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The Afrikaners and Boer people: The "white tribe" hunted by the crown, and heading for extinction!

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posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by twtankhamwn

Originally posted by Asktheanimals

Originally posted by twtankhamwn
Why don't you try going back to Europe? I'm sure the indigenous don't care much for you all after genocide, and then aparthied.

Boers are NOT AFRICAN people. You are the descendants of genocidal colonists. Just like American British or European is(not)real Jews. You destroy entire civilizations and then get indignant at the very suggestion of "Africa for Africans".

Nobody wants your "civilization", we didn't ask for your "experts", and you created the problems in the first place your "experts" try to solve.

Why not get out of our countries and see if Indigenous-European relations don't improve?

By your same logic Europeans should be calling for the removal of all non-whites. Send all the muslims. blacks, asians and middle easterners back to their "homelands" (wherever that supposedly is).
Just try that and see what kind of remarks people make about racist .
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Not quite...
The "non-whites" have not come to your countries raping them of natural resources and culture, killing people en-masse and deposing your native governments. And they are there due to the destruction you have inflicted in their home countries, along with unjust economic practices.

Why would anyone want to leave a warm country full of resources, to live in a cold country working for people that hate them? Necessity, not pleasure. These people are there because your country raped their home countries, kind of how slaves in the US adopted the slavemasters surname.
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Many have come illegally and robbed and raped us of our most precious resource- human beings.

Also, your Pharoah was a white man, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 09:38 PM
On a lighter note I'm reminded of the Nandos advert on diversity that was banned by the SABC because it pointed out the historical truth: only the Khoisan people are truly indigenous to SA.

It seems that just like apartheid created certain mythologies, so does the ANC, and there's certain things they don't like to hear.

The Khoisan genes can be found in all population groups, as well as aspects of their languages, and the Afrikaners are mixed to a degree, going back to the Khoi-khoi woman Krotoa, who married the sailor Pieter van Meerhof.
Today they make up a substantial part of the colored community, who are also unhappy with the ANC's Affirmative Action, or statements that they are over-concentrated in the Western Cape and that they should redistribute themselves.

The ANC also don't like to hear that not all the land was stolen by white Afrikaners in the late 19th century. The Boers tried to buy their land from the moment they met Dingaan. The black population in the interior had been decimated by the Mfecane (crushing wars) started by Shaka, which resulted in a chain reaction of tribe attacking tribe all the way up to Tanzania. The Matabele the Boers clashed with were itinerants (actually Zulu refugees) who largely conquered the Shona in Zimbabwe. Survivors of smaller tribes fled to the coast, and some were reduced to starvation and cannibalism. The Basotho under Moshoeshoe eventually took in many refugees, and they've been an independent country in SA since British decolonization (like the monarchy of Swaziland they were never settled by whites). The other tribes received reserves on their tribal land, and under apartheid, independent homelands. There was certainly a degree of inhumane forced removals into the reserves, especially after the Native Land Act in 1913 (which also increased the reserves) and the cruel aspects of that are well known, however these tracts of land were not stolen by farmers who paid for their land. The black population grew rapidly under apartheid, and the homelands were no longer sufficient (some estimate the black population increased from 3 million to 40 million in the 20th century). A lot of the industry in the former Transkei and Ciskei was destroyed during unrest in the early 1990s, and today they are a badly mismanaged province run by the ANC, with a constant stream of migrants to the DA-led Western Cape.

Whatever the history, I just don't think it's normal that foreign Pakistanis and Somalis have their shops destroyed and are set alight.
(See my links on p.2.)
If that happened in any other country the condemnation would be great.
The same goes for the cruelty against the Afrikaners.
Maybe the President doesn't order or condone these things directly, but there's certainly no pressure to stop them.
The nephew of President Zuma and the grandchild of Mandela owned a mine where they left 700 workers unpaid and destitute, and none of these "noble" ANC families interfered or spoke a word of criticism!
What kind of morality is that?
So there's a huge double standard in global discourse.
Malema was finally dismissed when he advocated invading Botswana because they have a US airbase (treading on CIA toes is still a no no), however his tirades which soured race relations didn't seem to be the cause.
Where will it all lead, one wonders?
To ignore and even condone cruelty to one group is not just mean-spirited, it gives the message that the world is OK with the behavior in general.

Even the ANC realize that SA cannot become another Zimbabwe and kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
But the ANC has many factions, and some don't care about the complexities of commercial farming, and believing their Africanist/Marxist propaganda, they'd rather cut off the nose to spite the face.

Some estimate we have 5 million Zimbabweans in SA, so they could flee to us, thus further straining our limited resources, but South Africans don't have anywhere to flee if the same happens here.

On the positive side, it seems like we may at last get some kind of Bill against torture, but let's not count our chickens before they've hatched:
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