reason is my wife she is like the other 80 % of the country she does not believe anything is or will happen. even tho she can see little signs here and there. My wife is a director of finance for a level one trauma center, other day she tells me the Army was practicing touch and Goes with a Army Black Hawk Medical chopper on the Hospital Hela Pad. and they have been putting up barricades around the hospital and added more locking doors to the trauma center wing

posted on Jul, 20 2012 @ 10:34 AM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
It would appear the real numbers are in the tens of thousands and not millions but why split hairs? That and if it's not being reported why did I know about this before opening this thread?

This was my first thought. 15 million looks like a cooked figure. But it looks like I was wrong. 15 millionss was a figured pulled out of a misquote. I've found this line, on an aljazeera article.

Street protests in 2006, backed by Obrador who camped out in the Zocalo, Mexico City's main square, were a "peaceful movement of civil resistance", PRD spokesperson Camerino Eleazar told Al Jazeera. "The main objective was to channel the energy of 15 million who were disappointed and felt defrauded after the decision of not reviewing ballot boxes."

This is the only reference to 15 million people protesting I can find. I'm guessing that someone has seen that firgure without reading the article fully, and got all exited and started touting that as an official figure. everyone else has stuck with tens of thousand, some daring to say 50k. But nothing like 15 million, not even country wide.

I know media plays figures down, and protesters play them up. But that's too big of a leap in anyone books.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 04:52 AM
got this source from my buddy regarding a media ban on what appears to be massive demonstration against the government ....any truth in it

would like to hear from Mexicans to confirm or dismiss the
source article

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