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Love poem- Silver bullet

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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 04:53 PM
Wrote this poem, not so long ago.
Life is tough but well I thought Ill write it down and share it with you guys.
Hence I'm still not a writer (Been applying for ages) I will post it on here.

All feelings rejected.
The world I live in is no longer one,
The silver bullet that aligned with the sun.
Struck me in the centre of my gravity.
Killing the love I gave to you magically.
It is ashamed that we are not one.

I feel that the bullet that you left in me,
Will scar my life for centuries.
But that bullet shall remain sacred to me.
Because that bullet is the only love ill see by thee.
Let the words bring wisdom into your heart,
Let them know that I might be your victim,
But in my heart you always remain the one.

Thank you for reading!

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